This Crazy Rig of 60 DSLRs Can Turn You Into a 3D Selfie Sculpture


Got a few dozen spare DSLRs and fistful of startup capital? Then you, too, could get into the emerging field of 3D selfies, as pioneered by Texas photo studio Captured Dimensions.

Photographer Jordan Williams started the business a few years ago after becoming convinced there was more to 3D printing than making industrial prototypes and the like. He fashioned a 360-degree photo studio in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, outfitted with more than 60 DSLRs, all remoted-out for simultaneous shutter release.

The cameras capture a subject from every angle, providing data that can be fed into a 3D printer that builds a layer-by-layer replica out of a sandstone-like gypsum material.

The result: For about 30 minutes of sitting time and a fee of $445 t0 $2,295 (depending on the size of the finished object) you get a detailed statuette of yourself, your baby, your dog — anything that can sit reasonably still for a few minutes and deserves to be preserved action figure-style.




Here are some more photographs of the crazy camera rig itself:






Williams has done dozens of sessions already, with custom wedding cake toppers becoming a particularly popular specialty. And he’s booking new sessions quickly enough that the online form for doing so occasionally cracks under the strain.

“We get a great range of responses from ‘that’s creepy’ to ‘that is the coolest thing I have ever seen,’ ” Williams told the Daily Mail. “Overall, people love what we are doing and want to get involved.”

(via Captured Dimensions via Daily Mail)

Image credits: All images by Captured Dimensions

  • Studly McStud


  • PhotoShark

    Awesome for sure. If I had the money to spend on it, i wouldn’t mind a little action figure of myself. haha

    INB4 – those folks who will grimace and complain about how “un-impressive” this is.

  • Eric

    I wonder how he sold the idea to his wife that he needed 80 cameras?

  • John A


  • Tagnal

    60 T3i + Kit lens + 3rd party AC power adapters is around $37,000 before tax and no discounts. Plus, all the cables, stands, brackets, soft boxes, lights, the wall of reflectors (probably just white paper), etc. Pretty amazing.

  • Eric

    Thats actually not too bad, considering ONE Phase One is more than that.

  • Viktor

    I donĀ“t get the “30 minutes of sitting” part. If you shoot all the cams at the same time (quite necessary for this) you actualy need just a second. And if not, how on earth is that dog standing there still for this amount of time?

  • dan110024

    Maybe it’s the time to setup framing and focusing on the subject. When they say sitting time, I think they’re talking about the time you come in to the time you can leave. As for the dog, they could easily replicate him/her with another object before swapping in the dog for the shot.

  • Capcha Photography

    Cool concept but I wouldn’t want to be the one cleaning the lenses :-)

  • Adam Cross

    $445 t0 $2,295? wow, the things people will pay money for

  • Kamil’ Guliev

    Pretty sure this can be done with couple of Z cameras for 3d modeling, plus couple of dslrs to capture color information for texturing. 60 DSLRs is an overkill. Those tiny sculptures don’t utilize this huge resolution anyways.

  • rubanikag

    any good sculptor-man will make such from gyps ) not necessary to buy 3d printer.

  • Alexander Savin

    Impressive camera massive.

  • Don Tusk

    Good one !

  • Vin Weathermon

    Ok I am impressed. Somehow all the backgrounds cameras, etc. are removed from the resulting images right? The software and computer/s must be crazy…

  • Bill

    Cool concept! I know it’s not for everybody, but there if you want it.

    I had something like this done for a friend of mine but the company only needed a few 2D photos from various angles, so I am a little confused to why you would need 60 cameras to do the same thing.
    I can see why some would think it’s creepy though, some do hinge on that uncanny valley edge.

  • Sid Ceaser

    I’m ecstatic that the 3D printed selfies are getting mentioned more and more, and I’d be buying bulkloads of ‘em if it wasn’t for their outrageous pricing structures. I’ll wait a few years for the prices to come down. I’ll pay $30 for a mini-me and $60 for a bust, but asking for 2k is just nuts.

  • Chuck Coverly

    I really want to call BS on this. Something about this seems very fishy to me. Am I the only one?

  • Phillip Keane

    yes, you are.

    open a magazine, look on a website, read occasionally.

    the future is here. actually, it’s been here for a while. you just missed it, that’s all.

  • Chuck Coverly

    I see i have to be specific, genius. I’m speaking specifically about the full color bust that the guy in the hat is holding. It looks suspiciously just like the 3-D rendered model from the website, and not the monochrome printed model. Are they going to hand paint these with the exact colors and hues as the actual people? Again, seems fishy to me. Some of the examples seem ‘shopped.

    Do you really think that I’m not familiar with the kind of 3-D image motion capture that is used in movies like LotR, and PotA?

    Sorry if I made you feel superior in any way. Believe me when I tell you it wasn’t my intention, nor is it true in any way.

  • Phillip Keane

    then it seems that you’re just incredibly paranoid.

    3D rendered? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • Chuck Coverly

    Well, since you obviously believe all of these are real, can you explain how the “models” that are being held look EXACTLY like the 3D-rendered computer generated models on the website?

    Not paranoid (not sure how that would figure in), just not willing to accept everything I see as true.

  • Phillip Keane

    you’re just paranoid, simple as that. maybe it’s the commie fluoride in your water.

    i recommend a tin-foil hat.

  • Phillip Keane

    and you don’t understand how that would “figure in”?


    “the website is lying…it’s a conspiracy”.

    Paranoid: look it up.

  • Phillip Keane

    by the way, they don’t look “exactly” like the 3D models. maybe you should open your eyes.

    my model of the guy in the hat is shown in profile on the website.

    you really don’t have the faintest clue about this technology, and how it is used, do you?

  • Chuck Coverly

    Ok, now I’m bored with you . Plonk!

  • Phillip Keane

    the only comeback possible for someone who has just been proven wrong.

  • Phillip is kind of a dick

    I’ll be more constructive than Phillip. This looks like the same rig that was used to make the models for the Cyberpunk 2077. They are all real, and yes, it is another way to get the results that you see in movies, but there is no motion capture in this rig. As for printing the color – I don’t know how they do it, but yes it’s possible.

  • Chuck Coverly

    For the record, I’m still calling BS on this. Total shenanigans!