Fuji Delivers Major Firmware Update for the X100, Adds Faster AF and Focus Peaking


It’s always nice when a company with plenty of exciting, brand new technology continues to support their older models in a big way, and that’s what Fuji did yesterday when it released version 2.0 of the X100 firmware.

Even though allowing some of the X100’s limitations to stand would likely have pushed X100 users to purchase an X100S or maybe upgrade even further, the company instead chose to release an update that greatly improves a discontinued and replaced product for free… something basically unheard of in the camera industry.

This will likely be the final firmware update for the discontinued shooter, but it’s a doozy. It won’t quite raise the X100 to X100S status, but version 2 does: speed up your auto focus, decrease start time and add focus peaking in addition to some other minor improvements.

The AF performance in particular is said to be improved drastically, with speed increasing some 20%. Here’s a demo of v2.0 vs the previous v1.3 by Matthew Maddock:

The three major updates mentioned above are joined by the ability to get closer to your subject before having to switch into Macro mode (something already possible in the X100S) and an update to the AF area selection mode that makes the AF button a toggle — so instead of holding the AF button down while selecting your focus area, you can just press it, select, and then press again when you’re done.

If you want an in-depth, hands-on look at what version 2.0 has to offer, be sure to head over to F Stop Lounge and check out Maddock’s full preview. Alternatively, if you’re an X100 user, stop reading and get your hands on the update right now!

Image credit: Fuji X100 with Gordy’s Camera Strap by David W Oliver

  • Tom Waugh

    I’ve seen lots of people selling their X100’s with a view to purchasing the upgraded model. Presumably now is a good time to visit an online auction site.

  • Vlad Dusil

    Fantastic to see that Fuji encourages customer loyalty by supporting products with new features well beyond their life cycle.

    In the meanwhile, I still wait for a firmware upgrade for the RX1.

  • Michael Palmer

    Thank you Fuji!!

  • adamrhoades

    Works well, glad I didn’t spend all that money upgrading to a X100S !


  • futureFujiuser?

    There are plenty of companies that don’t realise how much a good firmware update can cement your customer as a ‘lifer’ who will give you years of free publicity, telling everyone they know to buy your products, and every few years, buying a new body or lens.

    Olympus lost me because my EM-5 would only shoot 30fps video, and I live in a pal zone. They didn’t even offer the chance to decide which you wanted, ntsc or pal. Olympus could have even offered a focus peaking update but they chose to try to force users to buy a new body to get it. I sold all my M4/3 stuff and put the money into more DSLR lenses.

    Maybe my next mirrorless camera will be a Fujifilm? They make good camera’s, and aren’t out to screw us.

  • futureFujifilmuser?

    Of course provided Fujifilm offers the 25fps update, I believe they also only do 30fps, but there recent firmware form suggests they might be willing to add it.

  • Spelling Police

    peaking != peeking…

  • Ken Elliott

    “… the company instead chose to release an update that greatly improves a discontinued and replaced product for freeā€¦ something basically unheard of in the camera industry.”

    Basically unheard of? Well, Nikon upgraded the D2X firmware after the D2Xs came out. I can name other examples, but you get the point.

    Still – cheers to Fujifilm. This is how you build customer brand loyality. I may well become a customer, seeing how well they treat their customers, vs. the D600 fiasco. I don’t own a D800, but it is disturbing that Nikon did not come clean on the problems.

  • David Greenwald

    Thanks for the heads-up. Love this camera even with the previous auto-focus issues.

  • Bob

    Peaking is correct. That is how it is spelled in the article. The feature highlights the point of peak focus, it is not ‘peeking’ which means to look or glance at quickly.

    You should hand in your badge Mr Spelling Police.

  • Cinekpol

    What’s wrong with your RX1?

  • Jackplug

    I have updated and now tested on my 6 year old zooming around on his bike. Both AF and MF with peeking is excellent. Really improves the camera. A no-brainer go for it! And yes thank you Fuji!!

  • Moni Ker

    I have updated to 2.0 Its is great that it feels snappier, however, I am experiencing consisten backfocusing when shooting wide open at 2.0. Has anyone else experienced it? I was super excited for the update but this became glaringly obvious after shooting a few pictures with the new firmware. I have since gone back to firmware 1.30 and shot the same shots and no back focusing :( . Anyone else notice this? I’ll stick to 1.30 for now, unfortunately.

  • rhysllwyd

    Just updated to 2.0 and the AF does indeed show a step improvement which is grate because slow AF was one of my few moans about the X100.

  • Jonathan Kwok

    this made my day. i cant wait to get home from work now!!!!

  • ckchu

    All i can say… thank you fujifilm for the upgrade…

  • op204

    A newer firmware just came out a few days ago! 2.0.1

  • dennis flores

    Wow! thank you Fujifilm!! Hope you can see this. We love our X100!!