Ilford Opens Up a Photo Lab in California, Will Process Your Film by Mail


Good news isn’t always easy to come by in the world of film; more often than not, the stories we run have to do with film being discontinued. But that’s not always the case, and the most recent news out of Ilford should give film lovers something to smile about.

According to Imaging Resource, Harman Technology — the folks behind Ilford — have decided to open up an Ilford lab in California. This means that high-quality black-and-white processing and printing services are now available by mail to all of North America via the Ilford US website.


“It has become more and more difficult for black and white film users to have their films processed and printed to a high quality on real black and white paper,” explains Harman Director of Marketing and North American Sales Steven Brierley. And since their successful UK lab has seen a consistent increase in interest from overseas, Harman is “excited to announce that … we can now offer the same service from a base in California.”

The lab is able to work with black-and-white, C-41 color negative and E-6 transparency films in both the 35mm and 120 formats. Prints will be delivered on Ilford photo paper, and turnaround time is only 2-3 days.

Prices start at $16 per roll, with upgrades, enlargements and digital scans costing extra. To learn more or go ahead and place your first order by mail, check out the full press release or head over to the Ilford US website by clicking here.

Image credit: Black & White by DaveBleasdale

  • Steve Twardzik

    Mcgreevy pro lab in Albany New York does film by mail, 35mm to 8×10 sheet, they are very good at what they do.

  • Bobby butts

    It was cool till $16 a roll. Yikes.

  • Alexander Sollie

    I really don’t care about prints or even negatives. Is there anywhere that I can mail film that just posts high res scans online?

  • Aaron Tsuru

    Feel pretty lucky to be in NYC. There’s still a ton of photo shops here. One just 4 blocks down from my apartment I use all the time. Cheap, good, and fast. BOOM!

  • Hafeez Ramli

    Do they ship internationally?

  • Ashley

    I’m really glad something positive is happening with film, but there are already several labs in the US that develop rolls for half the price, and provide quick turn around and mail in services. If they lowers their prices, I would be excited to try them out. Also, are they planning on developing larger formats??

  • Michael S

    San Clemente is an odd choice for location, in the middle of no where. Really surprised they didn’t choose LA or San Fran since most major studios are there.

  • Dean

    Isn’t this lab just a rebrand of the existing darkroom com … at a higher price?? If so it’s pretty disingenuous for Ilford to say it opened a new lab. And to charge more for the same services. Compare the two sites’ prepaid mailer forms with the exact same format and content except prices. Wow.

  • Uriel

    It’s meant as a mail order service. I’m sure rent on industrial space is much, much cheaper in San Clemente than it is LA or SF.

  • Christopher John Sztybel

    $16.00 per roll is beyond excessive. Shameful.

  • Rogers Campbell

    Great news!

  • Andre

    What?? $16?? No thanks..

  • Geoffgc

    $16 is the standard rate and less than many existing labs. Especially with the 2-3 day turnaround.

  • Avaviel

    Oh, stop throwing around the word shameful. It’s expensive. That’s it.

  • Christopher John Sztybel

    It applies.

  • Genkakuzai

    Nice! Still something not too difficult to find here (Scandinavia), but it’s always nice to see film getting a rep!

  • Avaviel

    No, shameful is when a teacher steals from a student or when a parent punishes a child for something they know they didn’t do. Shameful is when the judge lets the criminal go free because they were bribed. Shameful is when a woman is stolen into slavery. Shameful is many things, but this isn’t a shameful thing. Stop washing that word down with petty things.

  • Paulo

    what’s the point of not developing your own B&W film?

  • nikonian

    O.O Im going to have to try this one…

  • Rick

    Just sent my first roll in. It’s actually $16 + $4.95 shipping. If you want to move up to the next higher res level, you can save shipping costs and just download them from their site. Still, though, it’s about $26 for that service. I’m hoping the Ilford name means that they know how to develop their own film better than anybody else.

  • Eric

    This is great news, glad that the digital craze has somewhat leveled out and people are remembering the vastly superior quality of film.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    Makes the local lab (Pro Photo Supply) look great.

  • John W. O’Brien III

    shameful is people not processing their own B&W negatives

  • SmartApps

    I pay $23 a roll currently, and thats the “pro price”. $16 a roll is very very reasonable.

  • Cargirl05

    pro photo IS great. been going to them for years (I’m assuming you mean the one in irvine CA). they do good work and I’ve known a couple of the guys who work there since way back when I was in photo school.