Lightroom for iPad Leaks Momentarily on Adobe’s Site, Will Cost $100/Year


Back in May, Adobe Lightroom product manager Tom Hogarty appeared on the online show The Grid and gave the photo community a sneak peek at the powerful RAW editing capabilities of the tablet version of Lightroom the company is working on.

At the time, the app was very much in the ‘alpha’ stages, but it seems Adobe is finally primed to release the first version judging by the product references that accidentally appeared on the company’s site earlier this week.

The leak was discovered by 9 to 5 Mac, but was taken down as soon as the site got in touch with Adobe for comment. No details were disclosed regarding what all the app could do — check out our previous coverage to see a quick demo of the alpha version — but the links were fully functional to the point where the folks at 9 to 5 were actually able to order a copy for themselves:


The accidental (if it was indeed accidental) pre-release peek might not have given us much in way of details, but it did reveal two things.

First off, the app was labeled simply “Lightroom for Mobile,” so it’s possible that both iPad and Android versions are going to be released; however, an Adobe Chat representative who pulled up some info for 9 to 5 said the app was developed for the iPad. Android users might be getting snubbed for now.

Second, and more importantly, we now know that Lightroom for Mobile will run you $100 per year. We’re not sure if the page suffered from a misplaced decimal point, if more comes for that price than we originally thought, or if Adobe really does think mobile editing is enticing enough to pay that much, but a $100 annual subscription seems fairly steep.


Whatever the case, we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out. Given how functional the order page was we wouldn’t be surprised if the app went live any day now.

(via 9to5)

  • Andre

    I say no to the Adobe “subscription” system

  • Eric Leslie

    From an iPad point of view, having no SD or USB connections, how does someone get RAW files from their camera to their iPad? So few camera’s actually have wifi. Needing a computer to get them on the device seems to defy the reason why someone would want to process photos on a tablet.

  • Ares

    Eye-Fi and Transcend’s Wifi SD!

  • Ares

    I’d add this to our near-real time camera-to-web setup in a heartbeat.

  • JoeNoName

    most new cameras have Wi Fi

  • cas_e

    This would be enough to make me buy an iPad. As long as it doesn’t actually cost that much.

  • Debbie

    Hopefully, if you’re already a subscriber to their desktop software, they will include the mobile apps with your subscription.

  • Michael Palmer

    How much??

  • Phase19

    Works for me, I got the Adobe Photography package special just for Lightroom, so for me I basically get Photoshop completely free…

  • Laurence Sevilla

    Through a $20 SD/USB to Lightning camera connector kit. If you also put videos in your card, provided they’re in DCIM folder, it can also work as a sort of external storage (though you will still need to copy files into the iPad and delete when you’re done)

  • JordanCS13

    Until you stop paying. Then you’re left with nothing. That’s the rub. I’ve paid for Photoshop, starting with 6 and upgrades to 7, CS2, CS5 and CS6, plus Lightroom 2, 3, 4 and 5….now they want me to pay $120 a year to continue getting upgrades…except if I stop paying, I go back to my old versions? Um, no…. Offer me CC, with a standalone upgrade for every year I’m subscribed and I’m in. Until then, I’m not ‘renting’ my upgrade forever. The biggest issue is, if there are upgrades I deem worth of upgrade for the next 3 years, but then all the subsequent upgrades are things that are useless to me…I STILL have to pay for those upgrades, whether I want them or not, or I lose all the upgrades I paid for back to CS6, even if those are ones I really want. And that $9.99 will almost certainly go up in the next year and a half. I will not buy into that. CS6 and LR 5 will do me fine. I’ll continue to buy LR upgrades for as long as they are perpetual licenses…when that stops, I’m done. I also have C1 Pro and while I prefer LR for most work, I am very comfortable in C1 and can very easily go that route full time if needed.

