Humor: DigitalRev Puts Together a List of 10 Ways to Annoy a Photography Snob

We all know them, some of us might BE them, and many of us have been annoyed by them: the photography snob. Well, DigitalRev has put together a sort of ode to photo snobs by listing out 10 ways to annoy the favorite snob in your life.

In typical DigitalRev fashion, there are a couple of crude jokes and the occasional curse word, but if you can get past that, dare we say this is one of the funner DigitalRev videos we’ve seen in a while.

Kai plays the role of the snob while Lok performs every photography snop faux pas in the books and gets on Kai’s nerves — from not using a camera strap, to using an ISO over 200, to shooting in P mode. Check out the video to get the full list, and then drop any additional ideas you have in the comments.

(via Reddit)

  • arachnophilia

    the reason i read petapixel: in case i miss a post like this on /r/photography.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace


  • RNCotton

    No mention of shooting JPG instead of RAW ?

  • Brandon Rechten

    Heh, I’m definitely guilty of complaining about incorrect white balancing.

    The “spray and pray” bit at 2:29 was a favorite.

    If I was going to add one it’d be “using unnecessary flash.”

  • Alex Tardif

    …dat hood!!!

  • Mantis

    Yeah, I feel like this video was pretty much aimed squarely at the comment section on this site.

  • 7LeagueBoots

    #11 – post a video rather than text

  • AliNoorani

    The P mode and Mirrorless! :)))))

  • Justin Jensen

    You know, I stopped watching his videos because of the innuendos and language. I really think they would do much better without it; I would share his videos on Facebook.

  • Eden Wong

    Honestly, if you find his stuff too racy I can’t imagine how you watch television or read a magazine, let alone leave your house…

  • Lex Arias

    Photography Snobs negatively commenting this post in 3… 2… 1….

  • Snobby Snobberton

    If you’re not shooting with a full frame & L lens, you might as well be shooting with a flip-phone.

  • Swapnil N.

    Kai was totally in the character !!! :D

  • Justin Jensen

    Just because it’s commonplace doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.

  • David Vaughn

    Well obviously it must be acceptable to a lot of people if it’s commonplace. Word paradox…paradox…paradox…I think.

    idk I’m not good with abstract literary concepts like that.

  • Angie K

    Okay, I’m not one of these photography snobs mentioned in this video…I hope…but, here are my comments:

    1. Lens hoods do have a purpose, but if you keep one on all the time, that is kinda poseur-y. Yep. I said it.

    2. You do need a camera strap. Period.

    3. P-mode. Uhg. Buy a $1000 + camera, and then use P mode = buy a Ferrari and never get it out of first gear.

    4. I cringe like crazy when I see people walking around with detached lenses. Eeek. I saw a wedding photographer just putting lenses with no rear-caps in their pockets. Don’t they know they one piece of pocket-lint-dust is going to be a pricey cleaning/repair when static buildup makes that dust stick like glue to their digital sensor? And all the pictures taken after that will have huge dust-spots on them. Oh, the humanity! The horror. This really hurts me to see.

    5. Taking phones to use as cameras is good. Pro cameras are heavy. I don’t carry one around to capture the special moments in my life. How would I have any special moments while always carrying 8+ pounds of gear with one hand? There is no leisurely running-through-the-daisies with pro camera gear. Unless your name is Magnus VerMagnusson or something like that.

    6. White balance CAN be used for artistic effect, good point! Remember the 70’s? Everything yellow/warm toned.

    7. Blown highlights are fine for you personal pics or art displays. But give a picture to a magazine editor with a bunch of blown highlights, and you are gonna get schooled.

    7.1 The snob complaining of “blown highlights in a light-blub” is a photography-funny. Made me laugh !!

    8. Mirrors in cameras WERE real important, until there was live-view. While I am not interested in going mirrorless, I do see that technology could make their advantage mute.

    The conclusion of the video: “there are not rights and wrongs in photography, enjoy it for what it is”. I agree that you should not bog down your photo enthusiast friends with jargon. But you will not enjoy photography for what it is until you have learned the rules and limitations. Some cool photos just “happen”, but not every time.

  • Jawsh3539

    Oh man…I’m that guy! I am guilty of a few of those :)

  • Lando

    Video snob here; run the damn lav mic up the *inside* of your white jacket. Seriously.

  • M

    more than annoyed, some points made me cringe a bit
    Like going strapless… oh well, it’s your camera I guess. I know I’m clumsy so I definitely need one.
    I mean, I’m not annoyed by any of the “artistic” points, but the ones regarding the safety of the gear made me a bit uncomfortable…

  • NelNieves

    Hahaha… I love DigitalRev…

  • Clayton Finley

    is that really a thIng? I still have my strap in the plastic wrap. Never dropped my camera. Just gets in the way more than anything.

    and no mention of the nikon strap on the canon joke?

