Beyoncé Tells Fan at Concert to ‘Put that D*mn Camera Down’

Musician Beyoncé has a love/hate relationship with the camera; or maybe it’s a hate/hate relationship. Regardless, her views on the subject came out at a recent show in Atlanta where the singer — who has gone so far as to ban pro photography entirely — told a fan to “Put that D**n Camera Down.”

It was done in good spirits, with none of the animosity directed at the photographers behind the embarrassing photos of the singer that went viral after she performed at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The “altercation” happened during a portion of the concert where she asks the crowd to sing along with her. One of the fans right next to the stage decided that he could get a better view of Beyoncé through his smartphone screen than by looking up at her from a few feet away.

This is just one of several embarrassing memes that sprang up after the awkward photos from the Halftime Show surfaced.

This is just one of several embarrassing memes that sprang up after the awkward photos from the Halftime Show surfaced.

When she puts the microphone in his face so that he can contribute his piece to the song “Irreplaceable,” he does a half-hearted job and gets called out by the singer, who tells him to “seize this moment” and “put that d**n camera down.”

Beyoncé joins a number of musicians who are speaking out against concert goers who tend to spend the entire show watching through their little three-inch screen. Indie pop act She & Him most recently spoke out, following in the footsteps of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Savages, who have both posted anti-smartphone requests outside of their concerts.

(via USA Today)

  • Will

    It’s ironic that the ‘moment’ this news item’s based around was ‘seized’ on another fan’s ‘damn camera’…

  • tyrohne

    I get it. She’s saying ‘you can’t enjoy this moment because you have a stupid camera up… ‘

  • LGT

    Damn is hardly a non-socially acceptable expletive. Why star out the a?

  • David Liang

    I was just thinking the same.

  • Tzctplus -

    goodness forbids a paying fan enjoys himself any damn way they want.

    These darn “artists” are too precious.

    They should damn remember who darn pay their wages.

  • harumph

    If you watch the video, you can see that it wasn’t about the star being too precious or anything like that. She was just trying to get the guy to show a little life. That audience was a sea of cell phone screens, so it’s not like she was screaming at this guy to put his phone down out of some anti-photo policy. The headline here is a bit misleading in that respect.

  • bob cooley

    Agreed – this is non-news. She tells someone who she may have given the microphone to to sing a repeat, but that person can’t join in because they have the camera in their face instead of enjoying the front row of a concert.

    I’m no fan of her past shenanigans, but this isn’t even worthy of a mention here.

  • smart

    I’m with Beyonce in this one. Go to concert and look at your phone the whole time is just stupid.

  • FabriceB

    Do peoples ever look latter at the video they take ? Who can they keep recording such sh**ty video with sh**ty sound ? Any sensible person should try that once and then give up when they see the result is no use.

  • Mark Wheadon

    D**n? I can’t think of any word matching that pattern that’s the least bit offensive to anyone. Surely there comes a point where you’re just irritating your readers f*r the hell of it?

  • Stephenesque

    Even when it mars the enjoyment of other paying fans?

    I am sick to death of selfish mobile phone users blocking my view at gigs and distracting me in cinemas and theatres. Put the damn thing away, it’s ignorant and rude.

  • morgannagrom