Creative Photo Series Turns the Paris Metro Into a Literal Zoo


The metro in almost any city can be a metaphorical zoo at times. But the Animetro series by photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil takes that concept to a much more literal place.

Featuring everything from lions making their way through the gates to Giraffes precariously — and rather dangerously — sticking their heads out of moving subway cars, the composites are aesthetically appealing, pretty darn realistic looking and humorous all at the same time.

Below is a collection of some of our favorites:










The series imagines a magical world that toes the line “between photo realism and dreams,” taking the rather mundane world of public transportation and “approaching [it] with amusement.” As the duo puts it, “It is surely not your typical day on the Paris Metro.”

To see the rest of the series or if you’d like to browse through more of either photographer’s work, you can visit Rebotier and Subtil’s websites by clicking here and here, respectively.

(via The Atlantic Cities)

Image credits: Images by Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil used with permission.

  • Thekaph

    I like it. That’s kind of fun.

    There is some light issues though.
    Same for differences of resolution…

  • Mark

    Good idea, but the implementation is poor. There hasn’t been any attempt to match the lighting between different elements of the composites.

  • Flying Tanooki

    cool! :)

  • yamaha83

    the 2 cats look stuffed

  • Joey Duncan

    I wouldn’t really say “poor”. I mean the title doesn’t say ‘Animal Images with perfect Photoshop job” It’s pretty decent from a viewers standpoint,

  • Black Light Shoots

    Ok show of cards mate. Where’s yours?

  • Sarmad Berlin

    Sweet fun!

  • Jaime

    Cool your jets, mate. The pictures are subpar, and not at a professional level. Don’t try to turn what is obvious into a competition.

  • Maay

    Great work!
    By the way, today is the reopening of the Paris Zoo. A coincidence ?

  • Pete Charlesworth

    Call me old school, but this is graphic design and image manipulation, not a photo – to call it a ‘photo’ series is a lie. Personally I’d call it art.