Big Time Photographers Join Forces to Sell Prints and Raise Money for ‘Saving Eliza’

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By now you’re very familiar with the story of Eliza O’Neill and how the photo community has come together to try and spread the word and help fund her cure. But we’re not done yet! Starting today, some big names in photography are teaming up with SmugMug to sell prints and help make sure this little girl lives on to see many more happy and healthy birthdays.

First, a short update. Since we last told you about Eliza, the O’Neill’s story — thanks in large part to the touching video by Benjamin Von Wong below — has spread like wildfire. In just a couple of weeks they’ve raised over $300K on GoFundMe as their story is shared by everyone from the NY Daily News, to Fox News to the Daily Mail and beyond.

But even still, there is a long way to go until that GoFundMe campaign reaches its goal and the clinical trial is a 100% certainty, and so the photo community is rallying and coming to Eliza’s aid yet again!

In collaboration with SmugMug, we’ve set up a place where photographers can pledge to sell their prints for this cause and photography fans can buy prints they might never otherwise get a chance to pick up.

Spectacular photographs by the likes of Trey Ratcliff, Brooke Shaden, Renee Robyn, Aaron Nace, Benjamin Von Wong, Dracorubio and more are up for your viewing and purchasing pleasure, and every cent goes to helping Eliza’s family reach their goal and fund this potential cure!


You can find out a lot more about the project on the website by clicking here, but the general gist is as follows:

If you love phenomenal photography, this is your chance to buy prints from some of the best in the business, and know that your money is going to a worthy cause.

If you take phenomenal photography, you can pledge to sell $1,000 worth of a print to help Saving Eliza. Once that print sells out, you’ll go on a special success wall and have the opportunity to submit another and start all over again.


The O’Neills are touched that the photo community has come out to support their cause in such a big way, and honored that so many well-known photographers who have never even met them are willing to donate their work to this cause.

If you want to find out more about Eliza, join those photographers, or buy a print and help save a life, head over to SmugMug’s Saving Eliza website by clicking here.

  • Aezreth

    Good initiative, I just wish not all of them were in the overly photoshopped style.

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    Feel free to contribute or convince another photographer you like to submit :)

  • Aezreth

    I might just do that.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Yes, it is a good initiative, isn’t it? I enjoyed seeing creative people be generous for a good cause.

  • Jim Hustad

    A good idea, but they’d probably sell a LOT more prints (with a lot more exposure) and reach their goal faster with volume at a much lower cost. The vast majority of “average” folks, myself included, won’t pay $50 for a tiny 4X6-inch photo. Considering this is a worldwide-visible project, it wouldn’t take long to reach $1,000 selling the 4X6’s at $5 a pop. I’ve raised over $1,000 in two weeks just selling plain old photos of wall handprints children made at their school over the years (keepsakes) to help fund cancer treatment for a local child. I likely would have sold only one or two at most had I charged $50 apiece. Yeah, I get that “plain old handprints” doesn’t compare to these highly Photoshopped images in terms of visual appeal, but the concept is the same, i.e. lower price and higher quantity trumps higher prices and low quantity. Just some food for thought. I can understand if they were selling their work at a gallery for their own profit, but as a charitable endeavor, the only people this will inspire to contribute are the upper middle class and wealthy.