Rumor: Nikon Possibly Launching D400 or D4X on January 17th


Fresh rumors fueled by a contest currently underway on Nikon’s Middle East & Africa Facebook page have many speculating that Nikon might be preparing to release a D4 followup, or even the long-awaited D400.

According to Dubai Photo Club, who broke the rumor yesterday, a new Nikon DSLR will make its debut on January 17th in Dubai, and to celebrate, the company has launched a “speed, action, breathtaking moments” photo contest over on the Nikon Middle East & Africa Facebook page.

Because of the nature of the contest and taglines like, “What makes your heart race?” and “What makes your heart skip a beat?” DPC has jumped to the conclusion that Nikon is planning to announce a new sports photography oriented camera. And since the Nikon’s flagship DX and FX products, the D300s and the D4, are the company’s leaders in this genre, it seems like a safe bet it would be one of those two that gets replaced.


Of course, as with any rumor, your first (and the appropriate) response should be a healthy amount of skepticism. It’s only the theme of the contest that is hinting at what this replacement might be, and the fact that Nikon hasn’t done any teasing for a new release after hyping the Df into oblivion gives us pause.

But another report that surfaced at almost the exact same time seems to corroborate the release of a new camera, although it might not be the one you want. According to Nikon Rumors, NPS Japan has officially stopped selling the D4, lending credence to the idea that there is a D4 replacement in the pipeline.

Only time will tell whether anything comes of this rumor, but if we were betting people, we would put our money on a D4X and not a D400 — a disappointing conclusion given that the D400 is probably the camera we see requested most vehemently in the comments.

(via Dubai Photo Club and Nikon Rumors)

  • c’mon DL

    this post really exposes how DL knows nothing about nikon. the d400 will never come out. the d300s is not a crop flagship, the d2x was the crop flagship and that camera is discontinued just like the d300s. the d400 is a figment of cheap old bird photographers dreams. sorry old man, if you want to shoot high end wildlife buy a full frame and/or longer glass and stop whining.

    also the next camera is a d4s not d4x. there will never be a d4x or any DblahX varant again. this are the old paradigms, DL. you are such a nikon hater that you are stuck in the past. please keep up, it’s your freaking job right?

  • Russian Photographer

    Is Canon sedated or something? They didn’t show a sign of life for two years now. Every company is doing something except Canon.

  • Mike

    Canon are investing in mind control technologies to make you think their 18MP sensors are any good. Then their 18MP sensor surplus can be sold like “new best tech ever”.

    It’s cheaper than developing modern stuff.

  • 写真家

    Since current Dxxx series are FF, if D400 is released, it would likely be entry level FF camera and not successful for D300s. If that is true, then D400 is likely. But just as likely D4s, D4x or other name for flagship if D4 replacement announced.

  • DLCade


    Much as I appreciate being called out when I make a mistake, I would just like to correct you on a few things.

    1) I’m not a Nikon hater at all. In fact, the first DSLR I ever purchased was a Nikon (a D3000, which should give you a hint at my age… I’m not exactly old either). Each brand is well-suited for a certain type of shooter, it seems silly to me for anybody to outright ‘hate’ any particular brand.

    2) The D300s is the DX flagship. Even when the D7100 came out earlier this year, touted by some as the new DX flagship, Nikon Europe was quick to deny those claims.

    3) There are many indications that the D400 is certainly not a figment of anyone’s imagination, and that Nikon would be foolish if they chose never to release it. Then again, if it never comes out, it wouldn’t be the first time a camera company chose to be foolish.

    4) I won’t speak to whether or not the new camera will be the D4S or D4X, it could be either one, I was simply reporting on the rumor as the original source stated it.

    I certainly do my best to keep up, because you’re right, it is my freaking job. Feel free to let me know how I can do it better.

