Photographer Father Photoshops His Son Into the Fantasy Worlds of His Imagination


Two years ago, photographer and musician David Niles was watching his son Nathan let his imagination run wild as he played with his favorite toys. It was then that he was inspired to put Nate, now 9 years old, into these worlds with a little help from Photoshop. Thus was born the Nate’s Adventures series.

“These are photographs of my son, pictured in a world of fantasy and imagination,” writes Niles by way of description on his website. “A world that children occupy a good deal of the time. They are my interpretation of his world.”

At the time he shot this series, Niles was particularly interested in 19th-century photography, and so he tried to mimic that same sepia toned blurriness in his photos of Nate. Speaking with Yahoo! Shine, he says explains that the texture in the photos comes from scanned pages of an 1803 encyclopedia, which he layered onto the original photo in Photoshop.

The dinosaurs, UFOs and mammoths are, sadly, also Photoshop additions:












Of course, for Nate, being outside with his dad is more fun than the images that result from these little outings. “We were in a bookstore one day, and I showed him a photography magazine that included his picture,” Niles tells Yahoo!’s Sarah B. Weir. “He said, ‘Eh, I guess I’m famous’ and wandered away.”

To see more of Niles work, both photographic and musical, head over to his website by clicking here.

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Image credits: Photographs by David Niles and used with permission.