Fantasy Photographer Creates Magical Portraits With Her Family

A fantasy photographer inspired by Harry Potter and Disney has become a hit online with magical portraits of her family.

Alexandria Ramon from Colorado creates incredible fantasy photographs with her children and husband.

Ramon’s love for photography began after she bought a used Canon EOS Rebel T1I camera to take pictures of her family when her oldest child Emma was born.

When Emma turned four years old, Ramon started reading Harry Potter to her at bedtime and the mom and daughter both fell in love with books. It was at this point that Ramon and her husband were inspired to start creating magical photographs with their family.

“I have always been drawn to all things magical, but it was our shared love of Harry Potter that inspired me to start adding more magical elements into my photos,” fantasy photographer and digital artist Ramon tells PetaPixel.

“I began with in-camera fairy lights and magical props, but over time it didn’t feel like enough, so I taught myself Photoshop after our son was born.

“As every mom knows, sleep deprivation and newborns go hand in hand, so during those sleepless nights I began creating magical photos with the help of YouTube, Phlearn, and a lot of my own Photoshop experimentation.”

Three years ago, Ramon and her husband decided to turn their passion for fantasy photography into a full-time career. Today, Ramon — who goes by @alexandrialens on social media — has over 1.3 million followers on TikTok and over 880,000 followers on Instagram.

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“My husband helped out as much as he could when I was starting out, but in 2020, after years of us both working nearly non-stop, we decided we were at a fork in the road and we took the leap,” Ramon explains.

“We loved working creatively together, so he officially quit his job and we began pursuing this path full-time together.

“When I started sharing these photos of our family, I never imagined I would be here, that anyone would enjoy our photos as much as they have, but I am forever grateful to have connected with so many over our shared love of magic and fairy tales!”

Ramon finds inspiration in books, movies, nature, and her own family’s imagination for their fantasy-themed photography. Ramon and her family often capture the entire process behind an image from start to finish to show their fans what goes on behind-the-scenes and the process that goes into a fantasy photoshoot.

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Ramon uses a combination of practical effects, such as real props, costumes handmade by her family, and evocative locations as well as digital effects like Photoshop to infuse her family’s images with magic.

“Our kids are what makes the magic feel real because when we do a photoshoot, they truly transport themselves into the imaginary world we have created,” Ramon says.

“This is a huge reason why we use practical effects alongside digital effects.”

More of Ramon’s can be seen on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and her website.

Image credits: All photos by Alexandria Ramon/ @alexandriaslens.