Freerunners’ Vertigo-Inducing POV Bridge-Top Adventures End with Getting Arrested

If you’re going to illegally climb tall buildings and other structures, and then do backflips while you’re up there, expect to attract some attention of the police variety. But here comes the pro tip: when you do get caught, telling them you were taking ‘panoramic photos’ won’t get you out of trouble if they saw the backflips.

In the video above, self-styled “professional adventurer” James Kingston and his friend Mustang Wanted take us to the top of the Moscow bridge in Kiev where they proceed to make you queasy by dangling off the edge and doing backflips (not at the same time). Then they come down right into the waiting arms of the police.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 8.20.58 AM

Their excuse when they ran into the cops was that they are photographers taking panoramic photos, but even if that was going to get them out of it, the whole argument falls apart when the cop asks “why was he doing somersaults up there,” and one of them replies “because he’s an English Spiderman.”

Funny, this might be the first video we’ve ever seen that captures, not only a rooftopper/freerunner’s ascent and descent from a high place, but also their arrest for doing something illegal.

(via PictureCorrect)

  • mthouston

    “Their excuse when they ran into the cops was that they are photographers taking panoramic photos”

    Well I guess that sounds better then.
    Dude…we thought it would be really cool to climb to the top of that bridge a show the world how cool we are……..Please don’t my mom…I’ll be in some much trouble.

  • Navi

    Actually there’s not a word about “somersaults” or “English Spiderman” in the russian dialogue in the video. The guy just says “We went climbing and came down.”

  • Ian

    Oh how great it is to be young, stupid, and fearless. I miss my youth.

  • brob

    judging by the amount of graffiti up there, this obviously happens quite often on that bridge

  • kjh

    wow. a lot of crazy people

  • David Mitchell

    A textbook example where one has crossed over to an extreme form of ‘narcissistic’ behavior as content for sadistic entertainment – a move beyond sensationalism. This is not a ‘Wallenda’ production and forget the fact of promoted suicide; the fell could kill a number of people driving below.

  • ThatGuy

    It’s all fun and games until somebody plummets screaming to their death.

  • Joseph Campanella

    I can only hope, when one of these guys do finally fall to their death, they don’t kill any unsuspecting people below.

  • woofa

    Yes, and that narcissism will eventually get you.

  • woofa

    Ukrainian cops treated them much better, and the ride they had was much better as well, than one can expect in the “free” country of the USofA. We look more and more like a police state every day.

  • Dohardstuff

    Lighten up, people! Their choice, their responsibility. Nanny state thinking is crushing the adventurous spirit which saw men on the moon and the antarctic explored…. neither of which would happen today with do-gooders busy saving us from ourselves.

  • LetsBeReasonable

    Yes, it’s their irresponsibility that will lead them to come crashing down on innocent people killing them or scaring them for life from that experience. A great reason to lighten-up.

  • Aladine Vargas

    Sure they could die or worst killed someone else if they fall. But what you’re missing — is what an amazing story you could tell if the driver didn’t die if they fall onto a car.

    Now, sure your amazing jet black hair may turn fully
    white as you simultaneously crap your pants! But once you know you are
    safe — you will realize you have something most people don’t. A story to tell.

    A story about a man falling out of the sky crashing onto the hood of your car.
    And you have the white hair to prove it! Not to mention a damaged car
    and nasty underwear!

  • Paddy

    Cheer up, you old stick-in-the-mud. These guys wouldn’t do a stunt like this if they weren’t capable of pulling it off. Check the statistics on how many collateral deaths/injuries have been attributed to bridge-climbing thrill-seekers having an accident. Don’t impose your own irrational fears on other peoples’ pursuits.

  • Muhammad Malik

    no no no…this simple answer is.. white people…

  • Not-telling

    Moscow bridge in Ukraine should be blown up!!!!

  • ThiFlyingTomato

    Agreed, it looked really lax, and calm. If it were in Murica you would have prob been shot, and if still alive, charged with terrorism.

  • davidmitchellisafaggot

    1.) nothing to do with narcissism.
    2.) you’re an idiot.

  • David Mitchell

    The very fact that one’s disregard for life and willingness to frivolously jeopardize their own life ‘by choice’ and that such an attitude supports their decision to willfully threaten innocent lives around them, validates my previous statement on behavior.

    Real explorer’s understand that a serious application of ‘risk management’ is crucial in planning along with a healthy dose of respect for life and nature.

  • Toby Hawkins

    You can hear him say spiderman.