Fresh Details About the Nikon D4s Surface on the Rumor Mill


Nikon already revealed that the D4s is in the works — the company even had one on display in a ‘so-close-and-yet-so-far’ glass case at CES — but so far, we’ve had very little info about the camera itself. Officially, we know that the new flagship will feature a new image processor and “more advanced autofocusing performance,” but thanks to Nikon Rumors, we now know a bit more.

It’s only natural that rumors would start to break now that the Olympics are about to get underway, and indeed Nikon Rumors has acquired some spec details that shed a little bit of light on what we should expect from the D4 replacement.

First of all, it seems the price will stay the same ($6 grand US), but for that price, we’ll supposedly get:

  • A new focus mode that can use 3D-Tracking in 9 or 21 point groups
  • Native ISO ranging from 100 to 25,600
  • Improved time-lapse movie recording
  • White balance settings that can be fine tuned by 0.25-0.50 Kelvin
  • Adjustable LCD color tone (wise move Nikon)
  • and 60fps 1080p video recording capability

According to the NR report, we can expect an official D4s announcement sometime next week, and a ship date in either March or April.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Matt Boggs

    So…..thats it? No 15 fps? No brand new sensor? No magic AF live view? No wifi? Why nikon? Why even bother? I doubt anyone is going “I really want that D4….but I can’t fine tune my WB by .25 kelvin so I am going to wait”

  • Anshel Sag

    Am I the only one that finds it ridiculous that these monster cameras from Nikon still don’t do 4K video? I really wish one of these DSLRs would do 36MP photos and 4K video. Is that so much?

  • alealeale ale

    Yep it is. Do it yourself if you know everything. You’re an engineer right?

  • Patrik

    fuji XT1 will kick nikon and sonuy ass out

  • Anshel Sag

    Nope, but I k ow what sensors and image signal processors exist and what is currently being done.

  • alealeale ale

    Yep. Except canon’s ;)

  • Andrew Kandel

    It’s a mid-cycle update, not a completely redesigned camera.

  • Matt Boggs

    But the D3S had a totally new sensor, video, and a few other things.

  • Matt Boggs

    Yeah, Canon is doing great in the mirror less field /s

  • alealeale ale

    Nope not at all.

  • Matt Boggs

    That……that was my point……

  • alealeale ale

    Well then you should know that 4k footage takes a f*cking lot of space. And that if you were to record 4k on a 36mp sensor you’d have to spend lots and lots of money on storage

  • JoeNoName

    wait for end of they year Sony´s new FF camera ;)

  • alealeale ale

    I…..know….that was you point

  • JoeNoName

    except everyone kicked Canon´s but long time ago.

  • alealeale ale

    In the mirror-less market. Not in the dslr’s one

  • RMJ

    yea, on dslr markets canon has been nothing but a joke the last few years. no one even wants to kick their ash anymore.

  • RMJ

    D4s has improved sensor. And many other changes also.

  • RMJ

    And which competitors do have 4k video ? Yeah… none… maybe that’s why ?

  • Anshel Sag

    *Shrug* That’s not a concern for me.

  • SeoulFood

    Don’t forget to add a huge fan or liquid nitrogen cooling to that sensor.

  • greenarcher02

    Try the upcoming Lumix GH4

  • Matt Boggs

    Oh? You have a pre production D4s? You should tell Nikon rumors!!

  • Woody ONeal

    the “coming soon” marketing schtick is gettin’ kinda old.

  • ProtoWhalePig

    Storage? Pfft. Storage is dirt cheap. For someone who’s buying a $6k camera it is meaningless.

  • Chris Rogers

    That……That’s it? Hopefully there is more upon official announcement.

  • captain_obvious

    alealeale ale….the most annoying commenter i’ve seen on petapixel

  • BL

    Calm down… Jesus. The fact that you don’t have interest in the camera isn’t really a logical reason to be a complete dick. And obviously this camera will have many new features that will make it better than the D4. The D4 already has an amazing sensor. One of the best made actually. I can’t even imagine how much better the camera as a whole will be with a new processor. And a NATIVE (caps intended) ISO of 100-25600 is insane. Also, a lot of things haven’t even been announced yet so don’t get pissy because “No 15 fps? No [blah blah blah]” Jesus. Don’t be such a whiny brat

  • Larry

    no, the D3s had the same sensor just improved. exactly as in the D4s case

  • Larry

    go buy a videocam, I don’t want video on my camera.

  • Mack

    “I am coming soon” that’s what she said

  • Wilber

    What a twit.

    ha ha

  • Pedro

    Adjustable LCD color tone??? Lolz

  • roxics

    That sensor resolution would actually be great for 4K video. It’s basically an 8K sensor after 16:9 windowing that could nicely downsample to a real 4K image. As for storage, there are already cheaper 4K cameras hitting the market storing footage to SD cards. The storage is one of the least of the problems at this point. The bigger problem would be the processing power needed to do this effectively.

  • roxics

    Too late. Get the with times.

  • blindfromthetrees

    With 2 CF card slots not one that Sony made you use and we won’t?

  • Larry

    yes, i’m artificially limiting myself, I’m happy with that. You go and buy a videocam that makes stills

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Would you prefer “I am NOT coming!” instead? i.e. D400 (^_^)

  • alealeale ale

    Never said it’d be bad. Just that i’d rather have a good 20-ish mp that shoots 4k.

  • alealeale ale

    Captain_obvious….the most fast judging and narrow mided commenter in peta pixel

  • alealeale ale


  • roxics

    I have a video camera that also shoots stills. It’s a Canon DSLR. All of these cameras are basicaly video cameras that provide a constant video stream and snap off single images from that stream. It’s the nature of the technology.

    You make it sound like it would be better not to have video on board. But in reality it opens these cameras up to a lot more buyers.

    Before video capability I would have spent maybe $800 max on a DSLR body for photos alone. Today I will spend a few thousand because it does both.

  • Dingo

    Please share the 1080p masterpiece of cinema you created that was ruined by not being in 4k.

  • Gav

    I’m already underwhelmed…

  • Gav

    Dude just because a camera can go to 25600….Doesn’t mean necessarily mean anything why it comes to image quality. What is ‘NATIVE’ ISO range any way? Just marketing hype meaning look how far we can turn the gain up on the sensor. Yes Nikon (or should I say Sony) have remarkable sensors…But do buy into the hype.

  • Gav

    Not until it’s full frame…….

  • El Guesto

    > The fact that you don’t have interest in the camera isn’t really a logical reason to be a complete dick.

    You must be new here.

  • El Guesto

    Native means something very specific, it’s marketing hype.

    Sensors are calibrated to function at a base voltage that gives them their initial ISO. The ISOs after that are baked in as a consequence. After a certain point, the even multiples of the be base ISO are so tiny that the sensor can’t be pushed to a higher ISO.

    Think of cutting a pie. The basic cut is half, then half of that is a quarter, et ceter.

    Once you get to 6400 in the D800e, that’s it. The ISOs above that are basically nothing than 6400 with additional post processing to simulate higher ISOs.

    This is why the 256,000 ISO matters to a working photo journalist. It means he can file jpegs to the office all from in camera.

  • John Starr

    Don’t even listen to the guy. He’s a complete kook.

  • RajNZ

    If you already have a D4, just stick to it.