Fire-Breathing Made Even More Epic with 24-GoPro Bullet Time Rig

With all of this talk of new cameras and new lenses and fake potential cameras, we thought it might be good to take a quick break and just share something awesome. So, courtesy of the good folks at GoPro and the sheer number of spare cameras they have lying around, we give you: fire-breathing in bullet time.

The video went up on YouTube yesterday and has received more attention than most GoPro vids do. In addition to the fact that there is a professional fire-breather in the shot (which will inevitably bring you some views) the reason behind the popularity is probably the bullet-time effect that GoPro’s Tyler Johnson used for the shot.


A few slow motion sequences are punctuated by bullet time sequences that are shot using a custom 24-GoPro Hero 3 (not 3+… apparently they didn’t have any extras of those) rig Johnson made himself.

And in case you’re wondering, the man breathing fire in the video is fire-breather and GoPro Music Supervisor David Kelley, who probably had a hand in picking the song “Fill” by the band Insightful as the soundtrack to his fiery exploits.

So take a break from all the gear madness and spend a minute oohing and ahhing at some gorgeous slow motion and bullet time footage of Kelley breathing some fire. Oh, and this goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: we DO NOT recommend that you try this at home.

(via Gizmodo)

  • Justin DoCanto

    Pretty cool!

  • penguinstorm

    Dude’s not breathing fire. He’s blowing fire. Big difference.

    What’s most interesting is how completely FAKE this looks. I suppose a blowing ball of fire isn’t something that I’m really familiar enough with to make subtle distinctions between “real” and “CGI” on. I feel like that means I’ve failed at life in some small way, though.

  • dingus


  • SaveTheWorldGetTheGirl

    You’ve certainly not failed at making a pointlessly uninformed comment, so congrats on that.

  • Steveo

    Watch out we got a “Badass” over here.

  • D. Benjamin

    You should ignore the warning and go ahead and try this at home, then. There’s really nothing like gettin’ your own mileage on in order to help bridge the gap between “skeptical fire-breathing neophyte” and Master-Yoda/Mister-Miyagi-level fire-adept.

  • Chris

    Well, good to know for all those times my productions need a dude blowing fire on the edge of a building…

    It’s a cool idea, though I gotta say, all the GoPro bullet rigs have some really awful waviness when they get merged together. Going slo-mo with it makes it even more obvious

  • gncd

    I want to see videos kids burn their faces after they try to re-create this!

  • Christian DeBaun

    Neat footage – I’d like to see how it’s edited together.

  • Arian Rassoul

    so people still use twixtor huh?

  • bgrady413

    Isn’t part of breathing exhaling? isn’t exhaling blowing? Maybe I am doing the whole breathing thing wrong.

  • bgrady413

    My only critique on this is why hell did he have to hold the rig by hand? you have the time to screw 24 cameras to a board but can’t make legs for it? other than that I think it looks pretty darn cool, or hot in this situation.

  • Rod

    your comment is fake.

  • Chris

    That’s what it is. I was trying to figure out what was creating the waviness. Figured it was the stitching; but it’s definitely Twixtor

  • Cory Anderson

    And what would you suggest that does a better job? Even the furnace core plugin doesn’t do the job as well, and the foundry almost always dominates all.

  • Arian Rassoul

    for me its an approach kind of thing, you either shoot the fps you need or you dont. twixtor was never an option for me. i am aware it would have boosted their budget

  • dingus


  • Cindy