Sony NEX Full-Frame Rumor Roundup

Sony's upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera is said to resemble the current NEX 7

Now that we’re a few days into October, it’s time to start getting ready for some serious camera announcement mania. And, if your comments are to be trusted, the camera that will make the biggest splash will be Sony’s NEX full-frame (or rather full-frames). So here’s a rumor roundup that brings together everything we know so far.

As you probably guessed from that italicized “S” above, Sony is planning on releasing more than one full-frame model — this is 100% trustworthy according to sonyalpharumors. The two models are both E-Mounts and will be announced in mid-October, with one being the cheap(er) entry-level model (price around $2,000) and the other picking up the flagship mantle.

The new FF models will be a tiny bit bigger than Sony's RX1

The new FF models will be a tiny bit bigger than Sony’s RX1

Up until about yesterday, this was all we knew, but now that “mid-October” isn’t that far away, a few other juicy tidbits have come to light. For one, we now know the resolution (again, 100% trustworthy according to SAR) of both cameras.

The cheaper model, which is supposedly named the A7 (nope, not NEX-9), will clock in at 24MP, while the more expensive A7r will tip the scales at 36MP. Both will be pretty speedy, but the A7 is said to offer faster burst mode shooting and “different” AF — make of that what you will.

The new cameras are said to be very "OMD-alike."

The new cameras are said to be very “OMD-alike.”

Finally, the last of what we know has to do with the cameras’ design. It seems Sony is taking a leaf out of Olympus’ OM-D book, putting the EVF for both cameras in the middle and making them both, according to 43 Rumors’ sources, very “OMD-alike.”

For now that’s all we know, but stay tuned as more rolls in. Hopefully before long we’ll have some leaked photos to share with you, and before you know it it’ll be mid-October and the official announcement will be here!

  • SuperSaggio

    I want the cheaper FF model with lens at 1500 bucks. THAT would be a revolution.

  • Punchi

    I just bought a Nex-7. Think I should return it?

  • Woody ONeal

    that would be a miracle

  • dannybuoy

    Begs the question: when will enough pixels be enough? 34 MP seems a little excessive for most of peoples needs. I’m finding 24 MP more than enough even printing at A3+. Anything more just takes longer to copy, edit, save, store. I’ll reserve judgement until I see it but I’d prefer better sensor tech (higher ISO handling etc) than MP any day.

  • bmassao

    I was photographing on the street the other day and run into a girl with a Nikon D800. I use a Canon 6D mostly because it’s lighter than a 5D. Anyway… We ran into each other and start talking. She was like “I’m thinking of changing to Canon or coming back to the D700, you know, because I can’t use RAW on a lower resolution with this D800 and I also hate the low light performance from this camera”.

    So, yeah, pretty much you have a great point. Not everyone does need higher MP.

  • Steven Wade

    That would be a POS camera and lens.

  • Steven Wade

    It sounds like she needs to put money into a computer and not into more camera gear. You spend most of your time on the computer anyhow. And the D800 has great low light performance.

  • harumph

    A3+? Heck, I print 20×30 with D600 files all the time. I’ve printed 20×30 from D7000 files with great results. You definitely don’t need 34mp to print huge.

  • Banan Tarr

    And shadow recovery. The poor girl clearly had no idea what she was talking about.

  • Glenn

    24 and 36 megapixels? Sounds like Sony will be using their own sensors that they sell to Nikon in their d600 and d800 cameras.

  • lidocaineus

    You’re raising the question, not begging it.

  • Arnold Newman

    “OMD alike” I hope not. Yuck.

  • aloryandaneaglet

    i’ll take better low light performance over high MP any day. i don’t need to print at billboard size. just give me low noise and sharp low light shots with no flash please!!

  • bmassao

    Actually, I think she knows what she’s talking about, because she came from the D700 to D800 and stuff. But that’s not my problem.

  • Banan Tarr

    Except it’s a fact that the D800 does not have poor low light performance. It’s on par with the best in the industry…

  • photogjthegreat

    Yeah because people who have a history of owning high-end gear always know what they are talking about…

  • kassim

    D800 does have good low light performance. It’s shadow recovery is better than any Canon regardless of MP count.

  • koka

    better sony than canon for sure a99 is a beast

  • SuperSaggio

    HI woody! Look at SAR! They say less than 2000 for FF body + 24-70! That means street price could be 1900/1800 for january. Maybe not so far from the 1500 miracle level :D we’ll see ;) finger crossed everybody!

  • aloryandaneaglet

    too bad for me then because i have a canon.

  • beyond

    Whatever it is, it sounds exciting. Really looking forward to this.

  • kshitij

    20-22mega pixels is just about enough. 24 is more than adequate. dont forget colour tp’s used to be/are approx. 20 mega pixels. having said that, i absolutely love the files out of my 16 mega pixel xpro 1.

  • Genkakuzai

    I print A3+ on a regular basis with my D700 (12 MP), and it’s more than enough to create sellable prints.

  • dannybuoy

    Absolutely. I’ve printed a small iphone photo at A4 and it looked amazing. I did run it through Silver Efex Pro 2 but even so. Most resolution is lost on most applications.

  • WilliamC

    Feel sorry for you. I sold mine a few weeks ago with 3 lenses for only $1450