Amazing Close-Up Photo of a Waterspout Rising Into the Clouds


Check out this incredible photograph of a waterspout, a type of tornado that forms over a body of water. That’s a huge column of condensation rising up from Tampa Bay into the clouds above. The photo was captured last Tuesday (July 9th, 2013) by 22-year-old Joey Mole in Tampa, Florida (here’s a larger version).

Mole tells us that it had been a sunny day with beautiful weather. That changed quickly when the clouds started forming and the skies started darkening. One hour later, the waterspout formed in the bay and began moving towards Mole’s house. It was a near miss, passing about two houses away.

Luckily for all of us, Mole pulled out his iPhone 5 and began capturing views of the waterspout as it moved across the water. Here are some videos he captured (note: there’s some strong language):

NASA writes that the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida is the most active area in the world for waterspouts — hundreds of them form in the area every single year. Interesting fact: some people think the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle has to do with water spouts.

Image credits: Photo and videos by Joey Mole and used with permission

  • Rabi Abonour

    Needs more sharks.

    Seriously though, very cool.

  • Rosemarie Mack-Taylor

    Do they honestly believe hiding in the closet would protect them?

  • Darek Szwedo

    that mom is so annoying :D

  • Dino

    When will people learn to shoot in landscape…

  • Pola

    OMG!!! there’s no things like that in Buenos Aires so I would probably cry and scream if I was there! haha. Pretty shocking!

  • Mantis

    You must live in a place that doesn’t have tornadoes, because hiding in the closet is *exactly* what you’re supposed to do in the event of a tornado.

    Especially, if you don’t have a basement.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Oh man, you just had to post a link to this guys Facebook. Wow. I took a look, hoping to see more cool photography, and instead was treated to a spectacle of dude-brah douchebaggery right out of the Jersey Shore.

  • Sean

    Closet or bathroom. I remember being told to hide in a bathtub.

  • burlap

    I’d normally agree but I think shooting landscape in this instance wouldn’t capture the who thing as it’s so tall.

  • tocororonyc

    Seriously, I wanna watch video #5 …. jeje.

  • Fastball Photography

    and what does the Atlantic Coast have to do with a water spout on the WEST or GULF coast of Florida? Nice shots Joey, Hope you were well compensated for the use of them.

  • bob earlington

    learn how to take video in landscape mode you douche

  • Laurel Hartley

    That is so cool. Glad I’m not there !!!

  • Ralph Hightower

    Mom is annoying: “Get into the basement!”; kid is annoying: “I’m leaving! I’m gonna outrun this in my car!”

  • gly

    Like really? You’re using patio furniture as pool furniture?@#? And to make things worse it doesn’t match?@#!? What kind of third world country do you people come from?

    The real tragedy here is the water spout didn’t whisk your furniture away.

    Still very cool though! lol!