    As to LR for mobile? That’s absolutely INSANE pricing. If it were full featured, I might, MIGHT, pay $100 for a copy that continually gets free updates. Even then, that’s insanely expensive for a mobile app. $50 would be more enticing. $100 a year? They’ve got to be smoking crack.

  • joshc

    Aside from the small problem of Adobe not selling iPad apps from their website, this seems entirely credible.

  • Paul Seele

    Very good point! How would Apple get their 30% from a sale on Adobe’s website? It’ll most likely have to be an an-app purchase.

  • Rob Elliott

    And that is your right. if you didn’t have Photoshop before (like me who has never needed it) I’d looked at it as $699 for CS6… or 19.99 for a year to get used to it and see if It was of value.

    Now it’s $9.99.

    So before taxes I had 11 months of CC (I went to the 9.99 in November) so $220 and I’ll have a year of the Photography Bundle so as of December 2014 I will have paid about $340 (pre tax). I started with just CS6 in CC and got the upgrade to CC when it came out as well as my Lightroom 5 upgrade. That brings the total cost under the old system to about $980 (Full software, one Upgrade and a Lr upgrade)

    It will take years for me to get to the point I’m worried.

    In your case even ignoring that photoshop used to be more expensive. if you started with Photoshop 6 $699 and were able to upgrade at $199, you’ve spent between 2250-2400 on Adobe photoshop based products in 14 years. That averages out to $165 a year (about) $45 more then CC for Photographers. If Adobe keeps the $9.99 price point for a while you’d save more than $600 over the next 13 years.

    The Lightroom Mobile pricing though.. insane.

  • Rob Elliott

    Likely the App will be free and then a subscription service requiring a log in is what is being purchased here.

    there are a few apps that have that feature set.

  • Derricklytle

    Or Dropbox

  • xaphod

    You want your app in the appstore? Then Apple gets 30% of everything. Or, you get yanked. Adobe isn’t exactly Apple’s best friend either — cue the Apple-killed-Flash discussion…
    Does Apple support in-app “subscriptions”? I’ve never seen one

  • JordanCS13

    The pricing for the photography bundle is fine. The problem is, while your spending all that for a subscription…of you ever stop paying, you’re left with no usable software at ALL. I’d gladly pay 15% more knowing I get to keep the software if the upgrades stop being worthwhile.

  • CynthiaK

    I have two cameras with wifi and neither of them transfer RAW files. Only jpgs. And my Canon 6D only transfers a low res jpg, while my Sony NEX 5R at least transfers full-size jpgs.

  • Chrisf24

    rip off!! ill do my post at home

  • Michal

    This will likely be an initial purchase on the app store from which Apple gets a cut and which includes a year of “free” subscription.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    $100/year ? hahahahahahahahahaahhaahhaaha

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    i get all of my adobe products from the good people at Usenet…thank you very much

  • kassim

    It’s cheap – just USD8.33 per month! OMG!!! Hahahahaha…

  • kassim

    Next, Nikon will offer lease only product, no more consumer ownership! Stop paying, the camera became a brick. Let’s support this type of business. Pay less, but you have to keep paying.

  • Rob Elliott

    I understand that… but if you stop paying chance are it’s because you aren’t using it any more. I don’t save in PSD format very often because of that.

    To me it’s one of those if I stop paying it’s because I no long am doing anything that requires photoshop.

    the downside to it.. and the one I did like.. is the other reason one would stop paying is because adobe has gone out of business.

    On the plaus side CS6 is very capable software, you shouldn’t have any major concerns for a long while.

  • Clayton Finley

    Makes me wish I would have bought a surface instead of an ipad, since it can run native lightroom, no need for this extra cost per year, as well as having usb ports

  • jkantor267

    Lightroom 4 and 5 are dogs with some idiot programmer’s idea of an interface. What’s the chance this ludicrously overpriced version will be any different?

