Nikon Stock Down Almost 24 Percent Year-to-Date, Worst Underperformer in the Nikkei


Nikon’s stock is down, and down bad, according to a report by Reuters. Although the report starts by saying that Nikon is currently up 0.8%, it continues on by revealing that:

Nikon is down 23.6 percent year-to-date and is the worst underperformer in the Nikkei this year, while the benchmark has rallied nearly 49 percent.

This doesn’t come altogether as a surprise, given that Nikon has had to adjust its financial forecast down more than once in recent months. But, surprise or not, it certainly isn’t a headline we relished writing.

The Nikkei, for those who don’t know, is the most widely quoted average of Japanese equities (kind of like the Dow Jones in the US).

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Andy Umbo

    If you do a lot of publication or print, you can do a double page spread that looks great with 12 megapixel. I have, with both the Nikon D300s and the D90, Also plenty if your doing pics mostly for a web-site or on-line catalog. This said, the 24 megapixels of the Nikon D7100 (or even 5200, or D610 for that fact), should be peachy even for large print needs. The 36 megapixel isn’t over-kill if you want large display prints, and is more like an amount of megapixels where you never have to worry what the end use will be, which is why many people shoot it. Madmax is correct, tho, 120 based DSLR’s are certainly far better looking than 35mm DSLR’s, some say because CCD looks better than CMOS, and some because most “pro” 120 based cameras are 16 bit color, hence closer to “film-like”.

    If I could afford it, I’d certainly shoot a 40 megapixel CCD chip 16 bit color 120 based DSLR before I’d shoot a 12 or 14 bit color 36 megapixel CMOS 35mm DSLR based camera. When I look at the print output, the 120 based stuff always looks better to me, even if the megapixels are close.

    As an aside, I reviewed a buddies work in South America done with a Canon 10D, in 2004, that he recently had made into black & white prints. They looked stunning on 13X17 inch paper, something between 35mm and 120 medium speed film look, and that camera was only 6 megapixels!

  • MaxWei

    Looks better in Black. Being a fan of the Pentacon, I want a Df. It’s images are outstanding, love the LCD screen and could care less about video. My Pentacon or Kodak Medalist do not record video either. I’m in!

  • MaxWei

    and the 7D since 2009!

  • MaxWei

    Sony and Nikon work together…after all, it’s Nikon’s waferstepper technology that Sony uses to make its “Sensors”; imagine that.

  • Eugene Chok

    sarcasm it was

  • MaxWei

    The Df is a Nice camera…not a joke at all. “If it’s Sony manufacturing it, it’s not Nikon tech. Period.” ….bmassao, you may want to get your facts straight before you go bashing Nikon. Google Nikon Waferstepper.

  • Eugene Chok

    dude he sounds like a 40 year veteran, regardless that experience is worth listening too, you sounds like an arm chair photographer

  • TSY87

    I’m glad there is at least some market for it. But i just think nikon is really missing the boat when it comes to the overwhelming shift of the way the camera market is heading. Also, the fact that this camera has absolutely no innovation is just disappointing… A hybrid viewfinder would have been awesome for those who want to use MF lenses with better accuracy.

  • MaxWei

    Still harping about the D600. It was the first 2,000 or so released that had an issue. FYI..the initial batches of all Nikon F’s had some type of issue. I believe you should spend more time shooting and less time on the internet harping about a minuscule issue that has already been blow out of proportion. You may consider buying Minolta.

  • bmassao

    Recently I’ve sold an 1Dx with the 70-200mm f/2.8L to a photojournalist. He was swaping his Nikon gear for Canon mostly because of AF issues. He said the servo on Nikon wasn’t just “reliable” and added that he would keep his D4 until he could change all of his lenses.

  • bmassao

    “Sony introduced a new technology called SLT. They retained the mirror but made it fixed and translucent.”
    Have you ever heard about the Canon Pellix? The SLT wasn’t new, is an updated tech.

    I, for one, liked the idea of an updated technology into the digital market, since this made Sony’s DSLT cameras faster (regarding continuous burst) than most of the entry-level DSLRs avaliable in market. But it came with a price: AF wasn’t accurate, the EVF had a low resolution, etc. The kind of stuff that is being improved.

    While I agree with you that Panasonic, Olympus and Sony (I’ll also include Fuji in here) are taking a step forward in tech, Canon’s has been doing this a s well. The viewfinder of the 70D, per example, is only “bright” when you have batteries on camera, and although it’s optical, it have some sort of eletronic projection into it, like guide lines and eletronic level.

  • hairlip

    Nikon make a large amount of money in steppers used for microchip fabrication, more than they do from camera sales I believe.

  • devtank

    I sold cameras for a while and worked in a repair shop too, Canon’s post-sale care is VASTLY superior to Nikon’s, that matters, really really matters. Some years ago Nikon opted to stop selling parts to independent repair shops in favour of selling only to authorized repair shops who has a requisite equipment, their argument was that if you didnt have that equipment you couldnt possibly repair the cameras to spec, which of course is nonsense for the simple reason that there are no parts sold individually anymore, everything (for all manufacturers) is now sold as assemblies. Assemblies require little or no actual skill to install relatively speaking, to what repairing cameras with individual parts required. The policy change was infact a ploy to divert attention from the fact that Nikon were desperate to put cameras on the market without the proper (enough parts for 2 additional bodies to be built from those parts, as backup to the unit in hand) parts backup. The policy change has backfired horrendously.
    Nearly all of the other top tier mfr’s are involved in multiple other industries to back up their camera divisions. Nikon is involved in one or two.

  • David Vaughn

    You’re not a very good troll.

  • Monteraz

    D800 sucks, D3 rulez

  • Pontiaku

    That’s the route I almost took but micro 4/3 is small and wont get larger by definition. The lenses are made for a crop sensor so they wont score well on a full frame sensor. I just didnt see the benefit investing all that money in a system that has no room to grow. Though if you’re making money back on it, it’s not an issue. Canikon will eventually evolve, it will just take some time. I got the d3200 body in hopes nikon will have a “good” mirrorless in 5 years or so down the road after I acquire a few more lenses.

  • Pontiaku

    “being locked in the very useless 35mm aspect ratio”
    Being stuck with a smaller aspect ratio is the definition of being “locked in” is it not?

  • Natalie Skittles Williams

    I love Nikon, its my camera of choice, I own 3 and use them all. Just for some reason people are attracted to Canon’s. Lately though, I’ve been whipping out my phone and showing them my photos, and well being the “expert” in my store customers are gunna ask me what camera they were taken with. So they go for the Nikons a fair amount now while Canon has no offers.
    A lot of my customers are only interested in free stuff….. which Canon do more often. Nikon are more… half price off other things (not too bad though its great stuff)

    and yes it is a Lightning costume
    (sorry for late reply, I only just got the notifications for your comment????)

  • Natalie Skittles Williams

    (sorry for late reply I only just got the notice to say you did wow thats late)

    Over the past 2 months though.. I’ve had photos I’ve taken on my phone, and … well being a Nikon lover myself… ofc customers ask me what camera was used
    Surprisingly I’ve been selling a lot more Nikon’s, but I think the fact that Canon has no offers on at the moment half helps that are people are really interested in free stuff….. which Canon gives more often.
    In my store… Canon is slightly better priced, as regards bundles. You get a bigger lens with their twin kit for cheaper. (shh i sway people to nikon and get them to get a 300mm SIGMA with it coz Nikon absolutely love the particular Sigma we sell, works a charm, even more so when I tell them I have it)