Photographer’s Stolen DSLR Contained Family’s Only Shots of Funeral


From the annals of “How Low Can You Go?” comes word from Hawaii of a stolen camera whose memory card had a family’s only photos of a two-day memorial service.

Marlowe Gungab was hired to document the services for a friend’s 81-year-old father, partly so relatives in the Philippines who couldn’t attend would have some sense of the event.

Gungab didn’t download or backup the photos before heading off to his next assignment, a birthday party at a popular nightclub near Honolulu. He set down his camera to dance with a friend, and by the time he returned, the Canon DSLR and its memory card were gone.

The family and Gungab are asking for the return of the memory card, no questions asked, and the sticky-fingered guest can keep the camera. “These are the last moments my grandmother had with her husband, our family together, and something like this cannot be replaced,” Judith Damaso, granddaughter of the deceased Jose Domingo, told Hawaii News Now.

Gungab said he’s keeping track of activity at local pawn shops and Craigslist in case the camera shows up, and hoping the thief has a tiny bit of a conscience.

(via Hawaii News Now)

Image credits: Still frame and video Hawaii News Now

  • awesgrhtd

    some “pro”.

  • Carl Meyer

    Sad but always back up as often as possible and never leave the camera unattended.

  • Chris

    Sharp as a marble

  • Michael Palmer

    A rookie mistake….!

  • morcy

    there could be another story .. the photographer took really bad no focus shaking or under exposed photos of the funeral and to save his sorry ass he invented this false story >) ) this also can be 100% true !

  • tyrohne

    Thieves suck. Expensive lesson to have to learn. I feel bad for the ‘tog. Don’t blame the victim.

  • Don Tusk

    Back up or suffer !

  • Christian DeBaun

    Old saying at IBM (circa 1985):

    “There are two types of people in the world, people who have lost data – and people who are about to lose data.”

  • Alex Minkin

    “He set down his camera to dance with a friend, and by the time he returned, the Canon DSLR and its memory card were gone.”



  • Jaleel King

    I’m trying to figure out how you don’t have more than ONE memory card at the ready when you know you have multiple shoots in a day? Who the hell would set their camera down in a club where you have NO ONE watching your gear or it’s not in your plane site? Something doesn’t sound right. My only compassion is for the family who might have lost memories because of this recklessness.

  • lidocaineus

    Much as my initial feeling is to feel for the guy, Jaleel’s right – there’s something weird about this. Why would anyone leave a camera on a table to go dancing? Also if it was an assignment, why was he dancing in the first place?

  • Courtney Navey

    another reason why you MUST back up at a shoot and after the shoot. I always carry my EPSON P7000 back drive with me to every shoot.

  • Gino

    I’ve been at this for 55 years and still excited about every frame I take. After taking photos the first thing I do is to back them up with a memory stick. The next thing is to edit…a lot something I learned from an art director in Hollywood. Then I make some prints for myself and select some that I share with special people and photographers that I have known for many years. This way my friends and I keep our creativity alive by sharing our work. It is ashamed that so many young photographer just shoot photos and few get printed and sent to friends.

  • Gia Ly

    No… It’s not a rookie mistake because that suggests that he has some skills as a ‘photographer’. It’s clearly stupidity. It doesn’t have anything to do with the camera but the way he lost it.

  • Michael Palmer

    I stand by my statement!