Young Reuters Freelance Photojournalist Killed While Covering Syrian Conflict


A young photographer who was freelancing for news agency Reuters chronicling the ongoing clash between rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in Syria was killed Friday while covering a battle at a hospital in Aleppo.

According to Reuters, Molhem Barakat — a young Syrian photojournalist who some are claiming was only 17 years old — was killed while taking photos of a battle over Kindi Hospital in Aleppo, a building rebels claim the government was using as a barracks.


Reuters has revealed no details about how he died, nor have they come out to confirm or deny his age. If he wasn’t 17, many are calling for Reuters to set the record straight; if he was 17, those same people expect the agency to explain why it would be willing to hire someone so young.

Barakat had been working for Reuters since May, sending in photos that were frequently distributed to major publication around the world. His death adds to a growing toll that Reuters reports has reached over 100,000 killed since 2011.

(via Reuters)

  • russianbox

    100,000 Reuters photographers have been killed since 2011? didn’t know there was so many photogs to spare

  • Lukas Prochazka

    At least he died while doing what he loved….but he died so young, its sad…

  • Ryan

    The wording is bad, but I’m sure they mean 100,000 people in general have been killed in the Syrian conflict.

  • pete

    So what if he was 17, we let 17 year olds fight in wars on our behalf, why not photograph them?

  • 100plus


  • Aezreth

    Very tragic. Also, I don’t see how this is Reuters fault, this guy was taking the photos either way, they just helped him distribute them. It’s not like they hired him and told him to go out and shoot in the first place.

  • Daniel Walldorf

    How is it ok to buy tech gear that was assembled by Chinese children, which didn’t even have a choice, but not ok if a 17 year old does what he loves to do (and unfortunately dies doing it)?
    I guess this guy lived there anyway. If he would’ve died without his camera in his hands or without selling the photos to Reuters… He would be dead as well. The only difference is that nobody would have cared. Strange world…

  • madmax

    Thanks to USA, Israel, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia… support to the rebels (islamist terrorists). Maybe killed with one of their weapons?

  • A Typical PetaPixel Comment

    His photos aren’t even very good.

  • Oj0

    I was going to down vote your post but thinking about it, when I die I’d like it to be while doing something I love. Have an upvote instead.

  • Oj0

    When covering a war I don’t think composition and lighting matter a tenth as much as getting the message across. I can’t speak from experience but I’m willing to bet it’s incredibly stressful. Photographic journalism is more about conveying what’s happening than artistic appeal.

  • sell_him

    So you admit that you had planned to react first before engaging your brain.
    Perhaps you’ve grown up after thinking about Lukas’ post.

  • sell_him

    So what if this kid was 17.
    In Italy they let woman aged 15 have sex. in India they sell their daughters for marriage before they start having periods. Your local priest rapes little pre-teen boys.

    At 17 you are old enough to do what you want. If they didn’t hire him because he was so young, then thats discrimination.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    who cares….if he is dumb enough to be in harm’s way..then whateverrrr

  • Mr nobody

    I feel like most of us are becoming increasingly less human

  • Oj0

    If nobody is “dumb enough” to do the job, who exactly will bring us the news?

  • Stan B.

    Think of all the asinine things anyone does at seventeen… the only difference is that you’re making ignorant, asinine comments that add nothing to the conversation at whatever age you are

  • Stan B.

    The question is, if he was working for them, why are they so hush-hush on their working relationship? Shouldn’t they be doing everything they can to honor his brief, short life and service from which they profited?

  • Guest


  • Oj0

    Yes, I do admit to it. However, I thought before I typed. I think that’s a pretty human response?

  • Markov

    what a load of crap in the comments.