This Music Video is a Weird Photoshop Editing Timelapse

Here’s the new official music video for the song “Do I Have to Talk You Into It” by Spoon. If you’re a photographer who has watched post-processing tutorials online, the concept of this music video will be strangely familiar to you: it’s a Photoshop editing timelapse.

The 4.5-minute video shows the band’s lead singer, Britt Daniel, being edited in Photoshop in all kinds of strange ways, from having his sunglasses edited out and face Liquefied to having his skin and muscles removed to reveal the skeleton within.

And if you’re wondering how any of the edits are done, just use the YouTube video player settings to watch the video at 0.25x speed, and voila! It becomes a silent Photoshop tutorial.

(via Spoon via Laughing Squid)