Selfie Time-Lapse: 1,700 Miles Hiked, 90lbs Lost, Epic Beard Grown

Self-portrait time-lapses are few and far between, because the patience required to create one of note is immense. Most of them are picture-per-day time-lapses that require the subject to maintain their dedication to the project for months on end, and the subject him or herself has to go through some amazing change or do something really cool –like lip synch a Queen song… for example — in the meantime.

Hiker Kolby Kirk (aka. Condor) didn’t sing along to a song, but what he did do is still pretty awesome. A couple of years ago, he hiked 1,700 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail, reaching the end of his journey 152 days later, 90lbs lighter and one epic beard better.

We highly suggest you watch all the way to the end, because there’s a fun little surprise there, and if you like this kind of thing — i.e. awesome beard growth, self-portrait time-lapses and many miles worth of travel done on foot — check out Christoph Rehage’s 2,886 mile time-lapse journey here.

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  • Jeremy Madore

    He has my admiration – I’ll admit I simply don’t have that long-term dedication to a single project. This, to me, is fascinating.

  • Andrew Hollywood

    Do these boring time lapse people pay petapixel for publicity? How narcissistic is it to think anyone really cares about your “epic” journey. I’m glad these people are happy but I don’t care about them or their journey.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    But… but… beard…? :(

  • bob cooley

    “Epic” is getting to be as overused as, “Extreme” (to the max!) :/

    The Odyssey was epic, a beard? impressive or interesting, but epic, notasmuch…

  • Mark Brown

    I just wish I had the time-money combo to take a 152 day hike.

  • erich

    you commenters are straight up buttholes. Congrats beard man.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Then don’t watch the video and move on.
    You obviously do care, or you wouldn’t have commented.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Welcome to Petapixel, where the comment section is full of “critics”, wannabees, and a$$holes.

  • Mantis

    Yeah, how did your own 1,700 hike go?

  • Kristin

    Why do you need money? All you really need is freedom. If you have a family or corporate responsibility, then yeah, you’re not going to be able to do something like this, but if you’re the willing free-spirit type you sure can do it, and it won’t cost much.

    Think “Into the Wild”, *except without the eating a poisonous plant, and starving to death in Alaska part.

  • Alied1333

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  • bob cooley

    My comment wasn’t regarding his impressive hike, it was about the over-use of the word “Epic” in general, and as an adjective for a beard…

    But feel free to ignore the actual substance of my comment and troll away…

  • Pedro

    Oh noes another article about a selfie… yawn.

  • Richa Sharma


  • The Hike Guy

    Bob, it was more of a tongue-in-cheek/inside joke to call my beard “epic.” It was common for hikers that year to use “epic” to explain everything. It might have began as a joke the year before when National Geographic released a documentary about the PCT. They gave PCT hikers a preview screening at the annual Kick Off (ADZPCTKO) held in April. It got to the point that, when viewers heard the voice-over guy say “epic,” they would all repeat it loudly. NatGeo had to go back and edit a few of them out. Anyway, thought I’d explain. No one has brought that up before so thanks! ~Condor

  • K S B

    So I came here for the 90lbs lost and the supposedly “epic” beard. Disappointed.

  • lololalallll

    You don’t find the ability of a human to walk hundreds of miles being entirely self reliant surviving nature, an interesting an amazing endeavor?
    You should crawl out of your basement. The world is awesome.

  • thingwarbler

    Dude, you look like you’re having *so* much fun out there — tip o’ the hat to you for pulling off the hike and sharing it with the rest of us. Inspiring, beard or no beard.

  • Rachel Thompson

    This video is incredible. I love the shots you chose. Congratulations!!

  • Eric

    And yet you make a post so that people can read about what you think. How narcissistic of you.

  • Jared Skye

    Ya dun did got tolded by the comments section. I’m just narcissistic and wanted to put my two cents in.

  • Steven

    very cool video :)

  • James Miller

    Andrew you knob.

