Nikon USA Moves the D300s to the Retired List: Ready, Set, Hope!

You Nikon APS-C shooters ready to get your hopes up? Almost 5 years after the Nikon D300s was announced, Nikon USA has officially moved it from the active camera list to its archived camera list, leading many to believe that the long-awaited followup is just around the corner.

Students Send Nikon D300s to Space in a Beer Cooler

Sending cameras to the edges of space on a weather balloon has become a pretty popular activity as of late, but up to now people were mostly sending up cell phones, compact cameras, and small HD video cameras (e.g. GoPros). While those devices are light and relatively cheap, the quality of images produced isn't the best.

Liquid Leaping from Wine Glasses

Flickr user Vincent Riemersma shot this beautiful photograph of colored liquids splashing up the side of wine glasses champagne flutes using a Nikon D300s, a custom rig for sliding the glasses down a ramp, and a sound trigger.