  • DL = denial lover

    nice numbered list, complete with “nuh-uh” retorts (logic free). sorry that’s not an argument. the readers of petapixel decide of you come across as anti-nikon, not yourself. no one on earth cares about what cheap plastic crop camera you bought when you first knew nothing about photography, so that d3000 comment is neat but worthless. if you think the d300s is a flagship I openly question your knowledge of cameras and what a flagship camera is. the d300s is a cheap 2nd rate “almost pro” alternative body like all x100 nikon bodies before, f100, d100, and so on. the d800 carries this on today. despite what nikon says about specs and processors, the d4 drills and locks accurate focus at least 2x as fast and as often as the 2nd rate d800. I have both (went through 3 d800’s in the leftAF glory days). either way the d300s is not a flagship, if you think it is, you don’t know what a flagship is. the d300s and all x100 nikon bodies are 2nd rate almost pro cameras for amateurs and lower end wedding/wildlife photographer types.

  • David Liang


  • David Liang

    I would put my bet on the seemingly unlikely d400 as a DX flagship. I don’t think the D7100 is quite there, and it makes less sense to make a d400 that’s a ff entry since that’s exactly what the D610 is.
    Nikon’s full frame line is pretty complete. The D4 is a replacement for the D3S while the D800/e easily fills the gap for the D3X. The D610 being the entry level FF. The only hole they might have is the d700 replacement but I don’t see the d400 filling that.

  • bogorad

    I don’t think there’s any room left for ‘professional’ DX line, so my money is on D4s – more and more speed and sensitivity.

  • niXerKG

    The next camera will most likely be a D4S.

    It’s for the Olympics so sports oriented and full frame.

    The D400 if it ever comes out will either be the DX flagship we’ve been waiting for or the D7200 will finally get a proper buffer and rid of the AUTO mode and become the flagship DX camera since it’s just about there.

    The D4X will come out at a later date and will most likely be a D800 in a full body that can do more than 4FPS in FX mode and probably a respectable 8-10FPS in DX mode and semi-filling in the D400 gap since you could get 16MP in DX Crop mode.

  • harumph

    So as someone without a dog in this race at all, I’m kind of confused. The rumored D400 is supposed to be a high end DX camera for people who were disappointed with the D7100? Are people clamoring for a D400 because they wanted a higher fps than the D7100 offers? I don’t understand the enthusiasm for the mythical D400.

  • David Shepherd

    David Liang, Bogorad, and Hurumph nailed it on the head. The people that are complaining about Nikon not releasing a D400 are idiots sometimes. The fact is, if Nikon came out with a D7100 re-branded with D400 on the body, They would say “Great, Nikon finally released the D400! This is awesome, but I am not buying one.” The D90 was pretty close in matching the D300s and the D7000/7100 smokes it, but they just wnat the “D400″ stamped on the body.

    They forget that the D3, D700, D300 were a family of cameras intended to meet the needs of photographers at that time. The D3s and D300s with sensor upgrades that made those cameras great. You can achieve great results regardless of what name is on the body. I wish that these people that are not even true NIkon customers stop living in the past.

  • David Liang

    I’ll be honest I don’t see a place for a D400 if consumers are happy with the d7100 in that range.
    But out of the options I just think a d400 is more likely than a d4s. The reason being the S was a sports model flagship and D4 fills that gap pretty well. You could up the fps, buffer, focusing a bit more but would people not complain about marginal updates? It would certainly cannibalize D4 sales…and at least historically the flagship models have had a 4 year life cycle, 2 seems very short.

  • PSAGuy

    Disagree….Nikon was never happy with the D4X sales results, so I don’t think they’ll go that way again. Now a D4s ??….oh my yes !!!

  • madmax

    D400, fantastic! For sure all its problems will be fixed one year later with the new D410…

  • Mike

    I think a D4x is more likely to be announced in a few weeks. I disagree that there is no room on the pro DX front, the D300 sold well and replacement is needed. The pro controls are reason enough.

  • Wombat

    I would not get too excited about this. There is every possibility that the release will be D3100esq, Or a super-zoom, or Nikon 1. The reality is that there is almost nothing needed(needed, not wanted) in the DSLR world right now. The only thing people are waiting for is the top end tech to trickle down to lower price brackets.

