How Idiotic Instagram Selfies Earned a 19-Year-Old Criminal 142 Felony Counts


This was NOT a good week for moronic criminals with access to Instagram. After posting a bunch of ill-advised selfies on the photo sharing site, a Florida teenager now finds himself behind bars and facing 142 felony counts thanks to his oversharing habit.

The young man in question is 19-year-old in Dupree Johnson from south Florida. Mr. Johnson decided that it would be a good idea to document his massive stash of stolen firearms on Instagram, even though his rap sheet already included felony convictions for grand theft, burglary, and (go figure) felony possession of a firearm.


Photos posted to his account (which has since been taken offline) showed the young man flaunting his collection of guns, jewels, and drugs which, together, gave the police enough reason to acquire a search warrant.

Lo and behold, when they arrived at Johnson’s house, they found a quarter million dollars in goods and enough evidence to label him the “ring leader” in tens of Palm Beach senior center burglaries. The 19-year-old now faces 142 counts of felony possession of a firearm or ammo.


But that’s not even the unbelievable part, this is: According to several news reports, when the police asked him his occupation, he replied “thief.” We give him a 10 for honesty…

(via The Huffington Post)

  • Sean Shipley

    Idiots are idiots regardless of race, I’m guessing he didn’t spend much time in school or he would have had the brains to realize he was incriminating himself…

  • jrconner

    I agree with the 10 for honesty. But I’d give him a below zero score for smarts.

  • Ryan

    lol ya brah ya… &_&

  • harumph

    Statistically what is true?

  • harumph

    You do realize that people don’t get life sentences for theft, burglary and illegal possession of firearms, don’t you? It’s no mystery why was “still on the streets.” Our prisons are full. They don’t put people away for burglary.

  • David Vaughn

    How do I sarcasm?

  • Mike

    Patterns are easier to see when they have an inverted color background?

  • Mike

    That people who call each other “nigga” are more prone to criminal activity?

  • tesmith47

    looking deeper, these kids were getting the only “recognition ” they can get as a black in florida, the psychological damage to the blacks in america comes out in all sorts of ways. i hope someone who understands the warping of black society in white america explains to them what is twisting their thinking.

  • tesmith47

    i dont think simply stupid is entirely right, this is obviously an attempt to be noticed by someone who feels left out of society.
    the racist here are generally just that , racist.

  • tesmith47

    same mentality as the wall st. bankers, except they are white.

  • tesmith47

    and you were not surprised that white men robbed the entire country in the last few years were you?

  • tesmith47

    i think a lot of people here are missing the significance of his actions and just calling it dumb.

  • harumph

    The racism in this thread is ridiculous. Are there no moderators here? This looks really bad, Petapixel.

  • kassim

    Doggy Dog Jr.???

  • Scott

    He at no point said it was ok, he just pointed out that he was honest about it unlike bankers. They pretend what they do is good for society.

  • geektinker

    I never said he deserved a life sentence for his felony convictions, either. He received less than a year or two for his prior crimes, because they were likely committed after his 18th birthday or we wouldn’t know about them.
    Yes, for several felony convictions, the courts do put people in prison, regardless of prisons being full. He already had “felony convictions for grand theft, burglary, and felony possession of a firearm” before these new charges. This guy got a slap on the wrist for those felonies. I’m sure whatever the original sentence was that he received probation for will be tacked on to the sentence for these new charges. Hopefully this time he won’t get such a light punishment..

  • Richard Ford

    What has this got to do with photography? Does it make the author feel better writing about how some drop kick messed up? Haha, hoho. :-S Back on topic now please.

  • Mantis

    Everything he knows about “Ignorant Liberals” he learned from AM talk radio.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Oh Petapixel, the comment section never fails to entertain.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Who’s supporting who with what now?

  • Ryan

    Don’t listen to AM radio, and you wouldn’t have any idea if I did anyway.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Ask yourself these questions:

    Is that because black skin means a person is more likely to commit a crime?

    Or because institutionalized racism keeps black Americans from getting good education, and good jobs, keeping them in a cycle of poverty?

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    If you have a gun you can rob a bank.
    But if you have a bank, you can rob an entire country.

  • Rob

    There is no “institutionalized” racism (unless you’ve arrived via time-machine from your grandfather’s era). Sociol-economic elements do indeed play a part, but just as much as the glorification of non-education and thug-life which eschews actually transcending this kind of behavior in favor of maturity. Now, unfortunately, the heavier chains are the ones which are self-worn.

