Panasonic Unveils the Long-Rumored GH4, a 4K-Capable Micro Four Thirds Beast


After months of rumors, spec and image leaks — including a full press text leak… yikes — Panasonic has is finally launching the much-talked-about GH4: a Micro Four Thirds shooter with 4K video capability that the company is calling the “ultimate photo/video hybrid Digital Single Lens Mirrorless(DSLM) camera.”

Teased last month at CES, the GH4 is Panasonic’s followup to the video-centric GH3 (which, incidentally, will stay on the market). But where the GH3 can only shoot 1080p video, the new GH4 makes headlines for its 4K capability — both 3,840 x 2,160 “Quad HD” and a 4,096 x 2,160 “cinema 4K” at 24 frames per second with a 100 Mbps bit rate.

Plus, announced alongside the GH4 is a behemoth of a companion pro audio/video interface that screams “amateurs need not apply.”

Panasonic_GH4_Digital_Camera_front_with Audio


Of course, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a powerful stills camera (or else, we wouldn’t be writing about it). Inside is an all new 16-megapixel CMOS Micro Four Thirds sensor, a quad-core CPU, a 2.36M-dot OLED EVF, 3-inch 1.04M-dot OLED tiltable display, an ISO range of 200-25,600 and SDXC UHS Class 3 compatibility.

Panasonic is also keen to mention that this camera can focus in just 0.07 seconds, shoot continuously at 12 fps (or 7 fps with AF tracking) and boasts a shutter rated for some 200,000 actuations.

On the video front, there is a lot of incredibly technical bit-rate and chroma subsampling talk and, honestly, we’re photo people so we’ll let you check that out for yourself here. Suffice it to say professional videographers will find this camera to be quite capable.

For now, the only details Panasonic is keeping to itself is pricing and availability. But while we have no idea when the camera will hit stores, we do know that the company promised a price tag under $2,000. To learn more or sign up to get a notification when the camera (body only), camera and interface, or just the interface are finally in stock and ready for pre-order, head over to B&H Photo by following the corresponding links.

  • Chris Rogers

    Holee shyt.

  • dustin

    tempting to sell the D800, seriously…

  • Oscar

    “…shoot continuously at 12 fps…” i don’t want that ;)

  • Sky

    “Micro Four Thirds” and “Beast” – don’t put these in one sentence cause that doesn’t make any sense.

  • Sky

    Sony’s SLTs can do 12 FPS under 1000$ if someone does want that. Nothing to be excited about, really.

  • Cajetan Barretto

    True. The term ‘beast’ in photography can only be applied to large format cameras.

  • greenarcher02

    Another one misses the point.

  • greenarcher02

    Ignorant snobs who know close to nothing…

  • kenyee

    Wow…and no need to sell an arm and a leg :O
    M4/3 is good enough for most stills so this is very tempting….

  • Cajetan Barretto

    You mean m4/3 users who think people are snobs for somehow thinking that their full-frame gear is the only one worth masturbating to?

  • greenarcher02

    I meant people who think m4/3 is the most inferior thing ever created that doesn’t deserve any merit whatsoever. By your standards, full-frame isn’t a ‘beast’ as well.

  • Jackson Cheese

    How practical is 4K video right now for the average consumer?

    The files will be huge, so they’ll fill up your SD card very quickly. Then you’ll need a computer powerful enough to handle editing an these files. And finally, you’ll need a 4k display to get the most out of viewing them.

  • BDWT

    That’s exactly how the industry reacted when HD prosumer video camera’s started hitting the market in the mid 2000’s. We’ll adapt, our workflows will change and our external hard drives will get bigger.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Totally understand. And i’m sure in 10 years, 4k will be more practical. I’m just questioning how useful this will to a non-professional, early adopter right now.

  • Dustin Wagner

    Its not usefulness is the ability to sell you a panasonic 4k TV, perhaps a new computer, new video cards, new memory cards, external HD’s thats why they look beyond what the consumers want, they market the thing so that we think we need it, then Panasonic and its partners reap the profits as THEY not us decide the markets.

    Meanwhile the cameras become less and less functional for the people who will actually use them.

    I personally think the DSLR shape isn’t all that great for shooting movies, but of course they’ll have a rig or two you can mount it on, which will also cost premium dollars for us to buy.

  • Patrik

    LOL LOOOK AT THAT TIIIINY SENSOR!! is like my cell! better a fujy xt1!!

  • LFreedman

    I can’t figure out why we need Micro 4/3rds and APSC. I’m sure this is a fine camera but I think APSC will win in the long run because it’s cheaper for the manufacturers to support fewer camera mounts.

  • Jon

    In 10 years? Guy, in 10 years, 8K will be old tech.

  • R O

    The two, primary m43 camera manufacturers only support one mount. Sony, Nikon, Cannon support multiple mounts.

  • R O

    XT-1 for video? You’re kidding, right?

  • luc_fr

    A computer that you buys today can handle 4K. You can buy consumer 4K monitors for under $1000 (dell 28″, seiki 39″, …), prof. 4K monitors for a few $1000s and you can buy a 4K TV for a few $1000s. So a lot of people can…

  • robin

    why not have both… so you have best of both world

  • robin

    Some people didn’t really use a m4/3 before and don’t know what it is capable of and typing things don’t make any sense

  • Charlie B

    Clearly this is aimed at the indie film / producer market. As someone who has been working with RED cameras for many years, the flexibility of this form factor will allow many exciting opportunities for shooting on a tight budget, but getting great results. This could be a great camera to fly on an octocopter also. I’m happy to see Panasonic take a chance here.

  • Bernie

    Just another Fuji user trying to convince people he bought his Fuji for it’s features. We all know people only buy fuji as a fashion accessory.

  • PanaVideoShooter

    Small size, tiny lenses. The M4/3 system already has far more quality lenses that any apsc mirrorless mount, and every manufacturer does their own mount so there is no benefit to having the same size sensor, other than third party lenses. The Panasonic and Olympus lens lineups are spectacular, and between the two companies there is plenty to choose from. The opportunity for someone who does pro video to use a GH4 and have a GX7 or Olympus as a carry around shooter with the same lenses for both is a big plus.

  • dudung10

    as good as they are. Features come second lol

  • Limbu

    I’m a huge fan of Lumix…. before I hv GF1 & now GH2. … now thinking of buying GH4k but wat abt the still pic…. ppl r only talking abt video. … I luv to shoot landscape & Nyt landscape. …. is this GH4k is good worth buying it…….. so confused. …..????