Soundcloud Partners Up with Instagram to Turn Filtered Photos Into Album Covers

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If you’re Maroon 5 or the like, you get to commission photo shoots for your album covers and boost Terry Richardson’s bankroll.

Smaller-scale musicians need to DIY it, however, and now music-sharing service SoundCloud has made it easy by partnering with Instagram.

The new service lets SoundCloud users quickly select an image from your Instagram feed to serve as the cover image for any song or playlist they create and share via the service.



SoundCloud noted a natural affinity between the two services in that album/CD covers are square, which also happens to Instagram’s required presentation format.

“We’re the largest audio platform and they’re the largest photo platform. It’s cool to tie them together,” SoundCloud CEO Alex Ljung told TechCrunch.

Ljung also suggested the partnership could work both ways, envisioning a system that would allow Instagram users to append SoundCloud tunes as soundtracks for video clips they share.

(via Soundcloud via TechCrunch)

Image credits: SoundCloud

  • Justingreen19

    Is there an opt out option? Does the photographer get asked first ?

  • joey joe joe shabadoo junior

    From the Soundcloud blog post, it sounds like you can only use your own Instagrams. But, I could be wrong.

  • Beth Herzhaft

    Is there any credit given? Any way to be asked first? Or opt out? Or do they just assume it is sort of public domain of sorts? Creepy.