  • Kevin Cazad

    Don’t say white america, perhaps white florida, I hear it’s super racist out there on par with what you would have expected 40 years ago. I’m in southern california and I’ve never been treated the way I see people are treated in florida, it’s like that state never made it to the 21st century over there.

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Then i’m happy we as a society have arrived at point where an employer calls people up with names like DeShawn & Aaliyah on their resumes at the same frequency as those with names like Jacob & Emily.

    It’s also wonderful to see that the incarceration rate for blacks & whites who have been arrested for non-violent drug related crimes is also the same. I mean, who ever heard of a black guy getting locked up for a little weed, while a white guy walks? Amiright?

  • Jimmy Fartpants

    Are you honestly advocating that we just shoot this guy in the head?
    And 51 people agreed with you?

    Are you sure the USA is the country you want to be living in, because it seems to me a lot of you would be more comfortable in a place like China or Saudi Arabia.

  • tesmith47

    i understand what you are saying and it is true some places in america are seriously bad, but american society as a whole has been carcinogenic to the black community in multiple ways.
    i do believe this can be fixed but it will require some honest, analytical informed and clear thinking in the white community and the black community.

  • Kevin Cazad

    Allow me to clarify why i find this whole white vs black thing to be false. You may even decide to say i am anti black even though I am black. This isn’t true, please hear me out. As a black person who has grown up in liberal california and also has gone to the military and been to east coast states like virginia and georgia, I can say that the way I am treated by the general population of my fellow blacks is pretty much the same. “Kevin why you going to the white mans college?” “Kevin you talk so white”. Not going to go too into it but there is a general opposition to education on our part here when we talk mess about fellows of our race who desire to be more intelligent. This is just 1 point. Lets look at the other races who were looked down upon by the whites (At first). Asians were indentured slaves in the 1800s just like blacks, Native Americans were persecuted, the Irish were treated like trash when they first arrived, the Italians were treated like trash when they first arrived. Starting from the top, Asians worked their asses off at crappy jobs for generations while maintaining a sense of unity with themselves, creating areas like China towns where blocks of business’ generated various incomes for each other until now days the asians get looked at as if they are naturally rich and smart…This is because they invested in their cultures future in this country over and over. The Native Americans did things awesomely, they went to the government and pleaded their case in a very politically correct way (for the early 1900s) and were granted lands and casinos to which many (who are the descendants of those originals) live comfortably off casino money. The Italians! They grouped together and started various business’ and investments and in order to keep their own order Mafias, but in the end they generally kept profits to their own race to the point that now those descendants live very comfortably in deed and noone looks at Italian Americans like they are fail. Now the Irish, many of those descendants today may not be in the best situation, but they are also hard to discern from other white types and have otherwise simply blended in to American society (other than the trailer park ones). The one thing of all these other cultures that initially were treated almost as bad as my race, is that they got themselves together and as a whole joined together to make things happen for their future generation. The one thing about my fellow black people, is that no matter if a few here and there decide to break away and get degrees or get famous or whatever, black culture as a whole does not like to stick together and help themselves out. We are still treated badly in this country after over 100 years because we are all out for ourselves, comparing to all the other races we will backstab each other long before anyone takes advantage of us. Has anyone heard of an entire community of black people getting together to better themselves as a unit? Negative, go to an area where a lot of us gather and you will only find gang banging and drug dealing…THAT! Is the real problem, whatever causes us to not be able to band together is also why we still generally speaking fail as a group here…Now whether that (forget that other guy) mentality is something instilled by the white man or something we had even before we came to this country (It’s hinted that we did since we were apparently selling each other out even in Africa) remains to be proven…

  • Whitey Whiteman

    Among blacks, never relax… :)

  • Kevin Manley

    This guy knows what he is talking about

  • Brad

    Some one forgot to take their midol ^^^

  • Larry Dawson

    sentence should be 1 year on each count……but since he’s black it will probably plead down to 6 months on 1 count..suspended

  • profiling all ninjas

    First he should be shot in the head. Obviously he has and will keep committing these crimes. His parents should be shot too. For being complete sh**bags. And it’s not “racial”profiling or racism. The facts are.. he’s black. Fits the typical “profile” of a common street thug/criminal. Also I believe black people segregate themselves, just like every other race. But to the point . Standing up for dumbasses like this criminal is the reason this Country is going by the wayside. Save the tax payers money and shoot this idiot. If your all on his side, then next time when your the victim of a robbery/burglary of any kind. Don’t call the cops. Dumbass.