Rumor: Website Publishes Possible GoPro Hero4 Specs, Shoots 4Kp30 and 1080p120


The GoPro Hero3+ might be the king of action cams by some people’s estimation, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. To that end, some Hero4 specs as well as a release date (range) have appeared on a small website called DGISE, and the specs at least seem to track with previous rumors.

Okay, first things first, many of the specs revealed here are not new. A round of specs leaked back in September from Ambarella — the company that makes the SoC’s (system-on-a-chip) that have powered the GoPro line for the last several generations — and this report tracks with the specs in that product brief.

The Hero4 will apparently shoot 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 120fps and 720p at 240fps. Multi-exposure HDR and WDR tone mapping, and electronic image stabilization (EIS) were all also mentioned in the original leak and appeared again today.

New information that we haven’t seen before includes the ability to shoot 13MP photos (that’s one more than the Hero3+ black edition), talk of a “completely new lens for shooting in dark,” and the claim that the Hero4 will arrive in Summer of 2014.

To read the full report, head over to DIGSE by clicking here, and let us know what you think in the comments down below.

(via EOSHD)

  • Nitin


  • Jamie Brightmore

    Hope it will do 2.7k at 60fps too.

  • Antzkiwi

    4K 4096 or UHD 3840?

  • Pictor

    Great. Now if it only came with a half decent lens for shots with focal points beyond two meters.

  • Ciaran

    This makes a lot of sense. The Hero3 was marketed as being twice as good the previous model, which was twice as good as the one before. This is just a list of the current generation’s specs, doubled.

  • SwedishKiwi

    The current version can shoot both, so Hero 4 should too I imagine.

  • Mako

    My 3+’s are all sharp at infinity … they have to, we use them professionally … but if yours don’t, you can adjust focus. Best to do that with a high quality monitor.

  • Pictor

    I have yet to see images taken from a GPH3+ that don’t show unacceptable distortion and chromatic aberration that becomes more obvious in anything but shots taken where the subject is within a close range like a driver short from inside a car. There is a very small envelope where GPH3+ shoots what I would consider acceptable images.

  • Mako

    Do you watch TV? Well then you’re seeing GoPro3+ footage all of the time. We used 13 on a Corvette commercial. 17 on Nissan, 6 on Toyota, 6 on Comcast. I used a 3+ for the wide establishing shot, We mix 3 & 3+’s all of the time without any considerations. Although now with the upgraded + firmware we try to use +’s in low light situations where we need to minus the exposure to prevent overexposure.

  • Rob C

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  • Scubapro

    Is this going to be released in American summer or Australian summer?

  • BuzzMega

    I don’t see any spec about audio. One of the limiting factors has always been that the mic is inside the waterproof case, thus greatly muffled. One could, perhaps, have an external, non-wired (wifi) mic feeding into the recording, if it were designed that way.

  • Taylor

    @disqus_eiaK4BojA4:disqus rekt

  • Mako

    Doing it wrong. We use Skelton housings, or open backs, or external mics, or external Zoom recorders

  • Mako

    Typically we avoid WiFi. Eats up to much battery

  • BuzzMega