Take Handsfree Photos and Videos with the MeCam Wearable Clip Camera


Here’s a quirky product in case you’re spending your Saturday online shopping for things you don’t exactly need but might not mind owning. It’s called the MeCam, and it’s a wearable clip camera that can shoot 720p video and take 5MP photos during the day and night.

It’s up to you how you would want to use this thing, but the way the MeCam folks are pushing it is as a handsfree camera that lets you “never miss a moment” without getting in the way of you actually experiencing those moments. Here’s a quick ad they put together:

Clipped to your backpack or hanging around your neck with the included chord, the little disk can give you a first person view of your day. And when it gets dark out, the six infrared LEDs around the camera will help keep things visible without disrupting anyone in the vicinity.

Operating the little camera is done using three buttons on the side of the disk, and when it’s time to unload the photos or videos stored on the MeCam’s microSD card, you can either remove the card or plug the camera into your computer using the included micro USB cable.


If you’d like to learn more about the MeCam or pick up your own in your choice of black, white, green, blue or fuchsia, head over to the MeCam website and have your card ready. The entry-level 4GB model will run you $50, but you can upgrade to 8GB or 16GB for $10 or $20 more, respectively.

(via USA Today)

  • Jonathan Maniago

    “And when it gets dark out, the six infrared LEDs around the camera will
    help keep things visible without disrupting anyone in the vicinity.”

    Sweet. I could already imagine all of the illegal things I could do with this.

    Seriously though, what would anyone want to do with a wearable infrared capable camera?

  • trialex

    So frustrating that it doesn’t include a built-in timelapse mode! I want to be able to set an interval, and automatically capture a photo as I walk around – specifically on hikes.

  • Timmy

    Sports. Protection. Driving. Lot’s of uses.

  • gochugogi

    Pretty sure I can find lots of naughty stuff I can do with this little puppy.

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    there´s an cam for that. dont remember what it´s called. it´s the same concept as this one. it takes one image every 30 seconds.

  • trialex

    Yep – Memoto. Problem is it’s $299 rather than the $50 for the Mecam

  • yomommazombie

    Sweet things like this helps me take naughty pictures of girls more secretly cant wait to get google glass to really get up close and personal with some unknowing young girls. You know these items will honestly be used for that just think of the whole new series of porn sites in the coming months using these invasion of privacy cameras.