Check Out the Snapdragon Booth: A 130-Smartphone Matrix-Style Bullet Time Rig

In an attempt to show off just how powerful its Snapdragon 600 processors are, Qualcomm decided to go all Matrix on the people of Venice, CA and New York City. They did this by putting together an impressive 130-smartphone 540° bullet time photo booth using only HTC One smartphones.

They call it the Snapdragon Booth, and like any photo booth, after it was set up it was just a matter of time before volunteers started using it. Of course, that’s where the similarities end, because the photo booth at your local theatre has nothing on Qualcomm’s creation.


The video at the top shows some of the shenanigans the Qualcomm folks got up to in Venice, CA. Everything from skateboarders doing tricks, to jumping dogs, to a little bit of Hadouken made it into the booth to get frozen in time.

And much of what didn’t make the video did make it onto the Snapdragon Booth website where the 540-degree bullet-time footage was turned into GIFs for your viewing pleasure.


Admittedly, the results are a tiny bit shakier than what we’re used to seeing from, say, a GoPro or DSLR rig. But considering the fact that these are smartphones and not dedicated cameras, Snapdragon managed to put something pretty cool together here.

To find out more about the booth, see more pictures, and browse all of those animated GIFs we told you about, head over to the Snapdragon Booth website by clicking here.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Rūdolfs Rancāns

    Well… there goes half of the HTC one sales.

  • Mike

    So….Just as powerful as one single unit?
    Where is the mighty power in taking a photo?

  • Aram Sun

    cool video

  • this sucks

    why do the go pro bullet time seem so much better?

  • jkantor267

    The whole point of bullet time is to catch some kind of action. In all of these shots, the subjects could have just stood still while someone walked around them.

  • cellphonehater

    Looked pretty low quality to me.

  • mobiyus

    Epitome of ‘meh’

  • Yo_Mamma

    Nice boobs.

  • Rezz7

    Bullet-time is cool, but what are they supposed to be showing out there? Is one phone processing all the images all the phones are taking and making the vid? Other than that… its just a phone camera. My 5 year old phone camera can do the same thing: just take a picture and some other computer processes them all into the vid.

  • Derrick

    Yeah, let me just stop time while I run around this dog jumping in mid air.

  • Pornorama

    Imagine the possibilities of porn.

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  • moon

    You and your uncle Joseph can go f*ck themselves.


    The Internet.

  • bridevalley

    So who was the genius that decided to place all those phones in landscape mode? Seem obvious to me that portrait would have been the way to go . . ?

  • kadajawi

    Because people usually don’t watch videos in portrait?! My monitor is 16:9, not 9:16. Only idiots take portrait videos.