A Musician Spent 24 Hours Posing for this Amazing Time-Lapse Music Video

Every once in a while someone gets really, really creative and it makes our jaws drop. Such is the case with UK pop artist Dan Black’s timelapse music video for his song called “Hearts.”

In short, the video (created by the folks at Chic & Artistic) features Black and company on a Parisian rooftop — for a full 24 hours. That’s right, one full day of shooting (from 11AM to 11AM!).


Here’s a “making of” video showing how it was done:

What you’ll notice when you see the video is that Dan Black’s lips are in sync with the song. Prior to the shooting of the video, Black’s face was filmed close up as he was singing the song. The video was then shown to Black frame-by-frame on the set, giving him an idea as to how his mouth should be in every shot.


A looping voice on the set guided the team to take a shot every 16 seconds. And they did. In total, about 5400 shots were captured. Three hours had elapsed before Black had even started moving his lips.

The song features a piece from artist Kelis. Chic & Artistic pre-filmed her segment, printed every frame on a poster board and cards, and used that in the timelapse.

  • MikeAlgar42

    24 hours, partially true as there is a bit in the middle for 2 hours where he doesn’t. But it still works quite nicely and is a good concept for the lyrics of the songs. ‘The heart it never sleeps’ so shoot a video where you can’t go to sleep for 24 hours.

  • Saka76


  • Norshan Nusi

    A lot of effort are made into this video.

    Great work! Nice song too :P

  • nikonian

    This video was executed pretty well. Another video that appeared to take 24 hours was “End of Love” by Ok Go

  • Michael Palmer

    Excellent making of…. Although Peter Gabriel did do it first, and arguably better.

  • Superretard

    Try 18 years.

  • Richard