Sony Lens Cameras Outed Again in New Leaked Promotional Video

It’s no secret that Sony will soon be announcing its new QX10 and QX100 lens cameras, which can be paired with Sony smartphones to form a serious — and seriously flexible — compact camera. A large set of product photos leaked yesterday, and now a promotion video of the lens cameras has leaked as well.

The video above is a short 1:39 ad that offers a peek at how the novel lenses will work and what features they’ll pack.

We see that the lenses can be paired with a Sony Xperia smartphone by simply holding it next to the phone, and that a special PlayMemories app is used to control the lenses.

The lens can be used while attached to the phone, or held separately with the other hand. This remote shooting feature lets you capture from locations and angles that could be tricky with an ordinary camera (e.g. over a wall, around a corner). You can also take selfies, pointing the lens at your face with one hand while framing the shot on your phone with the other.








Stay tuned. In less than 24 hours these lens cameras will be official, and we’ll have a much more detailed breakdown of what they offer.

(via via Photo Rumors)

  • ASM

    She owes him a new shirt.

  • MJ Coffey

    Attaching/syncing the lens and opening the app will take way more time than just turning on the RX100 and press the shutter button.

  • gautch

    “Leaked” by a youtube user named “mobileleaks” that has this one video. “Mobile Leaks” sounds like a department at Sony if you ask me.

  • Vlad Dusil

    But can your RX100 browse the web and play Candy Crush? ZING!

  • kakaroth

    NEX FF!!

  • Norshan Nusi

    And Camera 360 O_O

  • Jason Philbrook

    So essentially, new gadgets will allow us to pick up chicks?

  • renambot

    “If it has a ringtone, it’s not a camera.” ;-)

  • bubu

    .. and the phone start to ring…ahahahahah

  • joe bloggs


  • Loren

    It helps to be an adorable loser who likes kittens, needs “likes” on FB to feel good about himself, doesn’t mind a filthy shirt, lives in Prague and only communicates through facial suggestions. What else is there anyway?

  • D.G. Brown

    This actually makes the RX100II much more inviting since all this mojo should work with them as well (they appear to have the same Wifi/NFC features).

  • Graf Almassy

    Every users have different needs. I prefer real cameras (such as RX100) rather than this concept, but I can’t edit and share on-the-go with conventional cameras.

  • myrna652

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  • MS

    What? No way….how? That is amazing….lets JAM!!!!

  • Fiorenti

    I’ll buy them because they can be used wirelessly with the lens on one hand and the screen on another! Great for secret spy photography, street photography, and for selfies!

  • Dhaval Panchal

    uh ohhh… I predict a hi-res hipster selfie phenomenon with this!

  • Rich G

    So its like a gopro without the waterproof housing.
    net-net a displayless camera