GoPro Announces the Hero3+, a ‘Smaller, Lighter and Mightier’ Action Cam


With all of these upcoming digital camera announcements rumored for October, nobody was paying particular attention to GoPro until today, when the company unveiled the followup to its popular Hero3, the Hero3+ — a smaller, lighter and more capable new offering for adventure junkies everywhere.

The tagline for the new shooter is “Smaller, Lighter, Mightier still.” and we can’t accuse GoPro of lying there … it seems to be true on all three counts.


As with its predecessor, the Hero3+ will be available in a flagship Black edition and a less-capable (though certainly still plenty capable) Silver edition for those who need a cheaper alternative. And although the Black edition got the lion’s share of the upgrades, both cameras have seen noticeable improvements.

For the flagship model, GoPro has managed to shrink its already small camera down by 20% and increase WiFi speed four times over while also increasing image sharpness by 33% and reducing image artifacts (thanks to a new lens). All of this while improving battery life by 30%.

The Silver edition also gets some performance boosts, with the same 4x faster WiFi, a 15% decrease in size, the ability to shoot 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps, and 2x faster image processing than its silver edition predecessor.


In addition to all this, the Black edition also comes with a few firmware-based improvements as well. A new Auto Low Light mode will automatically adjust your video’s frame rate when the ambient light changes so you never miss a shot, and the SuperView mode presents 4:3 aspect ratio footage at an immersive, wider-angle 16:9 ratio.

Here’s some sample footage the company has released to show off what the new Hero3+ Black edition can do:

“The HERO3+ illustrates GoPro’s commitment to innovation,” says GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman. “We took the world’s best-selling ultra compact camera and made it better because we’re relentless in our pursuit of delivering the best possible user experience to our customers.”

If you’d like learn more or get your hands on one of these puppies yourself, head over to GoPro’s website for more details. Both the Black and Silver editions will be available starting this week, with the flagship model costing $400 and the Silver $300.

  • A.J.

    The GoPro Hero3 was an absolute disaster with a lot of major issues.
    I would not buy this.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Dat price…

  • Clayton Finley

    Note the camera size iteself is the same as the 3, but the case is what is smaller. Dumb me just bought the black3 for $320, trying to decide if I want to return it for the newer model ( and pay nearly $100 more )

  • Fazer

    It’s the best option for what it is.

  • A.J.

    That’s exactly the problem. GoPro believes their own hype, and is now making shoddy products because they can. Nobody else is seriously attempting to take a swing at them in this market.

  • agour

    “Auto Low Light mode will automatically adjust your video’s frame rate when the ambient light changes so you never miss a shot,”

    Change the frame rate? No thanks.

  • tyrohne

    I’m happy with the 3 Black since I decided to focus on taking video and stop navel gazing about the perceived shortcomings. I’m sure the 3+ will be great as well but some folks just want something to whinge about.

    The only cautionary tale I’d throw out is that as a software engineer I always like waiting a bit on new hardware/software to let the early adopters work the kinks out.

    Good luck. Use the one you got. I’ll bet you really like it. I love mine (but then again I use my 2 all the time as well).

  • Mantis

    GoPro is garbage.

  • Clayton Finley

    Yeah, I guess i may as well keep it. I’ll just get a new case and draw a “+” on the front with a sharpie.

  • Michael

    Hard to focus on shooting video and ignore the perceived shortcomings when it’s locking up and killing your microSD cards… Be honest with yourself, the Hero3 was released as a half baked dud.

  • brian

    The issues with the hero3 black are simply not going to be corrected now. They’ve moved on leaving us with poor equipment. GoPro should be doing SOMETHING for their customers – like a trade-in/upgrade price.

  • Killroy™

    Cannot wait for these to show up on Craigslist for $50-100 off so I can get some and NOT give GoPro another single dime of my money.

  • Mike

    So what alternative would you suggest for high-framerate videos in rough environments?

  • tyrohne

    I haven’t had those issues. Maybe I got lucky? I’m not saying there are some bad units out there but my anecdotal experience is pretty positive.

  • Coop

    I say they’re getting greedy and dirty fast. I have a GoPro hero 3 black edition and I’m often having problems with corrupt videos, maybe 4-5 for every 20 files I make are corrupt. The simple press button repair rarely works either. Maybe worked twice honestly. GoPro offers no free software for this on their website. If they can program the code in the camera to repair and entire file in the push of a button why is it not offered to PC and Mac? This is unacceptable, it like always happens to the videos I want the most. With GoPro you often capture stuff you won’t be able to get twice, so it’s very important. I’ve only been able to find one sketchy 3rd party program that repairs files, other then that you are forced to use a Perl scrip which I don’t know how to do, and shouldn’t have to do. They were so excited they launched the GoPro and the firmware was barely ready imo.

  • Brendan James

    Amazing hardware, terrible firmware. I always end up carrying around my Hero2 as a backup.

  • john

    I’ve never encountered any of those issues either, the Hero 3 is a brilliant camera

  • mary

    I haven’t had any issues with any of the 5 black edition GoPro’s I own

  • thatsmynameSam

    I think that the GoPro’s are a cool concept but I keep hearing of all these issues they have.
    I was lucky, won a Hero3 white edition at work, used it twice and sold it on E-Bay.
    Like I say, I think they are cool but not cool enough for me to buy one.
    It just wasn’t for me, that’s why I decided to sell mine, that and I really don’t do video things too much to warrant keeping it.

  • John R

    Yep, the Black 3 is one of the most unreliable bits of equipment that I own. It’s certainly small but it can’t be trusted. I took mine diving, used it side by side with a Nikon 1, the Nikon was vastly superior, and always worked.

  • brian

    You’ve been lucky. Mine suffers from overheating, poor battery life, SD card missing and generally locking up at the most inconvenient times possible. I am not alone – just look at the number of unhappy customers on their f’book page!
    I don’t accept that the product is trying to fit a lot of capability into a small frame and that we should accept/expect problems – if it can’t be built to work as advertised, don’t sell it.
    They’ve looked at the known problems, and produced the hero 3+ to correct them. There aren’t enough new features to launch a new model, the hero 3+ is just a ‘fixed’ hero 3. Owners of the standard hero 3 are just going to be left with duff equipment.

  • VooDoo

    Doesn’t sony and a bunch of other makers have products in this space?

  • bedarda

    From what I see, there has been some nice improvements without a price increase. The extended battery life is foremost. It’s nice to see some vendors (ie: HumbleOutdoors) still offering free bundle upgrades.

  • hdpixl

    So is the gopro 3+ silver edition the first choice than the normal gopro3 black edition, if you don’t need 4k? (1080p at 60fps and 720p at 120fps, and 2x faster image processing than its silver edition predecessor.)

  • gregorypierce

    I have to agree with you brian. I picked up one of these about a week ago and had so many issues with it stopping/locking up that its going back tomorrow. I picked this up for a trip through South Africa and ended up recording everything with an ancient Flip camera which never once had a single hiccup and lasted longer than the GoPro EVER did. Sad really.

  • Michael Dobler

    is it a firmware bug? if you turn of wifi an power off the camera wifi turns back on. if you press the wifi button for a few second it will turn of and is back on a few seconds later. at the moment it is not possible to turn of the camera completely

  • Ken Elliott

    I did the same thing. A refurb Nikon V1 and a third-party UW housing was about US$425. Image quality is vastly superior.

  • iacopob

    True, I’m having the same issue and I guess this drains the battery! For the time being, I’m taking the battery off every time I want the camera to be completely off, but that’s far from optimal.