A BTS Look at the Russian Daredevils Who Take Selfies While Dangling Off Buildings

When Kirill Oreshkin first started capturing photographs from the tops of the tallest buildings in Russia, he was afraid of heights. As the video above goes to show, that fear is long gone… in fact, these days he has no problem hanging off the top of a building with only one hand.

In this nausuea-inducing video put together last week by Vocativ, Oreshkin says this all started because he liked the views of the city and enjoyed the people he got to spend time with while he was doing it. I’d say it’s come a long way since then, but the point is still the same to him: to capture photographs of the city, often with himself in the frame, and hang out with his friends.


The video is pretty short, so if you need a quick rush of vicarious adrenaline to get your day going, give it a watch. And if you’d like to see more of Oreshkin’s photography, be sure to pay his 500px page a visit.

(via Huffington Post)

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Yep, another Natural Selection article!

  • PTBridgeport

    Yeah, another LOOK AT ME….LOOK WHAT I DID…video daredevil.. Anyone every seen what a body looks like after a 30 story fall…Just drop a jelly doughnut on the ground and stomp on it.

  • Burnin Biomass

    Performance art.

  • gochugogi

    The average male brain isn’t fully developed until sometime in the mid-20s. So until that point, decisions made about risky behavior may not be the best ones…

  • 5345345

    one day he wlil make a gret video…. evil…

  • ThatGuy

    Screw that.

  • James Brown

    What’s interesting is that if you view his 500px page, there’s a girl up on top of the building with him in some of the photos…

  • Muhammad Malik

    white people…

  • Sabrina


  • Federico Montemurro

    not a great example to promote

  • Brandon Rechten

    Yep, barely a day goes by where I don’t see white people hanging off skyscrapers >.>

  • Federico Montemurro

    Death:1 – Organ Donor: 0

  • Guest

    “hang out with his friends”, pun intended?

  • Ares

    It’s all fun and games ’til someone drops their camera :(

  • Thekaph

    Yeah but she got forced by Kirill and his male friends to climb and smile for the picture because male are evil and because there is a Terry Richardson in each one of us.

    Irony inside.

  • Tony Klimas

    I don’t want to visit this site and don’t follow any of these guys on instagram or any other social media. Mainly, because as the father of two teenage sons, I don’t want to encourage this reckless behavior because as the father of two teenage sons, I know that sometimes young men do really dumb things. Perhaps the journalist who wrote this story and the media outlets who published it might consider what they are doing by giving these kids publicity. It will be sad when one of these kids falls to an untimely death and I am sure it has already happened. I for one, don’t want any part of that.

  • Rodrigo Abello

    Up until the day …..he would be making his last video ……. oh well ……after all the Universe and human stupidity are infinite.

  • Sween

    Fair play to the bloke . If that’s what he wants to do let him do it . As long as he doesn’t endanger anybody below, who are we to judge what decisions he makes with his own life and safety ?
    Ahh, back to my exhilarating desk job, working for the gain of nobody in particular which will ultimately mean nothing at all . Such are the experiences of ‘life’ … I’d prefer to hang off a building with only certain death below to get a better understanding of my own mortality to be honest … but I haven’t got the balls .

  • Mescalamba

    Large dose of irony.. :D

  • Mescalamba

    I guess “hang out with friends” has quite different meaning for him. :D

    Pretty good pics on his 500px.

  • Tomas Ramoska

    Girl in video wearing heels :) appropriate footwear for climbing lol.

  • Matias Gonua

    Check out all the geniuses on this comment section. Full of bright people.

  • mikey

    ever heard of Alex Honnold?

  • Frodo

    One cramp and it’s all over.

  • David Sr

    Well said Tony. I raised 4 boys, the youngest now 18. I’m glad you posted this. I think I’ll unfollow PP in my news feed. I don’t care to be associated with this type of tacit encouragement. Out.

  • Collin Asmus


  • SomeGuy

    You make it sound like a bad thing. Still rather talk to him than you. He takes better pics for one…

  • Federico Montemurro

    You can always hang your balls and feel the power of life instead of having them on the chair.

  • moshy

    Based on my experiences with Russian cameras, I’m not sure that I would place this much trust in old USSR workmanship…

  • Robert Johnson

    He does have some great photos on his page. Why is his friend stepping on his hand in the one that he is hanging from? I wonder if these are manips that edit gear out.

    Rock climbers can do this stuff for hours at a time so if he is experienced just doing a few minutes on a ledge of a building would be nothing.

  • Federico Montemurro

    Lead us!

  • Matias Gonua

    No, please, let them lead me. They are the bright ones.