  • Stephen James

    Except when you go to buy your next camera and want to use the RAW files from it and Adobe won’t support your brand new camera’s RAW format, so you’re forced into CC or whatever version is out just to have ACR. It happened to me when PsCs4 didn’t support my Canon 7D so had to get Cs5 just for that. Super annoying the lack of backwards RAW support for older versions.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    “Super annoying the lack of backwards RAW support for older versions.”

    Er, suppose a NEW camera comes out… Do you think the magic Camera RAW fairy just waves her wand and out sh*ts support for a new camera?

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    The Rosetta Stone Language app is free, I believe. The [PAID] software comes with a free X month subscription to the online site. After that, you have to pay to play.

  • Rob Elliott

    KelbyOne is a free download. You log in with your KelbyOne subscription. No in App Purchase at all it’s a companion app giving you access you the videos you’d get on the website. Of course I think much of the same thing with other similar services. TV stations and the like.

    They will likely consider this a companion app the cost of the $99 a year will likely be mostly on-line storage

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Er, that was as clear as mud. Th RS CD, you have to buy. The app store app is free. You have to continue paying for online access, which the app store app uses.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Some people forget that they pay upwards of $720US for smart phone service.

  • Stephen James

    Nice straw-man you’ve come up with there. Of course companies should
    be paid for upgrades, that’s not the issue. I’m talking about them being
    reasonable. The camera came out before Cs5 was out. Waited forever for
    the upgrade to ACR… ooops sorry… if you want it, you’ll have to get
    Cs5. Of course I don’t expect Cs4 to support a 5D Mark III many years
    later, but when the timing overlaps, and they’ve already supported it in
    Cs5, can it REALLY be that hard to port back to the previous version?
    In one case, I forget the camera, I believe enough people complained and
    they actually did do just that, but otherwise it’s just another
    instance of forcing people to upgrade. Sure, that’s just business, you
    could say. Fine… I’ll take my business elsewhere. I no longer use
    Photoshop, and would never rent software. If they do that to Lightroom,
    I’ll move to using Capture 1.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    PSCS4 Released:
    October 2008

    Canon EOS 7D Released:
    September 2009

    I understand what you’re saying, but most software companies expend their energies on new products, not trying to add value [for no revenue] to old products. The problem is that companies are in it for profit.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    Kassim…are you like maybe just a little bit retarded?

  • BrokenHelix79

    Probably no more than you.

  • Stephen James

    My bad… PsCs3 to PsCs4… I’ve been through so many upgrades I forget which one is which. Thanks for correcting me. :)

  • jeremysexton

    Camera Connection Kit’s USB version works quite well with every camera I’ve tried.

  • Frodo

    Interesting. Didn’t know that.

  • Frodo

    the subscription fee is actually very popular among photoshop users.

  • mikewren

    A Lightroom companion already exists, and costs exactly $0/mo… and doesn’t sync to the cloud.

    We’ve spent three years refining Photosmith for iPad. It’s Lightroom’s Library module, in sync with your iPad. Add keyword tags, star ratings and other metadata in the field, then sync those changes with your Lightroom catalog when you get back to the studio.

    Or sync a few User Collections from your Lightroom catalog to iPad so you can cull and tag the back catalog while on the road.

    Export to Flickr, Facebook, Dropbox, Email, right from Photosmith’s catalog.

    Import from your camera via Camera Connection Kit (to, then import to Photosmith) or directly into Photosmith via FTP or even an Eye-Fi card.

    The forthcoming update to Photosmith will allow folks to render camera raw files right in the app, otherwise importing reference JPG’s into Photosmith, RAW’s into Lightroom, then sync – your JPG metadata in Photosmith finds the associated camera raw files in Lightroom. There’s a lot of workflow options, and we’re really excited Adobe is helping to make photographers aware of the power of iPad for mobile photography beyond :)

    Disclosure: I’m playing for Team Photosmith – but open to any questions or comments about the app and mobile photo workflow we’ve helped to create. It’s still a work in progress that we’re making a little better every day.