Coming Soon: We Review the Ultra Light f-stop Loka UL for Adventure Photographers


Launching soon, the photo above shows the f-stop Loka UL: an ultra lightweight backpack aimed at adventure photographers with an appetite to explore every corner of the map. Word is that f-stop Gear are planning a release for mid to late spring with a price point hovering around $225.

When released, there will no doubt be many current Loka owners tempted into an upgrade to the more compact and featherlight Loka UL. We’re in the process of a lengthier review at this moment and with the winter we’ve had up here in the Great White North, it may even be deemed a torture test.

First impressions are great. It’s very well constructed and f-stop have done wonderful work shaving over a 1.25lbs from the original Loka. That might not sound like much but it adds up quickly when setting out for a longer hike. Check back soon for the full review… but I have a feeling you should begin saving now.

  • Jari

    One thing that I’ve wondered about all of these photography hiking backpacks, is where do you put all your hiking gear? There isn’t room for your clothes, food, cookware, sleeping bag etc.

  • sbw1990

    I’ve got the Tilopa BC, which is slightly bigger than this, (48 L i think). It suits me fine for a long day walk with 3 lenses (24-70, 70-200, 85). I can fit a polar fleece, waterproof jacket, 2L water and food.

  • seoras

    The BIG problem with all these ‘photo’ orientated backpacks is they’re grossly overpriced. Compared with top end outdoor pack the difference doesn’t add up (sic).

    As ‘jari’ also points out many don’t allow for the essentials when heading into the wild; sandwiches and flask of whatever takes your fancy, plus suitable backup clothing.

  • TaG

    I have an original Loka, there is as much additional room as you need in it. The camera case part is interchangable and comes in many different sizes. I can pack just a body and 70-300, or my entire kit depending on which ICU’s you put in the bag. I’ve also used a Tilopa BC for a 4 day hike, these bags are well worth the money for the versatility and durability.

  • Colin Peddle

    The fstop bags are all modular and use what they call “ICU’s” which are essentially, self contained insert bags with the foam padding allowing to arrange for whatever set up you have. For instance, you could use the Loka UL for a day hike, knowing you may possibly spend the night open air camping somewhere under a tree. Using a medium ICU with your camera set up would still allow more than enough space for additional clothes, food and misc. supplies.

    You could actually use it without any ICU at all.

  • Mike Last

    I have one of the first Tilopa packs and one of the new Tilopa BC packs. The original Tilopa, from 2010, still performs like the first day I received it. No rips, tears, zipper issues, etc. The bags are built to last. I’d only consider something grossly overpriced if it didn’t live up to the expectation.

  • KiloLima

    f-stop makes nice gear but has absolutely no warranty support. As Seoras says … they’re grossly overpriced. After spending over $500 on f-stop kit you’d think they’d make a minor repair to a faulty part without shying away …