Photographing Two Stunning Atolls in the Indian Ocean, A Behind The Scenes Look

Marine biologist turned photographer Thomas Peschak spent some time documenting the remote atolls of Bassas de India and Europa, known to be home of some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world.

While doing so, cameraman Dan Beecham and writer Sunnye Collins created a behind the scenes video showing how Peschak went about capturing the beautiful scenery.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.46.11 PM

Titled The Tale of Two Atolls, the six-minute video is both interesting and informative, sharing the process behind trying to capture photographs of turtles and sharks among the two pieces of land. In Peschak’s own words:

As a kid, I used to dream about the ocean. It was a wild place full of color and life. I pictured dense shivers of sharks ruling over the food chain and herds of turtles paddling through reefs and seagrass. I invite you all to travel back in time, to a place where my quest to experience my childhood dreams of a healthy and vibrant ocean became reality 30 years later.

But this isn’t just about seeing some beautiful imagery, nor is it just about Peschak and his own childhood dreams. “I hope you let the ocean’s wonders nourish your heart and soul,” he explains. “But above all, be inspired to engage and to do everything in your power to ensure that more seascapes recover and once again resemble the marine realm of Bassas da India and Europa.”

(via PROOF)

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  • LeaveWellEnoughAlone

    Not sure why they felt the need to add the fake digital sharks at 4:32, the rest of the footage was amazing.

  • Blitz

    “Among 100 matting pairs of turtle, only one pair allowed me to get close enough for the shots I need”, are you f***ing kidding me? He doesn’t seem to understand that he disturbed them during their matting time.