Transport a Tripod by Adding a Strap to the Bottom of a Camera Backpack


Sick of carrying your tripod separately from your camera backpack? If you have certain types of backpacks, you can add your own strap loop system to the bottom to serve as a makeshift tripod carrying feature.

A photography enthusiast named JJ tells us that this is what he recently discovered with his Kata camera bag. Although it’s designed to carry a travel tripod, it requires an optional adapter that JJ didn’t want to buy.

Instead, he discovered that he could put an ordinary laptop strap could be put through the back panel that’s designed to store the extra straps on the back. This results in two loops hanging out both sides of the bag — loops that you can stick your tripod through horizontally.




Once your tripod is secured, simply tighten up the loops to fasten it in place. If your loops start to slip, you can stitch them in place to fix the strap’s length:


“It’s not totally perfect for all situations”, JJ tells us. “Carrying a tripod horizontally wouldn’t work well in a dense crowd, but for my purposes it worked great for many kilometers of walking.” He says that his method helps him keep the weight he’s carrying low, keeping it around his hips rather than on his shoulders.

Image credits: Photographs by JJ and used with permission

  • TygrTat

    wow… Such criticism over something you don’t “have” to use… lol. Many camera bags have hooks for this exact use and purpose. I think vertical would cause it to swing more (slapping you in the legs (or in my shortness, the ankles) than having it parallel to the ground would… but regardless. I think the point they’re trying to get across is, you don’t have to spend that much money on making things easier for yourself. I personally think it has it’s situations where it would be useful, but for the most part it’s just easier to carry the tripod without this hack. You don’t ‘have’ to use it this way, or you can tweak it however you wish — on top, side, bottom of the bag, attached to the strap, vertical, diagonal, however you wish. They’re just giving you something to think about. No need for the sarcasm, or trying to make them feel like idiots (is it april 1st???). Lighten up a bit. They’re just trying to help people without having to spend a lot of money. Yeah.. what fools! lol