  • Renato Murakami

    You are one of them. xD

  • Renato Murakami

    I’m probably some of those, but I’m most definitely more of a videography/editing snob… always complaining about vertical videos and poor audio leveling.

  • Rob S

    Camera strap – guilty. I freak on people over camera straps.

    P mode – could care less. In fact I laugh more at the ones using M.

    Cant believe they left of RAW vs JPEG

  • faloc

    they forgot about the megapixel race xD

  • Rickster

    “YES! I think I got a shot!”

  • Broseph of Arimathea

    Oh no, innuendo! Avert your eyes, children!
    – Ned Flanders

  • l0k

    I do all but #5 and I’m not ashamed!

  • Scott

    I freaking can’t stand straps on my camera. It’s constantly getting in the way and I never found it in any way comfortable around my neck.

    It can actually add to the possibility of an accident if you ever leave it hanging off the edge of a table or desk as people are prone to do.

  • Scott

    Damn I’m screwed as I shoot with a crop sensor Nikon :(

  • ksporry

    I like how the “victim” always has to stop himself from laughing :)

  • Vin Weathermon

    Must have been the bit at the end that did you in.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Broke a 70-200 IS and camera body when a strap got hooked on something in mid stride and the camera to a pavement dive. I use hand straps now instead.

  • Vin Weathermon

    I am rarely happy with P mode unless it is bright sunny daylight. Guess I am a snob after all!

  • Glen Berry

    …and I shoot with a crop sensor Pentax. (Which happens to have the same sensor as some of the Nikons.) I guess I’m screwed too! :)

  • Glen Berry

    Always using a lens hood makes a person a poseur? I disagree. I say it’s a photographer trying to get the most from their lens.

  • Glen Berry

    He left out the “rule” of thirds! Some folks throw a fit, if your primary subject isn’t PRECISELY centered on a spot that is at the intersection of 33.333% from the left or right edge of the photo, AND 33.333% from either the top of bottom of the photo. Also, if you have a secondary point of interest, it damn well better be located at one of the other 3 remaining rule-of-third intersections.

    If they’re slightly more advanced snobs, then substitute the “golden ratio” for the rule of thirds.

    If you want to troll one of these snobs, tell them you use the more sophisticated “rule of pi”, and tell them it takes a properly trained artistic eye to fully appreciate your advanced compositions! ;)

  • Mathew Woodman

    But he already owns a mirrorless camera? In #2 he said that he used an A7R.

  • 写真家

    I don’t agree with #4. That’s not snobbery, that’s just plain ignorance. Maybe spent too many hours clone/healing dust specks off images from dirty sensor Photoshop from dust specks just from changing lenses, but could not imagine why anyone would walk around with an exposed mirror.

  • Gavin Lister

    hilarious!!! people stop being so serious, this was a fun poke at you, me and everyone else at some time in their photographic thoughts whether internal or external…loved it :-)

  • Gavin Lister

    I don’t use P mode but why not?? Unless you really need to control depth of field or need a particular shutter speed, really is there anything wrong with it? Joe Buissinck uses it constantly. This is the classic “me know better than you, me expert” line. Really made me laugh!! ….same as most of the comments knocking every one and every thing you see on these forums, all about anonymous posters letting people know they are the expert

  • Dave Harley

    Likewise Glen. Photographers ask “what do you shoot with?” I tell them Pentax – dead silence, crickets start chirping, backs are turned, and I am left kicking stones. lol
    (But I LOVE my Pentax.)

  • Vin Weathermon

    I always need to control depth of speed and shutter speed. Not better than anyone, I’m just not happy with my work unless it meets my own standards. Another snobbish think I do….be critical of myself. And when I don’t have that control I just have more to criticize.

  • Glen Berry

    Nikon strap on a Canon? That’s nothing.

    I special ordered a Leica 60mm lens cap to use on my 52mm Nikon polarizing filter. (That particular polarizer has larger front threads than rear threads, to help with using it on wide angle lenses. To my knowledge, only Leica made 60mm lens caps.) I’ve had that filter since my film days, and I now use it on my Pentax DSLR! So, I now have 3 brands on my camera when I use that polarizer. :)

  • Richard

    The big camera with hood sticking out of his crotch says it all. Excellent.

  • shmnyc

    Class snobbery disguised as photo snobbery.

  • Mitch

    If you don’t think a sepecular highlight is going to blow out you are retarded. Not everything needs to be an HDR… Some of these things said in this are just dumb.

  • scipio13

    what are you doing? lenses are made for lense hoods!