Beautiful Aerial GoPro Footage Captured by Rescued Pelican Learning to Fly

Watch out aerial videographers, you may soon be replaced by birds with cameras. A few weeks ago we shared some great footage captured by a bird who got his beak on one of the BBC’s egg cameras and took flight over a group of penguins. And today, we show you what a pelican can capture when his human helps him ‘hold’ the camera.

The video above was captured by a pelican who, about four months ago, found his way to the Greystoke Mahale resort in Tanzania. The staff there took the pelican (then approximately 3 months old) in, named him Big Bird, and set about rehabilitating him so that he might take flight again and hopefully some day rejoin the flock he was separated from during a storm.


Here’s how the Greystoke Mahale staff describes the experience on their Nomad Tanzania blog:

He didn’t fly for some weeks but with encouragement he got the idea. We aren’t sure how much flying he may have already done before arriving here but he was pretty shaky in his next attempts on the beach. We would run up and down flapping our arms and simulating flight for him. He would look on curiously until one day he showed us how it was done! It was short and uncontrolled and we would look away when he was landing as he seemed to not distinguish between ground and air speed coming in way too fast and endangering our beach furniture.

Check out the video at the top to see Big Bird take flight again for the very first time, GoPro strapped securely to his beak, and head over to the Nomad Tanzania blog to read the full story.

(via GoPro)

  • SiriusPhotog

    Hummm. Bird just learning to fly? Let’s strap a GoPro to it! NOT!

  • Scott Spellman

    Its great that they saved a damaged animal and that beautiful videos help increase awareness of the hard life of many animals. At the same time, there has to be many ethical questions about attaching cameras to wild animals just for our entertainment.

  • Sky

    They seriously mounted GoPro on a pelican?! Looool….

    He could see anything? :P

  • RayJackson

    Why not face it forward?

  • ash

    don’t be a dingus. that cam is TINY compared to this creature. wild pelicans have tumors, growths, barnacles, etc on their bills and get along just fine. oh AND he comes right back to his people, so doubt it’s permanently attached. gosh people are thick.

  • jake

    you do know they carry heavy fish in there mouth right?. . .
    aww you are upset? looks like it flew just fine to me!

  • jake

    flew fine did it not?

  • jake

    They sure are! You liberals enjoy watching the video. but yet cry about it after wards. .

  • Scott Spellman

    “Flew fine”? Maybe, maybe not. We have no idea if it flew fine on its own the first time the camera was attached to it, or if it didn’t fly fine for the other 2 days or 2 weeks or 2 months or more some weird device was attached to its body. Human interference clearly has had a very bad effect on the lives of most large animals on this planet. For every 1 animal happy and safe on a natural preserve, there are thousands of other animals who’s natural habitat and lifespan has been destroyed by human activity. Many animals are now extinct just through destruction of their habitat and hunting by man.

  • SiriusPhotog

    NOT on thier first flight!

  • SiriusPhotog

    You make a lot of assumptions in that statement.
    I’m not a liberal.
    I didn’t enjoy watching it.
    In fact, after reading the article, I didn’t bother watching it.
    Nobody’s crying.

    You’re an idiot.

  • AL F Pipe

    Im a bit confuse here cause it doesn’t look like a go pro…Was it relays hot with a GoPro or there’s just logos at the intro and outdo ?

  • AL F Pipe

    really shot i meant sorry ;)