Photographer Captures the Uplifting Story of His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

A few commenters have on occasion joked that we need to add a “tenuous links to photography” category for those stories where, strictly speaking, there’s not much photography involved. The video above might quality, but we ask your forgiveness ahead of time because, a) there is a link, and b) it is one of the most touching, uplifting and inspirational things we’ve seen in a long time.

The video was shot by photographer Benjamin Scot (there’s your tenuous link…) and it captures his son Ward’s struggle to survive his first year of life after being born a full 14 weeks premature.


From his first days in the NICU, all the way to day 108 when he FINALLY got to come home, to the last frames that show a happy, healthy and thriving baby boy, the video will pierce right to the center of your heart. And if that wasn’t enough, the story is made all the more powerful because it was chronicled by a photographer/filmmaker who knew how to best capture this touching tale.

So while this may be a “tenuous links to photography” post — in the video description, Scot makes it clear that this is “a story of a mother’s love for her baby” — PetaPixel’s goal, after all, is “to inform, educate, and inspire.” We hope you’re inspired.

To see more from Scot be sure to head over to his website, and if you’d like to continue watching Ward’s progress, you can follow Scot on Instagram at @3enjamin5cot.

(via FullyM)

  • David

    Tears in eyes as I type this. Our daughter was seven weeks prem (now a bright and healthy 13) and this lovely film took me back in time. Wish I’d recorded the miracle in this manner.

  • JB Photo

    1) I couldn’t disagree more with your implication that “there’s not much photography involved”. I thought this was beautifully shot, edited, and constructed.
    2) Shockingly beautiful and touching. I cried all the way through it. Way to show ‘em what you’re made of, Ward!

  • Frank McKenna

    So beautiful. So inspirational. I love this work.

  • RirishStrife

    it must be raining in my office…just on my face…that’s weird

  • jaroos

    Definitely needed to see that :D The video really does this little boy justice!

  • Merv

    Ours was twelve and a half weeks early, it’s such a terrifying time and every day matters so 14 weeks early is hard even for me to imagine.
    I found myself smiling through the video, remembering cpap, NGT’s, nasal cannulas etc. It’s all stuff that has allowed this family to bring their little boy home just as it did for us, it’s wonderful.

  • charitaszn773

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  • Woody ONeal

    never say never.

  • Praverb

    This is an excellent video that is riveting and pulls you in. 108 Days in the hospital wow. My wife and I could barely deal with one night away from our son. Thank you for sharing this story.

  • Jessica

    Just beautiful….it’s amazing how this little boy fought for his life and the courage this mother had from day one. Just beautiful…tears rolled down.