Product Shots and Specs for Panasonic’s Upcoming GX7 Leaked


Panasonic is having a hard time keeping a lid on its upcoming rangefinder-styled GX7 Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera. Just last week, the first images and a list of specs leaked through an online photo magazine, and now we have a full set of specs and product shots to look at.

The leak comes to us courtesy of Digicame-info, and in addition to the product shot above, we now also have three more views of the camera and a full list of technical specs — including some we didn’t know before. The photos show the camera from the front, back and above, and include one photo where the electronic viewfinder (EVF) is tilted up a full 90-degrees.


As far as specs go, it seems we were right about all of the important innards all along. The camera will come sporting a 16-megapixel Live MOS sensor, a 90-degree tiltable 2.76-million dot EVF and an 80-degree tiltable 3-inch 1.04-million dot LCD all housed inside a magnesium alloy body.

The camera will also be able to shoot 1080p HD at 60fps, boasts a max shutter of 1/8000 of a second, max ISO of 12,600, in-body image stabilization (a Panasonic first), focus peaking, and built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) and WiFi.


All of the above specs we knew about and this leak serves simply as further confirmation. However, the leak also revealed that the camera would be coming with 22 in-camera creative filters/modes, a panorama mode and a silent mode.


The official announcement — and remember, nothing is truly confirmed until the press release lady sings — is still set for August, and the price has yet again been ‘confirmed’ at 1000 Euro, or about $1,330 US by today’s exchange rate.

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  • Tim

    Hmmm. In-body stabilization and focus peaking would be nice, but I do actually want more, nicer, pixels than my GH2…

  • Mike Burchard

    So, the geniuses at Panasonic saw the Sony NEX-6 and said, “Wow! That’s a whole lot of camera in such a small package! I wonder if we could get away with charging way too much more for something very similar but not quite as good?” And that’s evidently exactly what they’re doing in the form of the GX7. The 16MP/APS-C NEX-6 is a fantastic ILC and Sony’s asking a lot less for it than Panny’s apparently going to want for this 16MP/M43 ILC.
    If one is simply attracted to the “retro styling” and “rangefinder” form-factor (both are dubious descriptors when applied to the GX7) then why not just get a Fuji X100s (to which those descriptors fairly belong)?

  • R O

    It’s hard to take the NEX system seriously with its current, native glass selection, and the future doesn’t look any better. m43 gets away with a premium at the moment as it has the most complete lens lineup of any mirrorless system. Fuji might get really interesting over the next six months if it follows through on its lens road map.

  • MS

    Looks prety near to an XE-1 without the shutter speed, or exposure comp dials.

  • pizza4D

    ITT people who have never seen a Panasonic (M)FT before.
    Also, the max ISO is 25600.

  • Mike Burchard

    A lot is said about “lens lineups” and “lens roadmaps” and all the rest of it… but here’s the thing: how many lenses do most people really use and/or need? Let’s say there’s 15 lenses in a given “lens lineup”. Does that mean you’re going to buy all 15 of them? Why would you do that? Why would anyone do that? Most people are going to buy the one, two, or three lenses they need and actually intend to use.
    My NEX-6 came with a decent 16-50 “power zoom” kit lens. Fine, but I don’t use it. What I do use, now and then, is the Sony 20mm f2.8 “pancake”, which is a good-enough lens for its intended purpose. Sony also has a 16mm “pancake” in their NEX lineup, but I’ll never own it, because why would I? I’ve got the 20mm.
    You know what lens I use most? Sony’s 35mm f1.8. It’s a great lens. Paired with the NEX-6’s hybrid auto-focus it is very accurate 98% of the time and it’s very sharp. VERY sharp.
    Need a short telephoto for portraits? Sony offers a really sharp 50mm f1.8 and Sigma offers a really nice (and inexpensive) 60mm. I may get one of those at some point.
    Need an all-in-one lens (from wide to long tele)? Sony has options there, as well.
    Need a macro? They’ve got you covered there, too.
    And I haven’t even mentioned any other manufacturers, such as the current and upcoming Zeiss entries into the E-Mount arena… mostly because they aren’t that big of deal, given that Sony & Sigma already have those focal ranges covered with good glass.
    The future doesn’t look good for the NEX lens lineup? Why? Are they planning to stop producing the 20mm & 35mm lenses and make me give back the ones I already have?

    If one prefers to not take any particular camera system “seriously”, that’s a choice… but let’s be honest: it’s not a choice based on all the lenses they do or don’t make which most people won’t need or buy anyway; it’s a choice based on personal preference, and that’s it. Plenty of people (me included) like the APS-C sensor size and the features & performance the NEX-3, -5, -6, or -7 offer. Someone else prefers the smaller m43 sensors for some reason? That’s their thing then; more power to them – but it’s never really because of all the wonderful lenses they could buy, but won’t.

    Plus, you think Fuji “might get really interesting over the next six months”? I’ve got news for you: they got interesting a while ago, and they’re still there. I don’t own any Fuji cameras, but they sure are interesting. They make outstanding lenses (of which very few people are likely to own a complete set) and now Zeiss is making lenses for them, as well. And with the X100s, lenses aren’t even an issue, which strikes me as being fairly liberating.

  • pizza4D

    Geez, as if Sony and Fuji have invented the retro camera look!
    The GX7 has many design features inherited from the GX1 and the L1 – it seems you’re looking for every tiny hint at Panasonic copying from Sony and Fuji.

    And do you really believe the price would be $1300 for the body? Most likely, if the price in Europe is going to be €1000, then it’ll be $1000 in the US. The US price doesn’t include tax while in Europe the prices usually already include VAT.

  • Mike Burchard

    LMAO! I had to re-read my posts to figure out where I’d said that Sony & Fuji invented the “retro” look. As it turns out, I didn’t say anything like that. Ya know who did invent the “retro” look? Leica & Pentax… and they invented it decades ago, although back then it wasn’t called “retro”, it was called “this is how our cameras look.” While Leica’s cameras have obviously changed a lot over the years (they’re DIGITAL now!) they still pretty much look the same as they ever did. I’m not sure that’s even “retro” as much as it’s “continuity of design.”

    There’s nothing “retro” about Sony. Nothing. At all. As for Fuji, well, put an X-Pro1 and a X100s on either side of a Leica M. Look at all three closely. See some aesthetic & functional similarities? The Fujis certainly are of a “rangefinder design” (the m43 cameras are decidedly NOT of a rangefinder design, by comparison – although great that the new Panny has an EVF) and if the Fuji’s obvious similarities with the old Leica design can be called “retro”, then the Fujis clearly have a “retro” look.

    Now, just to be clear: although I do like the Oly m43 cameras better, I never said the Panny was a bad camera or that anyone in particular ought not to buy one. That’s a personal choice and I don’t have a dog in that hunt… but, I don’t see where the new Panny brings anything to the table that the NEX-6 doesn’t, and the NEX-6 does it for less money. Will it cost $1300? I don’t know. The article implies as much, but let’s say it’s “only” $1000. Still more than the NEX-6, which has, among other features, a better sensor (and Olympus-designed lenses in the future, if you care about that).

  • Kat Toma

    too bad it’s AVCHD and not MPEG4. I don’t buy AVCHD cameras.


    Fujifilm X100s contender.

  • Mike Burchard

    haha! that’s a good one, Bob!

  • Mike Burchard

    Yeah, almost just like a pro-grade camera… except, you know, without all the useful features and high-quality imaging chip and stuff… ;)

  • sk

    Well, suck it up whiner. This camera is for photography, it’s not something like GH3.

  • BlackObamaJesus