  • McKeon

    song name?

  • McKeon

    This is awesome by the way

  • Renato Murakami

    Awesome video and dedication… dream of doing something like that one day.

  • Matias Gonua


  • bob cooley

    @kahunna:disqus- Condor, thanks for the further context – No disrespect to your amazing journey, and the document of it is very cool. I now get your use of epic being an inside joke. :)

    The reason for my comment was the over-use if these types of phrases on PetaPixel as of late. It seems like every article here lately calls something “Epic”, “Amazing!”, etc. and often it’s empty cheerleading (usually around a project or technique that is fairly lackluster, or something that we experimented with in photography school over 20 years ago).

    Had they said that your 1700 mile hike was epic, I would agree :) And I assumed since the article was published by one of the PP editors, they wrote the headline.

    Amazing accomplishment, mano. Cheers!


  • Fox Bronte

    Anyone can leave a comment like this Andrew. It’s easy, as I’m proving now. To actually do something that you care about, something ambitious – takes guts, passion and the ability to not care about dickheads called Andrew Hollywood that compensate for their own lack of drive by trying to mock those that have some dreams and go for it.

  • Thomas Madden

    Song Please!?

  • AliNoorani

    This is fake. His beard grew but his hand didn’t LOL

  • The Hike Guy

    @thingwarbler:disqus – Thanks! Despite my lack of expression (done on purpose to line up the photos), I did indeed have the best time of my life hiking the trail. Such an amazing planet we live on.

  • The Hike Guy

    The song name is in the video description: “Kolniður” by Jonsi & “Cousins” by Vampire Weekend. Glad you enjoyed it. Despite my expression, I had a ton of fun.

  • The Hike Guy

    Thanks, @jeremymadore:disqus. I just completed another hiking project that took me 17 months. I’m working on a video of it now.

  • Ivor Wilson

    The little slice of levity at the end was a hoot. :D

    Well done on your journey, I’m exceptionally envious.

  • Kickasstrips

    That’s an awesome video. The end reminds me a lot of the WHERE THE HELL IS MATT, DANCING BADLY AROUND THE WORLD video.
    Pretty damn funny!

  • BigManSmithers

    Get the hell off my internet.

  • Daniel Hutchens

    I think it’s great. Cool accomplishment, Hike Guy.

  • Zach Spencer

    Bob Cooley is the man!

  • Jason Brandt

    I’m sorry that video games are more important to you and that you wish to have no meaning to your life. I think you’re just jealous because a person owns a pair of socks that have been to more places then you.

  • Michael Spotts

    I did a solo trek from Canada to San Francisco, 1,500 miles. It took about $1000 of gear (you can borrow or rent from other hiker, as I did), modest camping fees (often none in the backcountry / stealth camping) and the cost of inexpensive, simple foods. Really, traveling is as expensive as you make it.

  • Doc Adam Caldwell


  • Beez Knees

    Lovely eyes! :)

  • Beez Knees

    And it goes without saying (but I will say it anyway!) that your dedication and perseverance are both incredible and inspiring. I commend you. Thank you for posting your pictures. You seem to be a person with both a serious and a playful side and a great dedication and willingness to accomplish your goals. Thank you again for sharing your journey with us. :)

  • Brittany Croft

    Wow, that looked like an amazing hike! How did you prepare for your trip? I’m interested in doing something like this but have no idea where to start. Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • caltek

    Just plain awesome. Not only the video but the amount of the world he got to see. I would love to do something like that one day.

  • Adam Cross

    worth it for the end.

  • xph123

    hahahaha, someone is butthurt. Guess you can’t grow a beard little man. Go back to shaving your face and then your vagina.

  • W. Pinkham

    think about how much you pay in rent. $600 a month will get you a lot of trail mix.

  • Justin

    This video is dedicated to all the fat pigs riding around in those motorized scooters at Walmart. Get off of your fat asses and go for a walk.