1.5-Year Spinning Selfie Time-Lapse Makes Us Wish Our Lives Were More Exciting

We’ve seen some really creative time-lapse videos that take stock of a year or more in someone’s life. They range from one second of footage every day day for a year videos — an idea that got so popular it became somewhat cliché (though it’s still something you should try) — to a lip sync video that took three years to make.

The video above shows yet another creative way to make a ‘highlight reel’ of your life. Put together by a student using a GoPro Hero 2 and 3 (and dedicated to “all students who are bored”) it spins you through one and a half years of his seemingly very exciting life as he travels to 20 different cities all around Europe.

(via PetaPixel Reader Tip)

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  • Morgan Glassco

    1.5 years to get 20 different exciting adventures, boring, lol. Sorry, cool project, short on content.

  • fast eddie

    why do these things tend to be edited to the absolute WORST music?

  • zero-0


  • zero-0

    you’re just an old fart. Get with the times.

  • fast eddie


  • Polak

    SIEMANKO 3miasto ;)

  • agour

    got to agree! Plus it’s like 30 seconds of intro, 20 seconds of footage. You can barely see what happens in any of the clips..

  • agour
  • Savi You

    NSFW! she’s topless in some of the clips…

  • agour

    I wasn’t sure if it was a girl or a guy, so I don’t think it matters too much

  • Bill

    That was cooler, but was it a dude or a girl?

  • Benicio Murray

    seriously? That’s a guy….

  • shoban

    I came here to post this :)

    The one in the post is boring and 30 seconds of intro!!!!

  • Cynical Bloke

    Interesting for 20 seconds then so annoying, needs to be a little more creative and evolve.

  • Marwan

    PLEASE, before you type your negative opinion, rewind your past 1.5 year,, then instead of the negative words – lets this simple video motivates you to “GET A LIFE”