Gorgeous Food Shots in French Coffee Ad Will Leave Your Mouth Watering

I hope you don’t mind enjoying a bit of eye candy on your Tuesday evening, because that’s what you’re going to get with this video. At the direction of creative agency, Proximity BBDO Paris, coffee brand Carte Noire has a beautiful new video advert out that will tease your senses to no end.

While there are no details on what gear was used in the shooting of this advert, it’s safe to say it’s one of the most well directed adverts you’re going to see. From the cinematography to the sound design, everything is spot on, drawing you into the process of creating these delicious looking treats.

Reddit user ragingduck summed it up quite nicely:

Tight shots to enhance detail… check
Soft-focus foreground and/or background… check
Good lighting… check
Highly produced shots with no “mess”… check
Sound effects to enhance texture… check
Black and white backgrounds to bring out color of food subjects… check
These SHOULD be basic knowledge when shooting food or anything that want’s to catch the viewer’s attention to detail. They just cost time, money, will, and effort to capture on film. Good stuff.

Close the door, turn up the volume, and hope your boss doesn’t walk in while you have a moment with some French delectables you’ll likely never get your hands on.

(via Reddit)

  • Brian Mulligan

    Odd, I had pants on at the start of this movie!

  • Antoine

    Wow, this is gorgeous.
    @Gannon Burgett: just one small precision from a French reader, it is not an advertisement for a café, it’s an advertisement for Carte Noire, a brand of coffee. They sell ground and instant coffee in supermarkets, it’s a pretty big company I think. I guess they had a bigger budget for this advertisement than most cafés would.

  • DSLR Video Studio

    Nice glad it wasn’t in 3D, I would have been expecting to grab and eat it right from the screen.

  • SKY

    I think I have diabetes after watching that

  • ThatGuy

    Question: Is licking the screen bad for monitors? (just curious)

  • Dover

    It is great to see a post about real photography here.

  • David M

    Carte Noire is not a french café, it’s a brand owned by american company Mondelez

  • Michael Dahl

    LG uses this to showcase their OLED TV. It looks amazing. :)

  • Larissa

    I would remove the background filler noise (it’s distracting from what’s going on) and replace it with some music. Of course be careful about copyright and have fun looking for royalty-free free music if you don’t want to pay.

    It’s a bit too long/slow paced so I would remove or shorten a couple of the detail shots (for example you don’t need 3 closeups of thyme). It should be 3mn. Also the sound/lack of music adds to the feeling of lengthiness.

    But I like the deconstruction of the dish and then the closeups of the finished dish at the end.

  • Kopp Corentin

    thanks for taking the time to answer me :)

    The choice of not having any music is something we’ve talked about with the chef and that we assume.
    Most of the people we showed the video to, really liked that fact … but i can understand that some might find it disturbing.

    Time wise i agree a 100% with you, sadly the dressing of the plate in itself was 4minutes long, therefore it was already quite hard to fit the dressing + all the inserts in that timing … I’ve try shorter but then ingredients were starting to appear on the plate out of nowhere … it was a difficult choice, but at the end i’ve choose a version that is a bit too long but at least is a good representation of the chef’s work.

    Thks again :)

  • Larissa

    Then I would suggest putting foley noise of kitchen cooking noises. It’s just weird having a background sound of people talking when you never see any people. It’s just distracting more than it is disturbing.

    I wasn’t suggesting cutting the plate dressing. I was suggesting cutting the additional shots that don’t necessarily bring anything like for example from 0:18 to 0:21(or 1:40 to 1:42) can be removed altogether, 0:41 to 0:45 this one trimmed to a second or two max, etc… You’ll be surprised how cutting a few seconds here and there really helps.

    Anyway good job on your video.