Olympus Announces the Affordable E-M10, Calls it ‘The OM-D for All’


Alright, it’s time to set aside all the Fujifilm talk for a moment, because it’s now Olympus’ time to shine. Debuting tonight is the new OM-D E-M10. A camera that packs features from the E-M1 and E-M5 into a more affordable package that Olympus is proud to call ‘the OM-D for all.’

Lets jump right into the nitty gritty of it. Inside this ‘stylish, compact, all-meatal body’ you’ll find a 16-megapixel Micro Four Thirds Live MOS sensor, TruePic VII processor, 3-axis image stabilization derived from the E-M5 and E-M1’s 5-axis system, Olympus’ 81-point ‘FAST AF’ system, 8fps continuous shooting (unlimited JPEG or 20 RAW frames), 3.5fps continuous with tracking AF enabled, ISO expandable to 100-25,600 and a pop-up flash (a first for the OM-D lineup) optimized for 1/250th synchronization.

Excuse us while we take a couple of deep breaths… because that’s not all.

There is also 1.44M-dot EVF with a 120fps refresh rate, a 100-percent field of view and a maximum magnification of 1.15x; a 3-inch tilting, 1.037M-dot touchscreen LCD; built-in WiFi that lets you join instantly by using your smart device to scan a QR code displayed on the camera’s LCD screen, focus peaking, built-in interval shooting capability and more. The only thing conspicuously absent is weather sealing, which the E-M10 does NOT have.

Here’s a quick look at the camera from a few more angles:







Two New Lenses and Other Accessories

Alongside the camera, Olympus is also debuting a ton of fancy new accessories, including two new MFT lenses, an 18mm equivalent f/8 fisheye bodycap, an ergonomic quick-release grip for those who want more to hold on to, a macro converter AND an auto opening lens cap.

The two new lenses are the most impressive of the remaining announcements. The first is the world’s slimmest standard zoom lens: the super-slim M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ pancake zoom that measures just 0.9-inches thick and features electric zoom capability. And the second is the all-new M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm f/1.8 portrait lens.






You can learn a lot more about all of these camera — in particular the accessories, which we didn’t take too much time to go over here — by heading over to Olympus press center here.

Silver and Black versions of the OM-D E-M10 will arrive in stores in March, and will cost you $700 for the body only and $800 in a kit with the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 14-42 mm f3.5-5.6 II R lens (mind you, according to the press release and our Olympus rep, that’s not the new pancake lens… although it looks like B&H Photo has it listed as such).

Accessory release dates haven’t been announced, but the 14-42mm pancake lens will cost $350, the 25mm portrait lens $400, the macro converter $70 ($65 on B&H), the quick-release grip $60, the fisheye bodycap $100 and auto lens cap price TBD.

Update: We’ve reached out to Olympus and have confirmed that the $800 E-M10 kit does indeed come with the 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R lens NOT the EZ pancake lens that was also announced. They are reaching out to B&H Photo to rectify the mistake.

  • Devorah Kaye Goldstein

    The Olynpus press office that you link to does now show all the accessory prices at the bottom. Just got an EM-5 and wild about it — glad to see the line expand further!

  • DLCade

    We’ve updated the post, thanks! :)

  • pedanticus

    “And the second is the all-new M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 25mm equivalent f/1.8 portrait lens”
    It’s not “25mm equivalent”, it’s 25mm or 50mm equivalent. And a normal lens, not a portrait lens.

  • Hipstermatic

    …3D renders for the camera’s presentation ? I still find it extremely ironic …

  • trollicus

    What else are they going to do, product shots with a M4/3 camera? Use a real camera? I guess they forgot their phones…

  • DLCade

    According to the press release, it’s a 25mm equivalent lens, although that certainly doesn’t make it true :) We’ll look into it and update the post if we were wrong.

  • Renato Murakami

    Specs sounds pretty solid, but it is kind of a weird announcement. A lesser OIS, no weather sealing, better LCD, pop-up flash, still micro 4/3rds sensor… sounds like a cheaper/crippled OM-D E-M5 whichever you wanna put it.
    Substantial price difference… from 1100 bucks to 700 from Olympus’ website.
    A bit underwhelming though… 3 different cameras ranging from cheaper to expensive with OM-D E-M1.
    But perhaps I’m kinda spoiled by other brands… the OM-D lineup so far sounds more like 3 different choices for different pockets than an evolutionary thing of sorts.

  • realitycheck

    I can’t wait to buy these 3D renders Olympus has for sale.

    What, you people think they actually sell Cameras? If they did, they would properly photograph them….. right?!

  • ISO640

    I’m excited by that 25mm 1.8 lens.

  • Jamesj

    Look at the lens. It says 25mm on it. Therefore it is not 25mm equivalent.

  • jorgio

    Not renders, vector drawings…

  • AbinSur

    This camera would be a real killer if was available in FF and that 25 1.8 had that super creamy Bohken that is so important to photographers.

  • Chris Malmberg

    I wonder if that cheaper (battery-less) grip would fit the EM-5?

  • cicala’s fanboy

    cicala! here me!? what now about future of olympus cameras you moron? still see it in black colors? still think thay want exist in few years? looking in to the future cikala? heh?

  • Roboto

    Like virtually all other camera companies.

  • roboto

    No, not really. Being as pretty much all camera companies do this- why are you even “shocked?”

  • DLCade

    It’s specifically designed for the E-M10, so we’re almost 100% certain the answer is no.

  • Chris Malmberg

    Bummer. The bodies appear to be pretty similar, so I thought maybe there was a chance.

  • Sid Ceaser

    What are those two black dials on top that don’t have any writing on them? That seems weird.

  • Zack

    Those are the control dials, the E-M5 has them too. Depending on what mode you’re in they control aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation, etc. Basically just control wheels. I think the little silver platform they sit on makes them stand out a bit more than on the E-M5/E-M1, which makes them look a little weirder.

  • Sid Ceaser

    I forgot those were just renders. I knew they were supposed to be for ISO ect, but I was like “wait, why are they empty? Are the seriously selling it that way?”. But then I remembered they were renders, so I’ve got it under control now ;)

  • Dumass

    So, that makes it OK?

    No wonder the camera industry is failing: “Hey consumers! Buy our cameras to make highly detailed images! Oh, but you shouldn’t use a camera for product photography, stupid! So anyway yeah, buy our cameras.”


  • Chris Malmberg

    No they are supposed to be blank. They can change based on how you set them up to work. I think you can tell it to make one dial adjust shutter speed, or you can make that same dial the adjustment wheel for the aperture. That’s why they are blank. So you can set up you own preferences.

  • Zack

    They’re blank on the E-M5 as well. Their function changes based on what mode you’re in. In Manual, one is aperture, one is shutter speed. In Aperture priority, one controls aperture and the other is exposure compensation, etc.