Adorable Photos Document the Growth of a Little Girl and Her Four-Legged Sibling


Following up with the puppy-love from yesterday, today we have a collection of photographs from Michigan-based photographer Rebecca Leimbach, documenting the growth of her children; one two-legged, one four-legged.

Capturing the relationship between her daughter Harper and the family’s English Bulldog Lola, Leimbach has told an incredible story of time and progress through a beautiful photo series called Harp + Lola that began the day Harper was born. Leimbach recently spoke to My Modern Metropolis about the series:

They have a funny bond. Harper loves Lola immensely, except when Lola eats her toys, which happens quite often. Lola is very protective of Harper, she is always in Harper’s business. Whatever Harper is doing, Lola must investigate to make sure it’s kosher.

I hope that people see what wonderfully amazing animals dogs are, and how their connection with people shape our lives. Like Harper, for example, she’s never bored with Lola around…When Harper looks back at her childhood through these images, she will remember ‘my first best friend’ Lola. I hope people take away from the images that sometimes without us even realizing it, dogs fill an empty space in our hearts.

Here’s a selection of images from the series, shared with permission of course:












The resulting photos are a combination of hilarious and adorable, capturing the personalities of both of the Leimbachs’ children. Hopefully, both Harper and Lola have many years of bonding left, and many more photo sessions with mom.

To follow along as Harper and Lola have more adventures, or if you’d simply like to see more of Leimbach’s photography, head over to her website or visit her Facebook page by following the corresponding links.

(via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Rebecca Leimbach and used with permission

  • the truth hurts

    no offense, nice pics.. but this is no special than about the other BILLION other people with a dog and a child that prob take just as many pictures~

    she must of paid you guys to put this on the site for exposure

  • Oliver Bagley

    .. no? these are lovely photos, not many family photos look that good, there is a real skill in the way these have been taken. If you can’t see that then your spending time on the wrong website… O.o

    Lovely collection.

  • DLCade

    I can assure you we never get paid to feature photography. We found the series charming and well executed, and the years worth of dedication behind it only impressed us all the more.

  • Martin Young

    What the hell do you mean, ‘No offense?’

    For your information your comment is offensive and your trite ‘No offense’ remark does not excuse your rudeness. Also, your contemptible insult suggesting the artist paid to have her images published adds to the foulness of your attitude.

    If you have nothing decent to say, then keep your blather to yourself–or join the Tea Party. whose members excell in the art of nastyspeak.


  • the truth hurts

    everyone is allowed a opinion in this world~ my comment was out of curiosity. If i have offended anyone, sorry for that. I dont think there is much else to be said.

  • the truth hurts

    noted, my comment was just out of curiosity at first glance

  • the truth hurts

    I never said they were bad pictures, they are great. My comment is out of context and I apologize. Everyone is allowed a opinion in this world. I just said mine and the majority did not like it. It is what it is.

  • the truth hurts

    while i understand your frustration with my comment, I apologize if it has offended anyone or you. However at the same time, I do take offense to your comment that if i have nothing decent to say, (in your eyes), i should keep it to myself. you should think about that comment of yours and thinking about what if everyone just kept their mouth shut in history~ everyone is allowed a opinion and you should take it for what it is. You might not like, you might like it, either way everyone will have different views on something. You can’t let it get to you. The world is full of criticism and opinions. I take yours into account, and you should take mine, then you move on.

  • independentskeptic

    Sounds like Martin is butt hurt because of a differing opinion.

    Grow a thicker skin, bubba. This is the internet. Boo!

  • NP

    Thank you for sharing these great photographs. As we can see humans indeed create a bond with our four legged friends even early on. Dogs are nicer then people.