Creative Music Video Gives Lead Singer a Photoshop Makeover as She Sings

There are many videos and articles out there condemning the use of Photoshop to alter a model’s body in unnatural ways. The practice is abhorred by most, and hardly a week goes by that another “Photoshop fail” or controversy doesn’t arise (this week’s featured photos of actress Lena Dunham taken by iconic portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz).

The most recent anti-Photoshop video making the rounds online, however, is a bit different. It’s a music video that shows the lead singer being given a digital makeover as she sings the song.

The music video was created by directors Nándor Lőrincz and Bálint Nagy for Hungarian singer Boggie. In three minutes, Boggie is transformed from a normal, no-makeup-on, beautiful woman into a glowing Barbie-like version with lighter skin, different hair, different colored eyes, and so on.

Here’s the before and after from the video:


Of course, anybody familiar with Photoshop will realize that this isn’t being done live as is being shown in the video. It’s also obvious that a good bit of the improvement between the before and after can be attributed to hair, makeup and lighting.

But the message is clear nonetheless: don’t believe everything you see. Perfectly symmetrical eyes that shine extra bright, flawless skin that somehow survives without the benefit of pores and perfect makeup (applied either in post or by professional artists), while commonplace in magazines, are not commonplace in real life.

Let us know what you think of the video in the comments down below. Do you think it’s important that this message continue to be shared with the masses? Or are you getting a bit tired of the many viral anti-Photoshop/retouching campaigns that have sprung up recently?

(via SLR Lounge)

  • MMielech

    “But the message is clear nonetheless: don’t believe everything you see.”

    Wow, duh. Thanks.

    I am reminded of one of Chris Rock’s routines. He talks about how women are always perturbed about their men lying to them. He points out, hey, you’re wearing heels, you aren’t that tall, you have makeup on and your hair is colored, you don’t look like that, and, you don’t want me to lie??

  • Tommy Sar

    I enjoyed the song so much, I bought her album on iTunes.

  • remtec

    Hair extensions, hair dying, wigs/toupee, fake eye lashes, coloured contacts, botox, veneers, make up/air brushing, fake nails, push up bras, fake breasts, fake buttocks (plastic surgery in general) heels/ platform shoes. Yet photoshop (and apps alike) is the most evil.

  • TechGeek22

    Apps are just tools. It’s what people that determine how they are used and to what end… the morality call is on the people not the tool.

  • Froque

    worth it, totally worth it

  • fatso

    good marketing! Every idiot out there is slamming photoshop for being some sort of black magic that transforms beasts into beauties etc etc..

  • Carlee Keppler-Carson

    In the end it is not photoshop nor the IT guru’s who do the manipulation, the real issue is the expectation (as she sings about) that have gotten us to a point where the lie is more believable than the truth

  • Ellen

    I’m on Photoshop CS6.I don’t see any of those things on my screen when I’m retouching.Al I have is pull down menus for some of the things. How did they do they hair?

  • Swade

    Everything in this video could have been changed, in real life, before the picture was taken. Such poor execution. Do your hair, do your make up, don’t have your bra straps showing, etc.

  • fast robert

    This continuous tirade against Photoshop is getting boring. I couldn’t give a monkey’s arse whether a picture has been shopped: the customers are buying a finished piece of art. If the picture sells and customer likes it then who cares what the critics say…

  • Davide Giannuzzi

    I actually think the VFX are somehow bogus as sometimes they are just used as transitions between different real life shootings of her with increasing make-up, different hair styles.

  • imajez

    Er, that’s not PS. It just a gradual reveal of the subject with better lighting/makeup/hair using a fake interface.

  • Alessandra Piacentini

    I can agree with the principle of not wanting to create absurd standards to which everybody fails in comparison. It’s got to impact people’s self esteem one way or another, especially teens. However, speaking as a graphic designer, I’d like to defend the category and say that (surrealistic illustrations apart) it’s not us who want the subject to look like a otherwordly beauty. It’s the client, especially the same type of big client that would come up with this propaganda against it when the wind seems to blow the other way. Sometimes going so far as to openly address graphic designers as the culprit… I am referring to Dove and it’s incredibly offensive mock of a campaign here, that constantly belittles all the professionals that work in this field. I can appreciate the ethics, but I sure as hell will not stand the hypocrisy. These are nothing but marketing stunts, coming out from the same box that brought you extreme photo retouching.

  • AbePak

    lol. If only photoshop was this convenient. btw, is it only me or does her neck look really really unnatural?

  • William Wolffe

    The real culprits here are L’Oreal, Lancome, Olay, M.A.C….you catch the draft? The lie is really the hair and makeup, photoshop is just a tool to fix poor modeling, photographers and makeup jobs.

  • Peter K

    I couldn’t understand why she was singing in french when you wrote she was Hungarian, turns out there are two versions of the song and video, and you posted the French version. I was very confused for a moment there.

  • ims63

    Advertising, marketing and the media are always portraying women as these beautiful objects, men as well, but mostly women. Why not just portray them as who they are, not what some men, and it’s usually men, think they should appear to be.

  • Ken Elliott

    Photoshop? Where? This looks more like video compositing (After Effects, etc.) than Photoshop.

    > “But the message is clear nonetheless: don’t believe everything you see. ”

    Oh – now the headline makes sense.

  • Richard Ford

    In simpler times it was said that all that was needed was a brown paper bag. Two bags if the problem was really bad. >;-) PS: Don’t bother to respond unless you have a sense of humour and sense of shrewd commentary on the actual message.

  • Andy

    “But the message is clear nonetheless:” start with low contrast, underexposed lighting and no cosmetics or hairspray to exaggerate the process.

  • Kaybee

    Love the song and the video!
    It is VFX anyways…
    Yes, the constant take on Photoshop is getting old and ugly…
    If one gets the desired effect and gets the message across, whatever.
    Personally I don’t do extreme PS, not because I am against it because it is time consuming and I am already happy with the result I have since I have already put so much soul while taking a photo since I shoot all manual anyways.

  • Karen

    Slight correction: the customers are buying a finished product, which in 90% of the time is not a “piece of art”. With shopped image you are selling a dream, an idea, a vicodin for someone’s self image. That’s exactly what this video is about. It is not about bashing Photoshop.
    This video is made with at least 4 different practical shoots with different lighting + make up, cleverly composited together either in Fusion, Nuke or After Effects. I bet that Photoshop was only used to create fake interface buttons in this video…

  • arachnophilia

    it’s nothing new; shakespeare’s hamlet makes somewhat similar remarks to ophelia, directly after the famous “to be or not be” monolog: “I have heard of your paintings too, well enough; God

    has given you one face, and you make yourselves


  • Dirk Diggler

    Yay! She is not ugly anymore!

  • TheOpinionater

    Haha what a load of BS. This vid is as fake, as whatever it tries to “unveil”.

  • Izabela Wojcik

    It just amazes me still… is this the newest version of Photoshop?

  • mnfast

    Die Damen kauft alles

  • ims63

    Everyone buys into marketing, not just women, it is a science. But most of the people who control it, are men. This needs to change, and people need to stop using others. Society needs more honesty.

  • Kunal

    Nope, it’s just an imaginary interface created for this video only.

  • Izabela Wojcik

    It did look a little bit too good to be true… too bad… someone should create a program just for fixing faces, and make it this easy… it would make tons of cash.

  • eric

    oh the irony of your comment in this video is just funny, but i have to agree someone should do a program like that, it would make things way easier