    Companies like Nikon need to except that, with the exception of the very few people who shoot 10,000 frames a month at sporting events and weddings and go through camera bodies yearly, most people’s next DSLR will be their last. And for many the one they have now will be their last. If Nikon were smart they would be developing a Nikon version of the Sony A7, and some new lenses to suit, and AF F-Mount adapters too. Lets hope that is their announcement, but I doubt it personally.

  • Brent Busch

    You mean D3x, right?

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Ape Hater

    Nice. Using the term “D400″as click-bait even though Nikon has officially killed the pro DX line. This site is a joke.

  • Ape Hater

    Nikon long ago announced the D7100 as the flagship of the DX line. Live with it.

  • delayedflight

    That’s what Nikon did with the D3s it was an update of the D3 in two years.

  • Jum

    Wow, I’m glad you speak on behalf of everybody that wants a D400…..
    I couldn’t care less what the model is called. How about people that want the ruggedness of a ‘D400′. As a previous owner of a D90, moving to a D300s wasn’t exactly life changing in terms of picture quality but the build quality is amazing. Although I’d miss the FPS and bracketing of the D300s, the D7100 can take far better pictures, but it just isn’t as tough! So to get a better quality photo I’d have to sacrifice the build quality. I’m not saying the D7100 isn’t built well, but it’s just not the same. If they released a tougher D7100 I’d jump at it.
    Now I’m stuck in a position where to get a better camera without compromising anything means investing in a full frame. Admittedly I’d love a D800 but when considering new lenses it starts to add up. And being as this is effectively buying a completely new system this is a good opportunity for people to jump to another manufacturer as it’s not like they stand to lose any more than by sticking with Nikon.

  • Jason Brown

    It’ll be another dull consumer DSLR – the D3300 or something. The same camera as before but with a built in coffee maker. Nikon doesn’t seem interested in returning to the high end DX market – they’re happier selling entry level crap to the great unwashed…

    That said, an updated D4 is a possibility with Sochi Olympics just around the corner. Enhanced features include a faster shooting rate, higher resolution and an intolerance to the gay/lesbian community…

  • Dogface

    Its about time for a D400, glad I didnt buy a flop sales ridden D7100 with a 8 frame buffer POS, and half mag body. Lean times have made Nikon sit up and listen to the pros out there. D4x with 24MP is about right for the olympics too.

  • Alistair Maitland

    Wow, I think there are two options here. D4s? Sure. The Canon 1D-X is killing the D4 from the pros perspective with their new autofocus and 14fps. But I’m thinking/liking/hoping for a true D700 replacement. Something that the Canon Mark III is closer to. So, a 16/18/24MP sensor (probably 16 if anything to distinguish from the D800), good buffer, dual CF or XQD slots, high fps and a couple more video mode options. I’m hoping that Nikon gets the point that there’s no point thinking about one cam cannabilizing sales from another. How about cannabilizing sales from Canon??? The way the D700 did?
    2012-2013 belonged to Canon for sure. Let’s see if 2014 will belong to Nikon. They took the plunge into video, time to ramp things up in that area. There’s a lot of serious amateurs out there that could use a do it all cam. Also a lot of pros out there that need a good 2nd body. Most folks I know have a D4 and a D700 as a second.


  • Tom Piorkowski

    For all you Nikon users still having hope for a D400, I hope
    this camera makes its way to the market.

    After waiting years
    and years, along with the Nikon quality issues, lack of innovation, and,
    product over stocks, I’m not sure what Nikon’s next steps are? They seem to have lost their mojo and

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Nikon has great technology,
    however, the time lapse of introducing a 300S replacement has been very frustrating
    with new rumors that surfaces every few months.
    Frankly, I have given up hope. The higher end camera segment that has shown
    technology gains are in the mirror less space, offering exciting new features,
    light weight, and good IQ performance compared to the current DSLR products.
    Maybe the new advances will be in the D4S, frankly, outside out my budget.

