Creative Photo Series Quite Literally Turns Fashion Photography on Its Head


A fashion photographer’s job is, at its most basic level, to draw attention to the clothes he or she has been asked to photograph. But how does one make their fashion shots stand out when there are so many more out there, often bookending your own shoot inside the very magazine you’re featured in?

Montreal-based photographer Martin Tremblay (also known as Pinch) figured out a way to turn fashion photography on its head… he literally turned it on its head!

His Fortune Cookie series features gravity-defying upside down models dressed in finery created by Pascal & Jérémie. In this fictional world Tremblay has created, the model immediately draws the viewer’s eye because they are the one upside down occupant of a right-side-up world.

We doubt anybody flipping through Schön! Magazine — for which the editorial was shot — would gloss over these photos without stopping for at least a second:







The series debuted less than 2 weeks ago, but already it has earned Tremblay quite a bit of attention and will, we expect, continue to do so.

To see more of Tremblay’s work, head over to his website or Behance profile by clicking on the corresponding links. And if you’d like to see the series in context, you can flip through the entire Schön! issue in which it is featured by clicking here (Warning: Some of the other shoots featured in the magazine are most decidedly NSFW).

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Martin Tremblay, Assistant Photographer: Guillaume Lépine, Retouching by Lucas Bayzelon & Gabriel Carbonneau of Visual Box, Stylist: Pascal & Jérémie, Makeup by Marie-Laure Larrieu & Joëlle Boucher, Hair by Geneva Cowen and Stéphane Legros for Redken 5th avenue NYC and Models Bayan & Cat at Folio models agency Montréal

  • Christian DeBaun

    Clever, and interesting. I’d love to know how he stages these, and how much of it post production or composites.

  • Banan Tarr

    Not feeling it…

  • wiedenu

    Shame the models look extremely airbrushed and plastic. Otherwise, it’d be good execution on a good idea.

  • Will

    For some reason looking at these made the top of my head feel weird.

  • Dylan Roberts

    Cool & Diffrent, but hurts my eyes.

  • Eddie Boo

    It’s photoshop composite matched the lighting of the models to the background, added shadows on the hair….with the background picture turned upside down. Weird but creative I guess …..

  • MarvinB7

    I don’t get it. But, I don’t get fashion either. Serious question: what makes this special? My first reaction was “this is stupid”. I’m honestly seeking some clarity here.

  • Aus_Guy

    Good for you.

  • madmax

    Good idea. Like a lot. Probably this work is not well understood by people who are not in fashion/glamour photography. The message could be: Go against the stream! Would like to know how these pictures were made.

  • HarryMosher

    Lol, I’m surprise I actually managed to recognise Montreal even while upside down !

  • Banan Tarr

    We’re allowed to comment on our impressions. Thanks.

  • Alec Sean

    Well, it is fashion photography after all…

  • Bob

    Aren’t these models the ‘rightside-up occupants of an upside-down world’?