Fuji Recalls Highly Anticipated Firmware Update for X-Pro1, Says It Was Faulty


Firmware updates only become news in one of two situations: either they bring a feature so anticipated to the table that it garners headlines, or there’s a problem. Unfortunately for Fuji’s latest X-Pro1 firmware update, this time it’s the latter.

According to Photo Rumors, Fujifilm just released a statement warning X-Pro1 users that the much anticipated Version 3.0 of the X-Pro1 firmware is malfunctioning. This is the firmware update that introduced faster AF and focus peaking to the X-Pro1.

“We are very sorry that we have found a malfunction on the movie function in the upgraded firmware version 3.00 posted on 23 Jul 2013,” explains the statement. “We are improving the firmware and we will post it again once we complete the improvement.”


No specific problems are named, but the issues may not be limited to the movie function as the statement suggests. Photo Rumors claims to have received complaints about other post-update issues as well.

Whether or not that’s true, this seems to be a serious problem. After “deeply apologiz[ing] for your inconvenience,” Fuji informs X-Pro1 users to contact their local support center if they were quick to upgrade.

As you would imagine, the faulty update has since been pulled from the website, and any users who hadn’t yet upgraded will just have to wait for a stable version before they can start taking advantage of focus peaking.

Image credits: 2012-03-23-1225 by roland, 2012-03-23-1227 by roland

  • MS

    Good thing I have only tried movie mode maybe 2x in the last year. Everything else seems fine to me..

  • Bill McKenzie

    Another good reason to not be an early adopter of everything tech.

  • Don Tusk

    Don’t worry. Fuji will fix everything.

  • Nathan Blaney

    No problems here, but I don’t shoot video either so that’s probably why!

  • Kodachrome64

    I honestly didn’t see any improvement in AF speed after updating, so when I read this headline I thought “oh THAT’S why,” but I guess the AF is working as it’s supposed to. I’ve never had any complaints about the focus speed anyway, so whatever. Focus peaking alone was a great update. I’m comfortable using all my legacy glass now.

  • jms

    ┬┐Also in the x-e1? I’m updated the x-e1 and 18-55mm (yesterday) but apparently no problems… I have noticed a little better auto focus with the 18-55mm in low light but the important for me the focus peaking :)