    I like many of you will hold off until the January announce in
    hope that something special will come out, but, if it doesn’t’, goodbye Nikon,
    and, hello mirror less. The Olympus EM1
    seems to offer excellent features, lenses and performance that I can easily
    enjoy working with.

  • Mike D

    I have to go with the D4S since the D4 didn’t sell as well as expected and the total market for full frame is about 11% of the entire DSLR market. Makes perfect sense.

  • Mike D

    The D7100 is a fantastic DSLR if you don’t shoot action subjects.

  • PSAGuy

    My guess….D4s…… 16MP again; a stop or so better iso; twin XQD slots; slightly better video; and maybe 13fps with some quicker autofocus. Nothing Earth shaking.

  • Beh Chee Kin

    As a D300s user. I have to say. The D300s is a great camera. I still use the camera to cover various events. My dad recently bought a D7100. I have to say, the Nikon D7100’s image quality far surpasses the Nikon D300s. In terms of speed. Its about the same (burst mode). High ISOs on the D7100 look great. It makes my D300s pale in comparison. However I still feel that there is an element that my D300s has and the D7100 lacks. I very much prefer the controls on the D300s (maybe because I’m used to it. Especially the ISO controls).

    After such a long time, I’ve come to a conclusion. Nikon can only go two ways.

    1. To come up with a D400 with extremely good speed and superior ISO at a higher price than the D7100 – this is less likely to happen as there might or might not be a market for the D400 to appear.

    2. Or keep the D7100 as their flagship and to allow the D300s to slowly fade away.

    Either way it probably doesn’t matter but as a D300s user myself. (I’ve been using it for ages to take all sorts of photographs.) My attachment to my camera has led me to look at replacements that are as similar to my D300s as possible. Either way I’m not going to get a new camera anytime soon as my D300s is still in great condition.

    Anyways, don’t hate on people who ask for a D400. The D300s was a great camera and anyone who used it would want something similar in the future. They want a sequel.

    Personally I would hope for a D400 because it makes upgrading my camera less daunting of a task when the time comes. (controls that I’m used to etc).

    On the other hand I also feel that D400 probably won’t ever appear and that the D7100 is the way to go for those looking for a high end dx camera (because Dx is cost efficient… duhhh. D610 is still really expensive. I would just get a D7100 and a nice lens for about the same price unless Fx is mandatory).

  • Michael Kurdelski

    I would like to hope that Nikon will release the mythical d400. There is a market for a d400 that the D7100 does not fill. In its self the d7100 is a great camera but it is not as good as it could be and that is the main reason for a d400. There are a lot of benefits to be had in the DX format in respect to lenses and their are a lot of people that have invested in quality dx lens and do not wish to have to by into Fx format to have a pro quality camera.

  • Dick

    Is this in 2014, 2015, 2016 etc.?
    I have waited now already several years on a positive message.

  • duh

    Many years from now, a d7500, (d7600 and so on) will come out. And still, people would still be looking for a D400.

  • Ace

    The D7100 is still not as fast as the d300s, does not have the same controls (no AF on button) , poor buffer, and is still an enthusiast camera while the D300 and D300s were semi pro cameras. Either bring up the D7200 up to semi pro or come out with a D400. MHO

  • Daniele Bianchi

    I hope that Nikon will do a professional DX-body than the D7100 isn’t it for sure. And this discussion “the D610 is the new D300″ is bullshit in my eyes because the D610 is FX and not DX. Same to the D700. D800? No, other concept, D610? Not enough speed and D750??? It’s a joke…

    Nikon, it’s time I think. Canon delivers the new 7D MKII in November this year and the tech. specs look like I want to have for the D400. Is there nothing new, I hope that my D300 will do the next 65.000 shots…

  • Daniele Bianchi

    That’s my opinion too, but switching to mirrorless bring in a lens topic to this discussion. I use my D300 with my 70-200mm f2.8 and a 1.7 teleconverter and I get so 510mm max.; perfect for sports and wildlife. But I do photography as hobby and there’s no budget for a D4s with a 600mm lens for sure…