Amazon Accidentally Publishes Nikon Df Page, Reveals a $2,750 Price Tag


It looks like Amazon made a major goof and accidentally (or maybe not) published the Nikon Df sales page momentarily before taking it back down again. In addition to confirming the specs we already expected were coming, the page also let the cat out of the bag in regards to how much the Df will cost… as it turns out, it’s an expensive cat.

If the sales page was accurate, the new Df will cost $2,750 for the body only… so much for hoping it would compete price-wise with the Sony mirrorless full-frames.

(via The Phoblographer)

  • Brad Trent

    You kidz are so jacked up on Red Bull that you sometimes miss the important bits…

    Adam…re-read what I wrote…I agree with you! I think it’s ridiculous that ANY digital camera wouldn’t include video capabilities.

  • Prof Fuji

    Great stuff. Manual controls. The Fuji effect continues. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of this in other Nikon and Canon DSLRs. The APSC DSLRs with this type of manual interface and look could be really cool. While some may focus on high price and missing video, they’re missing the bigger picture. Modern DSLRs are horribly oversized and terribly lacking in manual control. This is a move in the right direction by one of the main players. More affordable and versatile options are sure to follow.

  • MattSteeleLA

    Well, it’s more than I was able to get for my mint 1Dmk4 body.

  • Eugene Chok

    i shoot canon, i will still consider this, more thought now the price is so high… maybe someone will get me one for xmas :D

  • Steven Wade

    This thing looks huge. It looks so much bigger than the Sony A7(r)

  • Steven Wade

    Really? $1,000 for a FF camera? Oh, please. Almost as comical as the Affordable Care Act.

  • Renato Murakami

    Yep… I was interested in seeing how it would fare out on tests and stuff, until I saw the price tag.

  • Steven Wade

    With an old sensor, processor, and AF system in a non-ergonomic designed body.

  • Allen

    Sorry, I meant $750. $2000 is a good price point for this kind of camera a la Sony A7.

    And I agree with you about the ACA.

  • harumph

    You could buy a D610 and a really nice lens instead.

  • jon

    Thanks; I’ll stick to messing with my DCS 100. Fires pretty quick. Wish I could store on CF cards. Lots of fun. Considering the A7R. Really like the speed booster on the nex 6. Hate the controls though. They dont feel robust enough.

  • Fred

    What a let down. This is a toy for faux photographers, not a serious tool for serious photographers who want to use digital but thrive creatively under the technical restrictions of older, manual cameras.

  • Opie

    Absolutely. For $1,200, it would be on my wish list. For $2,750, it’s a joke.

  • Rafa

    neat move nikon, fake a “leak” on amazon to test people’s reaction to that price, if people realize that 2700 is way too much for that camera, release it 1900usd and everybody will percieve it as a bargain after this incident.

  • #conspiracytheory

    For all i know, this could have been a “convenient” leak orchestrated by Nikon to get an idea of what the community thinks of the price…

  • Sterling

    Like most conspiracy theories, that is highly unlikely. But if true, it would be one of the greatest marketing moves in retail history. At that price, it is more than I would want to spend but I love all those dials and controls. Hopefully that trend continues with some more affordable fare. I would really like to continue using my Nikon lenses but will maybe have to branch out into a Fujifilm system.

  • Sterling

    I see it’s already on sale at Amazon. $3.00 off list.

  • Kelly Bergman

    Psychology exercise: They will release it at $1999 now and everyone will go: “wow” what a deal!”

  • Don

    For that price, I think I’ll be better off with a D3S or an A7R.

  • Jack

    Maybe you should try not to be so poor. Then you might like it more.

  • Bill The Thrill

    $2350 gets you a D800 refurb with a better AF sensor and money left over for a lens and vertical grip. DF=Dumb Fools

  • facepalm

    So overspending makes you poor?

  • Tom Bartel

    For that much, may as well get the D800. Of course, the price may be why they took it down. It was a mistake.

  • Lorenzzzz

    Fuji for life!! ;)

  • Andy Umbo

    As a Nikon using professional, eagerly awaiting this camera, it’s unfortunately a “non-starter”. No video capabilities, which is great, but then why the 2,800 dollars? To those on here who said it’s a ridiculous choice based on the price vs. the capabilities of the D800, you are correct. There was a spot for a sleek, stripped down, easy to carry full frame Nikon with an abbreviated feature set aimed at pros; but that price range would have been 1,500 dollars. Nikon has too many professional problems now, not least of which is no “G” series wide angles in the f/2.8 range at reasonable cost and size. This mis-step is just another example of camera companies run by engineers and with very little input from pros.

    If this had been the “cat’s pajama’s”, I was going to sell all my Nikon APS-C stuff and my M4/3rd’s, but no go. I’m now going to sell all my Nikon APS-C stuff and invest in more M4/3rd’s stuff; a camera system which really reminds me of what it was like to gladly shoot reasonably priced “primes”.

  • Herbst Derbington

    I don’t understand. This has ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation all on dials. It’s exactly a manual camera but with a D4 sensor in it. What’s not to like? No one beefed at the 5D at this price and it didn’t even have a 1 series sensor/processor. Have you used a D4 or D3S? It’s unbelievable how good these sensors are.

  • Sham Bhangal

    I was actually a beta tester for this camera.
    I found it ideal as I drove around in my Edsel taking snaps of old gas stations with my friends, although I found I needed another camera so I could take pictures of the DF on the table next to my latte, or leaning against my Les Paul.

    Only slight issue I ever had with the camera is that they should have called it the DHF rather than the DF, as that would make more sense (Dumb Hipster F…).

  • Ron

    Nothing accidental about this… an old marketing trick!

  • Ron

    Uh? Nikon user here since 30 years and if you think Canon is stagnant then Nikon is immobile!

  • Ron

    Don’t those use iPhones?

  • Troy Shantz

    2700 buys you an F3 and an awful lot of film + processing + scanning