How to Drop $725K on Gear: The Priciest Items Sold by B&H


When it’s time to buy new gear, we usually need to seek out options that offer the best bang for the buck. In the process of doing so, we’re forced to suppress our deep desire for the gear that provides the loudest bang. We’ve rounded up of some highest-ticket items sold at B&H, so we could fantasize about clicking the Checkout button with the confidence of a newly-minted billionaire.

Hasselblad H5D-200MS: $42,995.00


A Hassleblad is the perfect appetizer for your shopping spree. You’ll really appreciate having it, once you see the 480 x 120″ prints.

Hassleblad 35-90mm f/4-5.6: $7,950.00


The Hassleblad HD5 doesn’t come with a lens, so be sure to accessorize with the 35-90mm f/4-5.6.

Mamiya Leaf Credo with 80mm f/2.8 Lens: $37,995.00


Life’s too short to use only one large-format digital camera. Embrace variety by also buying the Mamiya Leaf Credo, which comes with a digital back and an 80mm lens.

Leica S: $21,950.00


It’s important to have a more compact camera to use when you’re shooting in the street, so you should definitely grab a Leica S.

Leica 30-90mm f/3.5-5.6: $10,900.00


Your new Leica S doesn’t come with a lens either, so order a 30-90mm f/3.5-5.6.

Linhof 4×5 Kardan Master: $11,049.95


Digital is wonderful, but there are certain situations where film reigns supreme, which is why you now own a Linhof 4×5 Kardan Master.

Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8: $25,999.00


The Sigma 200-500mm f/2.8 is indispensable on your wilderness excursions; you just need to hire a dedicated donkey to carry it. Oh yeah, the 1D X is a required accessory.

Chimera F2X Light Bank: $12,143.95


You won’t struggle to get nice shots of your exotic sports cars with the Chimera F2X 10 x 30′ Light Bank hanging above.

HP Designjet Z6200: $14,663.50


When you’re too impatient to wait for large-scale prints to arrive from your favorite lab, you can make smaller mockups with the HP Designjet Z6200.

Sony SRW-9000: $132,684.95


HD video recording on HDSLR cameras is cute, but when you want real moving images, your family camcorder of choice is the Sony SRW-9000.

Canon 9.3-930mm XJ100X9.3B: $222,109.95


You appreciate a nice, fast zoom. That’s why there’s a 9.3-930mm f/1.7 Canon XJ100X9.3B in your cart.

Samsung 85″ Class UHD S9 TV: $39,997.99


When it’s time to unwind and watch the tube, your new Samsung 85″ Class UHD S9 TV will serve you well.

NEC Ultra-Narrow TileMatrix: $76,999.00


This NEC Ultra-Narrow TileMatrix digital video wall will liven up that drab hallway in your Tribeca townhouse.

Music Hall mmf-11: $3,995.00


It’s nice to play tunes during a photo shoot to create atmosphere, and the Music Hall mmf-11 is your new playback device.

Genelec 1038B: $8,460.00 (each)


You should have sets of Genelec 1038B Three-Way Active Monitors in all of your studios. They sound awesome.

Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones: $2,749.00


Some albums were made for headphones, which is why you have a set of Ultrasone Edition 10’s on your (RED) Desk.

P.S. To speed up your shopping experience, all of these items are included in this wishlist.

About the author: Sam Mallery is a photographer and content strategist at B&H. This article originally appeared at B&H Insights.

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    Pretty ugly lenses choices, but otherwise list is also stupid. Though I masturbated while reading. Regular photographer’s porn here. lol

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    Love the fact that nearly 33% of this list’s value is consumed by 1 lens.

  • David L

    The Hasselblad and Mamiya are medium format cameras, not large format.

  • theart

    Cropped medium format at that.

  • Mike Smith

    I should think that for just over $662,000, you should get free shipping on everything, and not just a discount.

  • Film Lover

    you forgot to mention the Hasselblad Flextight X5 film scanner!

  • mahmood

    The sound systems in this list are just ridiculous. Write about what you are best at. Most of the hi-end hifi system components are easily more expensive than these. I suspect you can spend the whole 725k on a McIntosh hometheater if you really want… :P

  • Spider- Man

    discounted shipping! how nice!

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    The sales tax could pay off my student loan debt.

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    But as we say in France : i got some fat, my body is in one piece, so life is perfect.

  • Azety

    ( and i got a D700 + 35 1.4 Sigma )

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    In a perfect world.

  • Kodachrome64

    $222,109.95 is literally 33.5% of $662,852.24. Knowledge is power.

  • Halfrack

    For starters, unless it is a still life, the H5D-200MS isn’t going to do you any good – better off getting the H5D-60, because ya know, stuff moves.

  • captaindogcock

    The back on that Mammy actually is 6×4.5cm, so it is essentially, full frame MF. But yes, calling it large format is idiotic, and i’d expect more of a B&H employee.

  • Young

    god created us with two hands, one is for focusing.

  • Halfrack

    Um, multishot takes 4 photos by moving the sensor 1 pixel – so shooting from a tripod pop’ing off 4 shots at 1 per second, yea, you’ll get a usable image handholding this while shooting… nothing

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    мʏ ʀօօмαтɛ’ѕ ѕιѕтɛʀ мαĸɛѕ $85 нօυʀʟʏ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ. ѕнɛ нαѕ вɛɛɴ υɴɛмքʟօʏɛɖ ғօʀ ɴιɴɛ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн нɛʀ քαʏмɛɴт աαѕ $17170 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тнɛ ƈօмքυтɛʀ ғօʀ α ғɛա нօυʀѕ. ɴαʋιɢαтɛ тօ тнιѕ աɛв-ѕιтɛ fox200&#46­com


    Welp! Im looking to replace my kit lens, so does anyone if the 9.3-930mm can be used with my Rebel?

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    In our next article we’ll discuss the abundance of work available to justify the cost of these tools. :)

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    At least if you round up from 5.4×4. So it’s 80% coverage of the smallest medium format, which is still several inches short of being “large:.

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    can i have a wood grip for the hasselblad?

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    $130,000 for a video camera with a 2/3″ sensor that records to tape?
    2003 called, they want their camcorder back.