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This Photographer Builds His Subjects with Cardboard


After moving into a new home, photographer Juhamatti Vahdersalo noticed the cardboard boxes he used sitting in his garage. So, he decided to get creative and use the used cardboard for a photo series.

“I’m a creative-minded person and feel very frustrated when creativity strikes and I have nothing to photograph,” Vahdersalo says. “This was the main reason to start making these cardboard models.”

Vahdersalo cut out cardboard pieces and used hot glue to create miniature models of things like a boat, airplane, and house.

For his environments, Vahdersalo used things like sand, water, flour, and a smoke machine to create ocean, desert, and snow.

After lighting and shooting the different elements of each scene, Vahdersalo combined them in Photoshop to create the final images. Here’s a look at how each one was created:

This Side Up

Ran Out Of Imagination


You can find more Vahdersalo’s work on Facebook.