Brooklyn Club Joins the ‘No Photography’ Movement, Upsets Selfie Generation


The past year saw a mini-boom in musicians discouraging or outright prohibiting fans from taking photos at gigs, pitched mainly as a “pay attention to the music” measure. But now the trend is attracting a sort of venue where reckless flash photography would only seem to add to the experience: electronic dance clubs.

Witness Brooklyn hotspot Output, which opened in 2013 with an apparently vigorously enforced “no photos” policy. The club’s FAQ simply notes that photography and video or audio recording are prohibited, with the added statement: “Output welcomes individuals who value the communal experience of music over cameras and bottle service.”


Patrons say this is not the typical “community-enforced” kind of ban either: Output staff zealously enforce the policy. “There are a few security people that stand around the crowd and kinda give you the evil eye if you take a picture of you with your friends,” Maureen D. wrote on the venue’s (nearly photo-free) Yelp page.

While some patrons dismiss the policy as a snob-appeal attempt to imitate high-end European clubs (and/or protect the privacy of pill gobblers), others say it’s a welcome relief. “Output is about the MUSIC,” Raymond S. writes on Yelp. “Good riddance to losers who stand on the dancefloor with their cameras rather than dance. I don’t want to show up on your twitpic / vine covered in sweat with pupils the size of dinner plates.”

(via New York Times)

Image credits: Dance Floor at the Half Moon, Market Weighton, Yorkshire by Eamon Curry and No Photography. These Animals Are Highly Sensitive by Thomas Hawk

  • Manny Tejeda

    i was at Output last sunday for a high profile DJ set. The No Photos policy is definitely enforced for the better. It also adds to the mystique of the venue.

  • affr

    I couldn’t agree more with the policy. I look forward to more venues doing this.

  • Raver

    Haha really?? This is soooo lame!

  • Eugene Chok

    “covered in sweat with pupils the size of dinner plates.” yea bro is ALL about the music man

  • Morgan Glassco

    I almost thought this was legit until I read that they value “communal experience of music over bottle service”. Sure…! Thats why most clubs tables are smack in the middle of the ‘communal’ dance floor taking up the same space as 50 non-bottle having communal guests.

    “Output welcomes individuals who value the communal experience of music over cameras and bottle service.”

  • Mike

    Yup, selfies sure are done to death

  • Kynikos

    Like, oh my god! Like this is just so like, like, North Korea, y’know? Like I am so never going to that club again. Like, unless that cute guy from Anthro 101 asks me to, and then, like, just maybe, but like otherwise like no way unless like Justin Bieber is there. But like, otherwise, um, like, totally oh my god no.

  • madmax

    At the end, Big Brother, aka NSA, will be the only one authorized to take photographs everywhere out your home.
    Probably these clubs have a lot of surveillance cameras inside and nobody really knows who is going to get a copy of the recordings with you acting the goat with that girl or boy. These recordings could be used in case somebody want blackmail you. No problem with this?