BTS: Spend a Day in the Studio with Pro Photographer Karl Taylor

In our State of the Blog Address, we asked you what you want to see more of on PetaPixel, and one of the suggestions that came up most often was Tutorials, Behind the Scenes videos and other helpful educational content like that.

Well, we were listening. And so, we invite you to spend 15 minutes this lovely Friday watching professional photographer Karl Taylor at work in his studio.

Behind the scenes videos like this have a ton of educational value. When you watch a master at work, many of their mannerisms, techniques and (on occasion) tricks are revealed. From something as simple as Taylor’s style of giving directions to his model to the gear he’s using and how he’s chosen to light the scene, there’s something to pick up on for beginners and pros alike.


You can find out a ton more about the shoot and the specific lighting setups Taylor used over on his blog here (and we highly recommend you do so if you liked the BTS video). While there, you’ll also get a chance to browse through the final shots and see how everything turned out.

But just in case you don’t have time to go read that, you should know that the overall message amounts to “it takes a village…” From the stylists, to the assistants, to the model, Taylor is able to realize the full potential of his creativity and skill because he’s surrounded by a fantastic team. And that’s a lesson worth learning many times over.

(via PictureCorrect)

  • Patrick Calder

    I’m sorry… I couldn’t quite catch the brand of lighting equipment he uses…

  • john james wood

    Richard Avedon from 30/40 years ago

  • Rabi Abonour

    Me neither. ProFoto, maybe?


    It would be nice to know what he’s trying to feature in his photographs. I assume it’s a clothing fashion shoot. At 1 point it looks like it’s jewelry. Also surprised he’s not shooting on a grey or white background and Photoshopping the colored panels in exactly where he wants them to be.

  • Leif Sikorski

    Better turn the sound off before you start playing the video – the same sample over and over again..You get crazy after the first 1-2 minutes…

  • 43241234

    the legs are fake.. are they…..?


    a**clown.. hat do you wanna achieve… looking dumb?


    When he uses the Para233, he has to stand in front the light source, so on some shots you see the nice light circle in the girls eyes, but then you see the photographer in silhouette. I thought it looked a bit off, but then maybe he photoshops it out later….

  • All for love

    Oh the craziness with product placement. When I do a BTS video of a photoshoot with a gorgeous model, a stylist, hair and make-up artist, an assistant and a videographer shooting and editing multiple angles, I do it all for love and edifying inter web comments…